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2009-01-17, 05:40 PM
You see, I have been recently enthralled by that most weird of mecha RPGs, CthulhuTech, and I have been quietly working on a game for the Tagers.

One thing that I have always wanted is a sympathetic Dhohanoid-one who's humanity, while damaged, is still intact, and has the capacity to be a geninunely good person-monster thingy.

I intially wanted this to be the BBEG of the story, a Ciraqen (hyper-intelligent mass of bubbles), but as I drew his character out, I realized there was no way in hell that the PCs were going to symphasize with him-beacuse, well, see below-so I decided to lump all the miseralble backstory on his second-in-command, a Thog-Manna.

Admittedly, Kora here isn't a normal Thog-Manna-he feels recognizable emotion, for one-but I think it would be intresting for the PCs to see the contrast between the shapeshfiting blob of proto-matter and the tormented, very human soul it contains.

So, without further ado:

Kora, Nazzadi Thog-Manna

Motive: Desire For Acceptance, Misery

Inspiring Emotions: Pity, Fear

Backstory: To understand Kora-or at least, the warped, bitter Dhohanoid that used to be Kora-one must first understand the process that created him.

Unlike the normal Rite of Transfiguration, which transforms a willing person, or at least a suckered one, into a Dhohanoid super soldier, Kora was made by the Cullen Procdure, a modified variation that can transform even the most unwilling of subjects into a loyal shapeshifter by creating a mental link to it's masters, effectively turning it into a mindless slave.

The trouble, of course, is that some of the more powerful minds do not exactly take to the idea of being an obidient thrall to the soul-crushing evil of the Chrysalis Corporation, and subconsciously fight against it. Some even break free, which not only returns the Dhohanoid's personality and free will, but also severs their link to the Old Ones, and they gain great power besides-almost as much as a Tager.

The Children of Chaos are not concerned with this phenomenon, however-The Cullen Dhohanoids who regain their mind do not remember much of their training-including the incidental fact that they can become human whenever they please-and when they soon realize that they are horrifying monsters, most (A), commit suicide, or (B) wander around in a catonic daze, which naturally gives the NEG inclination to blow them apart before the Eldritch Society is given time to wonder why the soldiers of the Children are out in the open, starting at their own shadow and going "It's a dream...It's all just a dream..." They still do, but at least the unfortunate Dua-Sanaras can't answer thier questions.

It is here where the story of Kora begins. A young and strapping Nazzadi, he lived a good life by most standards, being the lover of a beautiful girl, and living in a place rarely attacked by Migou. He was intelligent, handsome, and rather charming, being truly convinced that humanty could win the Aeon War out of sheer optimism.

It was really too bad that his abilites came to the attention of the Children of Chaos. While on his way to college, he was abducted by the minions of the Zabuth commander Lady Sarah Corvin, who subjected him to the Cullen Procedure. Although he fought the transformation at every step, no man, Human or Nazzadi, can resist the transformation of mortal to Dhohanoid forever, and by the time the somke had cleared, Kora had become a living pool of black slime-one of the ameobic Thog-Manna. And then it grew worse.

Kora began to fight Corvin's control at his third mission, when he was ordered to assasinate an Ashcroft Advisor. He did so, but somthing about the man-perhaps his natural charisma-had awakened the remmant of the former Nazzadi's personality. By two weeks later, the battle in his subconscious was fully raging, and one month later, he broke free of Corvin's control-while in the middle of smothering a sorcerer. Confused and terrified, he sped off.

In what was perhaps the most psychologically damaging decsion in his life, the first person he turned to was his girlfriend-to whom he made no attempt to hide his grotesque form. Thinking that he was just a Dhohanoid with a sick sense of humor, she herself revealed herself to be a Tager-a more than slightly jarring experience for the Thog-Manna. He escaped, but not before he had been convinced that the people who did this to him had done the same thing to her-and she had not broken out of their control.

Now on both a personal mission of revenge as well as one of rescue, he began a personal hunt for Lady Corvin. Along the way, he was repeatedly attacked by NEG, both in the employ in the Chrysalis Corporation and not. This would not have been traumatic for a Tager, but for Kora, who did not realize he could transform back into a Nazzadi, the psychological strain of being fought by people you should consider your friends began to wear him down. This grew even worse when he discovered the truth of the Children of Chaos, as he had been looking foward to a career with Chrysalis, and realizing that entire facade of philanthropy was a lie further damaged the view of himself. Still, he pressed on, even as the inclination to retreat into a puddle and die became more and more tempting.

(Continued later)