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2009-01-19, 10:39 AM
due to my DM's overhaul of the crit system and the elimanation of sneak attack and sudden strike. ( he uses a book to determine what your crits do with percentiles and sneak attacks/suddden strike add a bonus to your crits )

my allies are slightly overshadowed by my Ubercharging frenzied bearserker with a low will save.

one person has taken advantage of the crit change and made a crit fighter (crits on a 12-20 )

one person has made an exalted monk that is now the tripper (monk and Kensai) as a result of an Audit of his character sheet.

aaand my poor friend who has a level 8, poor excuse for a archer who deals on average 5-6 damage per shot ( no sneak attack anymore )

Is there any way we could build an archer that is still a Dwarf yet can contribut meaningfuly to our skirmishes...

(obviously damage is not the way to go as I produce enough to one shot a stone golem at level 8) (at level 9 I think I could one shot a Cloud giant with bonus damage alone)

The starting stats are

2009-01-19, 10:44 AM
What books are allowed?

2009-01-19, 10:47 AM
the Complete series, BOED, PHB 2 and 1, Monster manual, heros of battle and the Book of nine swords (TOB)

2009-01-19, 10:51 AM
hmm well I was going to say if you had heros of horror then an archavist...

I would suggest a cleric archer is prolly your best bet.

2009-01-19, 10:58 AM
we do have HoH... and that is what I suggested to him... play a cleric but can he still have an archery theme to it...

I was looking through the complete warrior and found Ranged pin and Disarm... perhaps if he used many shot and rapid shot he could tie up the action of quite a few bad guys with a single standerd action...

I seemed to left out that we have a blaster wizard and protection themed and agressive cleric. The Blaster Wizard and protction cleric are leaving as the person playing them has gotten a job farther within the city.

( I say agresssive Cleric as one who has a War hammer but does not turn herself into CodZilla )

2009-01-19, 10:59 AM
If you can talk the DM into using Magic of Incarnum, which should be easy considering ToB is in (I just notice that most DMs that hate that book are usually hard to persuade) you could have him make an incarnate based archer. The main way archers get damage is with bonus damage, such as insight, competence, morale, profane, and circumstance. As an Incarnate/Ironsoul Forgemaster (a dwarf-only prestige class granting bonuses to use items that you craft) you can get like +30 or so damage per shot, with 4 or 5 shots per round... that's pretty good, especially if you get the drop on the enemy and can hit them for a few rounds before they get to you. Check out the archery handbook over at brilliantgameologists.com: http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?board=22.0

Also, look for the Incarnum Handbook, it should be on that page.

If you can't get this approved, a cleric archer that shapechanges into an arrow demon will be pretty win.

2009-01-19, 11:05 AM
HOH, archavist is anamazing archer especialy if you give him the Ranger spell list instead, or just get him ranger scrolls.

Alot of great spells for archery are in there plus with dark knowledge he may even out shine you heh.