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2009-01-19, 06:20 PM
My 3-man party was traveling through an abandoned mine. We ran into a beholder, with nothing to take cover behind. After some fighting, the druid was hit with a fear beam and ran off, the paladin was hit with a sleep beam, and collapsed right in front of it. My wounded ranger then drew an arrow, made peace with his god, shot at the monster, and inflicted EXACTLY the amount of damage needed to kill.

You gotta love those last second, snatching-victory-from-the-jaws-of-defeat moments. :smallbiggrin:

2009-01-19, 06:41 PM
You gotta love those last second, snatching-victory-from-the-jaws-of-defeat moments. :smallbiggrin:

Very much so. In fact, just a few sessions ago in the SWSE game I'm playing in, the party was in a very similar predicament with a Dark Jedi, who had easily devastated the droid and effortlessly deflected every shot by the Mandalorian, when our Jedi charged in, lightsaber drawn, Power Attacking for full, in an attempt to hold her off while we escaped...

We knew that he would not hit except on a nat 20, even if he hadn't Power Attacked at all.

BAM. Nat 20. He did enough damage to knock her down the condition track twice, after which she decided that fleeing wasn't a bad choice on her part.

2009-01-19, 06:45 PM
We were fighting a dragon, and it had just been knocked down, and we were trying to push it under a gigantic falling block trap to crush it. We just barely got it under there and then BAM as it exploded in a fiery shower of flaming death and goo... It was quite cool.

2009-01-19, 07:13 PM
It's really cool when you realize your character is actually a lot more badassed than you think he is.

So I'm playing in gestalt. My team consists of my dwarven crusader//law incarnate ((some alignment rule fudging has been done to make this possible; for all alignment effects related to the incarnate side, he is considered lawful neutral)), a human rogue//conjurer, and a DM controlled dwarf whose build I haven't seen, but I know it includes some cleric, and the other side is probably bard. Me and the rogue are level 2, and I suspect the other dwarf is level 3.

We're running looking for a woman we had promised to protect within a keep that is being assaulted by a corrupt and powerful warlord. The guys normally in charge of this keep are being overwhelmed, and our mission is to find this woman (a crucial witness whose testimony will virtually ensure that this warlord is brought to justice) and make sure she comes to no harm.

We find the place where she's supposed to be, but she's nowhere in sight. A group of six soldier from the enemy--two dwarven heavies, two human warriors in mail, a dwarven priest, and a human arcanis--suddenly appear and demand to know where she is. Before being given a chance to answer, we're attacked. At this point, I'm planning my next character; three versus six at level two, and I'm still wearing half-plate while they're in full plate. I predict this will not be pretty. Then I get a face full of critical hit the first round, shaves off half of my HP. The end is nigh!

Now, we're six rounds into this still ongoing fight. One of the mail humans and plate dwarves are dead. The other plate dwarf is on his last legs, and I just got an attack roll of 29; he's dead this round, almost for sure. The enemy caster is being kept at bay with readied actions from the rogue to shoot when he casts, who is in turn being protected by a wall of steel with in the form of my character and the DMPC. This caster has taken a good bit of damage; I suspect he'll drop in another round or two, and in the meantime he's making some hella concentration checks to get anything done. My soulspark familiar is dead, but it put the finishing touch on both of the two enemies that are down so far. Between Martial Spirit and Crusader's Strike, I've been able to heal my side's wounds almost as fast as they can dish it out. At the end of this round, if I don't get hit, I'll actually be at higher HP than I was at the end of the first round. Depending on what our cleric ends up doing this next round, I'm probably going to suggest the other guys start negotiating terms of surrender next round (as I merrily cleave into the priest).

And all I can think is, "God DAMN we are badass."

2009-01-19, 07:30 PM
We'd been fighting all day, and had one last turn to go around before exiting the cave. An invisible familiar had already scouted the map, and reported back. As we come around the corner, a blue dragon sticks it's head in the cave and attacks with it's breath weapon. The fighter survives with 5 HP, the barbarian with 25, and the cleric goes down, having been already weakened from the last fight. The sorceror (Me) and rogue were still around the corner, so we see the lightning. Barbarian and Fighter run back around the corner. The other way won't work, because we went under the mountain to get behind the enemy army. We have to go through the dragon. Only one thing to do. I step around the corner, and unleash the last spell I have for the day. A Stinking Cloud succeeds in driving the dragon away.

2009-01-19, 07:49 PM
During one 3.0 session, our party is trying to sneak towards a tower filled with goblins and led by a barghest. We are approaching by following a stream - ie. taking the less obvious route. While approaching, we discover a small wooden fort manned by goblins and an imp (goblin wizard's familiar) keeping lookout. We consider bypassing it and decide we don't want enemies at our back. So half the party circles around planning on a pincer attack. As we are circling around, a human looking somewhat like a knight rides up to the fort and attains entry. We consider our options and decide to continue our attack.

We shoot some arrows/bolts at the imp reducing its HP (but not killing it). It dives for cover and we began to charge. My monk makes it first and climbs up on top of the fort. He then pours some alchemists fire down a hole in the roof setting the things on fire. This forces the human to flee back out on his horse. By this time our dwarvern fighter and our cleric have arrived. The fighter smacks the horse as it rushes past, doing damage but not knocking it down. The half-elf ranger/sorcerer casts sleep at the horse which succeeds and drops it. The now very angry human fighter gets back up and charges back towards us.

This could have turned out very badly for us as it turns out he has a) masterwork plate mail b) a magical sword (longsword or two handed - I forget which). On top of this, our DM lets it slip that he is a level 8 fighter. The party is level 4 at this point and we still have the imp and a few other goblins to deal with. Our DM honestly never expected us to fight this guy - he was figuring he'd escape and we'd investigate later after realising he was the baron of a nearby region.

Being level 8 this guy was hitting us on pretty much every turn - thankfully on the first few rounds the DM forgot he had multiple attacks per round. I considered using a stunning fist, but concluded his fortitude save was so high he'd need to roll something like 1 or 2 in order for it to work. So I went for a flurry of blows - 2 strikes, the first was a confirmed critical and the second was a hit also. The other players were about to loan me some dice when someone asked if it was D6s that I needed. I said no, D8s. I forget my exact total, but it put a serious amount of hurt on him.

2009-01-19, 08:41 PM
last session in a 4e game we come face to face with a young white dragon and a kobold minion who had escaped the last two fights(after stealing a healing potion, we wanted him so bad!)
i got hit with a breath attack and was slowed and weakened, ran in to melee it all alone(wis 8) got mauled and escaped from it to heal, as the only leader role in our party of 6.
for the rest of the fight i worked my way, slowed still, around a column waiting to shrug it off to unload my daily on it's ass.
i shrug it off in exactly the right position, move into the dragon and hit it with my encounter power doing 18 hit points of damage, good roll for 2d8+4, which kills it...much to my annoyance as i was about to action point and daily the bugger...
plus that was my only hit, but my character is now going to drop 'well I killed that dragon' into every conversation :smallbiggrin: