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"One shot is all I'll need." - Mantra of the Sniper

Kissindrin Sniper

Intro Fluff
The Kissindrin sniper is an agent of strategic elimination; an agent of fear; a ghost that strikes without allowing retaliation and with extreme prejudice, at considerable distance beyond what most Rogues or Assassins can accurately strike at. His abilities are fearsome and many; by using distance, concealment, cover, elevation, and patient accuracy, the Sniper often eliminates enemies without ever being located.

Skills: Hide 10 ranks, Move Silently 10 ranks, Climb 5 ranks, Use Rope 5 ranks, Balance 8 ranks, Spot 10 ranks
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Crossbow Sniper*, Far Shot
Special: Sneak Attack +3d6
Special: Must have trained at the Kissindrin academy, studying the arts of a sniper, and completed training and the Sniper's Trial.
* Has been changed, instead add Intelligence to ranged damage, and add Dexterity or Intelligence to hit, whichever is higher.

Class Skills:
Skills Known: Balance, Climb, Craft, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Hide, Jump, Knowledge (all skills, taken individually), Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Ride, Search, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Use Rope
Skills/level: 8 + INT modifier

Class Abilities Table
Kissindrin Sniper (d6)
{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save|Special
1st|+0|+0|+2|+0|Greater Targeting Range, Weapon of Choice
2nd|+1|+0|+3|+0|Aim for Effect (A Perfect Shot), Sniper's Shot
3rd|+2|+1|+3|+1|Greater Targeting Range II
4th|+3|+1|+4|+1|Aim for Effect (Bypass Shot Deterrents)
5th|+3|+1|+4|+1|Greater Targeting Range III
6th|+4|+2|+5|+2|Sniper's Methods, Aim for Effect (Shoot To Kill)
7th|+5|+2|+5|+2|Greater Targeting Range IV
8th|+6|+2|+6|+2|Aim for Effect (Demoralizing Shooting)
9th|+6|+3|+6|+3|Sniper's Shooting Gallery
10th|+7|+3|+7|+3| Aim for Effect (Dead To Rights)

Class Abilities

Ability Description: Greater Targeting Range(Ex)

"I know he's one of those damn snipers because my friend had a bolt put in his eye from the top of a tower 100 feet over us!" - Nervous Soldier

Beginning at 1st level, the Kissindrin Sniper is trained to use his eyes to observe vulnerabilities in the enemy he is looking at. He trains himself to mitigate the impact of distance, and to apply the same methodology he was comfortable using at a short range over a much more significant distance.

Beginning at 1st level, the Sniper gains the ability to make Sneak Attacks at a range of 60 feet. At 3rd level, this increases to 90 feet. At 5th level, this increases to 120 feet. At 7th level, this increases to 150 feet.

Ability Description: Weapon of Choice(Ex)

"The Kissindrin Crossbow is the finest piece of mechanical lethality known to man. Learn to love it; the weapon makes you, and you make the weapon." - The Sniper's Manual, In Chapter Discussing Choice Weapons

At 1st level, the Kissindrin Sniper gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Kissindrin Crossbow).

The Weapon of Choice of a Kissindrin Sniper is the Kissindrin Crossbow. The weapon was designed to have painstaking, exacting accuracy. This weapon has been put into the hands of every Kissindrin Sniper, and it has been the weapon they trained with. Techniques and shots they pull off wouldn't even be possible. Unless said otherwise, none of the abilities of a Kissindrin Sniper are usable without this weapon.

The Kissindrin Sniper gains a +6 bonus to Intelligence checks made to utilize a Kissindrin Crossbow. Further, he gains (Craft)Kissindrin Crossbow and adds his Kissindrin Sniper class level + Intelligence modifier to craft check DC's to make one.

Ability Description for:Aim for Effect (A Perfect Shot)(Ex)

"The best shots are made with one's mind, not one's reflexes. Any nimble, coordinated individual can hit something with a crossbow; it's rare for one to be able to do so with the intent of severing an artery with the the shaft's tip." - The Sniper's Manual, Covering Effective Shooting Techniques

When a Kissindrin Sniper takes aim at an unsuspecting, unaware target who cannot perceive him, he is more than just likely to hit; it's nearly guaranteed.

To use Aim for Effect (A Perfect Shot) a Sniper studies his victim for 3 rounds. While studying the victim, the Sniper can undertake other actions so long as his attention stays focused on the target and the target does not detect the Sniper or recognize the Sniper as an enemy. If successful, the Sniper treats his victims Dexterity as if it were 0 (-5 to AC).

Ability Description for: Sniper's Shot(Ex)

"The best placement for a shot is the base of the skull at the back of the head. Biological and anatomical study has shown that this is the most vital part of the human brain region, and will usually result in a one shot kill. Other targets may include..." - The Sniper's Manual, Discussing Fatal or Near Fatal Shooting

The Kissindrin Sniper hones his ability to hurt the enemy at range with his weapon as he studies. He learns all the best places to stick the small, lethal shaft of his weapon, and how to deliver the most damaging shot possible. Starting at 2nd level and increasing every 2 levels thereafter (4th, 6th, 8th, 10th) the Kissindrin Sniper adds 1d8 ranged precision damage to his shot (2d8 at 4th level, 3d8 at 6th, 4d8 at 8th, 5d8 at 10th) upon making a successful attack with his crossbow against a flat footed target.

Ability Description for: Aim for Effect (Bypass Shot Deterrents)(Ex)

"Sir, he was shot in the eye through the peephole of his door. That sort of shooting shouldn't even be plausible." - terrified soldier reporting death of his general to captain.

To use Aim for Effect (Bypass Shot Deterrents) a Sniper studies his victim for 3 rounds. While studying the victim, the Sniper can undertake other actions so long as his attention stays focused on the target and the target does not detect the Sniper or recognize the Sniper as an enemy. If successful, the Sniper ignores defensive conditions that would impede his shots (see below text):

Starting at 4th level, the Kissindrin Sniper begins studying methods of ignoring or adjusting for normal barriers against his shots. Anything less that total cover or concealment is ignored.

Starting at 6th level, the Kissindrin Sniper shoots past obstacles that would waylay his shots. Wind Wall and extreme conditions (wind speeds, firing from a moving boat or wagon, on swaying branch, etc) similar effects have no impact on his arrows.

Starting at 8th level, the Kissindrin Sniper's shots ignore magical protection and innate damage resistance. Spells like Stoneskin and Protection from Arrows are completely ignored; 1 point of damage reduction/Kissindrin Sniper level is ignored.

Starting at 10th level, the Kissindrin Sniper ignores shield, natural armor, and armor bonuses to the targets armor class.

Ability Description for: Sniper's Methods(Ex)

"After you eliminate your target, it is a plausible that nearby organisms or entities will have extreme reaction. It is best to be concealed by the point that this reaction is occuring." - The Sniper's Manual, Discussing Cover, Concealment, Elevation, and Evasion, frequently quoted and pounded into the heads of trainee's by sergeants & repeated by elite Sniper's.

Hiding isn't just an option for a sniper, it's the expectation. His success is 50% secrecy; it says so in the Manual. A Sniper who takes a Hide action to Hide after firing takes no penalty.

Further, the Kissindrin Sniper adds his Intelligence modifier to all Hide checks.

Unlike prior abilities, this one functions without the use of a Kissindrin Crossbow.

Class Ability Description for: Aim for Effect (Shoot to Kill)(Ex)

"In the hands of a novice or inexperienced Sniper, the Kissindrin Crossbow will occasionally puncture & severely damage crucial and vital anatomical mass. In the hands of a veteran Sniper, a Kissindrin Crossbow will do this roughly one in four times. You will be able to discern immediately if this happens, as the target will likely cease in all motion or muscular activity." - The Sniper's Manual, discussing notable aspects of the Kissindrin Crossbow

The Kissindrin Sniper is a killer's weapon of choice. The Kissindrin Sniper's are the killers of choice. Their experience with the weapon is supreme; they could describe how many inches in diameter the knobs to adjust string tension is, describe the length of the bow, describe the pitch of the sound of the string releasing, say how many centimeters from your shoulder blade it should ideally be held.

Because of this intimate knowledge, the Kissindrin Crossbow gains a threat range of 15-20 and a multiplier of x4.

Ability Description for: Aim for Effect (Demoralizing Shooting)(Ex)

"Fear. This is your greatest weapon. At some level, every individual organism is firmly rooted at the center of it's own personal universe. Because of this, you don't need to be able to hide from three hundred troops after killing their general. If you do your job right, that first shot will convince every single soldier out there that the second shot is going to kill them. It doesn't matter if you can't kill all of them, because no one wants to be the one guy who dies." - The Sniper's Manual, discussing the psychological aims of a professional Sniper.

Starting at 8th level, the Sniper's shots have a profound impact on anyone who witnesses his first shot. Any subsequent shots during the encounter do not have the same impact.

Anyone who witnesses a living creature being killed within 100 feet of it by the Kissindrin Sniper is impacted as per Confusion, only with minor differences:

D% chance (roll d100 to determine effect)
01-10: Attempt to locate and find Sniper
11-20: Act normally
21-50: Do nothing but scream, cry, shout, or babble incoherently.
51-70: Flee from the subject killed at top speed without stopping.
71-100: Seek some sort of cover, shelter, hiding place, or concealment, preferably with four walls and a roof and a door, often going prone.

This is a mind affecting, extraordinary ability.

Ability Description for:Sniper's Shooting Gallery(Ex)

"He cannot hope to live. Armor won't save him. Distance won't save him. That cloud of fog surrounding him won't stop me. The magical protection from arrows won't stop me. Being surrounded by half-Orc mercenaries on all sides with just his neck sticking out from my angle won't save him. The shot is impossible, but it's going to happen. See you in Avernus, you paranoid fool." - Sniper, mumbling about the death en route to the field.

The Sniper has mastered one of the most important abilities of his career; distance shooting. Any target whom the sniper studies for 3 rounds as per the Aim for Effect ability can now be affected with Sneak Attack & Sniper's Shot from any distance. Weapon increment penalties and other factors still apply.

Ability Description for:Aim for Effect (Dead to Rights)(Ex)

"I'm as good at this as anyone is. All I know how to get are headshots. Don't worry; he'll die all right." - Sniper reassuring a commander of his prowess.

At 10th level, the Sniper gains Aim for Effect (Dead to Rights.)

Any target who the Sniper successfully sneak attacks must make a DC 10 + damage taken fortitude save or die.

Alternatively, this also occurs if the sniper scores a critical hit; upon a critical hit, the target must make a DC 10 + damage taken fortitude save or die.

Playing A Kissindrin Sniper

Your Behaviors and Habits

You are an agent of control. Foreknowledge and planning were drilled into your head in Sniper School. You keep several notepads detailing previous jobs or targets of note; you like to observe your target for at least a few days before you move, sketching out the nearby area, watching how he moves, counting out the number of minutes he engages in any one activity, monitoring any behaviors. You do lots of reconnaissance; when you Hide and observe an area, you habitually look for sniper spots, escape routes, cover, concealment, elevation, ideal zones for a target to be in, bad sniper spots, check lines of sight, observe weather patterns and local conditions, and generally calculate anything that could make your job harder or easier, even if you aren't planning on shooting anyone. You feel exposed in the open; you always want to hide, and when you see anyone with a ranged weapon who seems like that would be their default method of attack, you begin observing them to see how you might dispatch them.

You do best before the fighting even starts. If you're working as part of a larger group that doesn't include snipers, work out an arrangement that allows you to advance ahead of the group and at least do reconnaissance so you know where the good perches and hiding spots are before the fight starts. Ideally, you'd be allowed to move in, pick off a few essential targets, and then make way for the rest of your group or team.

When fighting in traditional, fast moving combat, don't give in to the temptation to fire another bolt every round. Firstly, your default weapon, the Kissindrin Crossbow, can't be fired that rapidly. Reloading it and re-adjusting it takes too much time, and using any other weapon is just an insult to your time and dedication to your art. No; take the time to outflank, outcircle, climb, hide, or fade away, then take some more time to study a target and then drop it with one, fatal shot. Better to spend many stretches of combat to successfully drop a single target of consequence than to waste time (and expose yourself) by unleashing volleys of arrows from a normal, less effective weapon. Leave groups to Fighters with Greatswords and Great Cleave and Wizards with Chain Lightning.

You were trained at an academy; there will always be that sort of pedigree in you, imparted by intense regimen. Your training might have taken months and years, but to the government and to you, it was worth it. Skills like these cannot be acquired from informal tutoring or self-education.

Once you become a Kissindrin Sniper, pick up skills important to your craft. Craft skills of all kinds can see use; Craft (Yowie Suit) is a skill that many Snipers pick up in School and continue to invest energy in that allows them to create suits that let them blend in. (See Sniper's Skills - Custom) later in this.) Craft (Kissindrin Crossbow) is another similar skill that allows snipers to learn to engineer their own crossbow, which many Snipers prefer, as replacing the weapon otherwise can require dropping whatever they were doing to get a replacement weapon in Kissindrin, their home city. Many Snipers pick up more conventional Craft skills; Craft (Alchemy) for it's creation of Smokesticks and Thunderstones is invaluable. Novice snipers or one's seeking more utility in frenzied battle often pick up Craft (Poison) to be able to weaken enemies. Craft (Traps) is another favorite, allowing snipers to make good on their escape, and often, trap, poison, and alchemy creation skills are all used in conjunction to secure a sniper's escape. Use Rope allows the sniper to have prepared routes of ascent and descent, and to better secure lines and gear, for whatever reasons. Knowledge (Nature), (The Planes), (Arcana), and (Religion) are all invaluable for successfully identifying your target and can give you an idea to the ways that it might be able to detect you. A successful Knowledge (Nature) check will be the difference between a Sniper who masks his scent and one who is sniffed out by the wolves. Climb and Balance have obvious utility to the Sniper, who will always seek elevation and unusual perches to act from. Hide and Move Silently are crucial for the getaway -- a Sniper with no ability to Hide will likely be found, overrun, and massacred, and the capacity for silent locomotion is only slightly less necessitated. Spotting and Listening skills are also invaluable; it's not unheard of for novice Snipers to die after walking out of a hiding spot and being killed by a sentry they didn't notice. Use Magic Device allows usage of many great scrolls, wondrous items, and wands with powers of illusion, divination, abjuration, and transmutation. A Sniper who can use a scroll of Polymorph to become a bird and fly away isn't going to have much difficulty getting out of a hard situation.

Feats like ''Poison Master'' (Drow of the Underdark) that allow Poison Use or Poisoned Sneak Attack that increase poison DC's are invaluable, as are any that improve marksmanship, stealth, movement skills, or self-sufficiency are invaluable as well.

The feat ''Freerunner'' and associated movement skill tricks are of great potential use to the canny Sniper.

If you branch you, becoming a Wizard or Sorcerer for the ability to use spells of concealment, divination, deception, or sighting is wise; many Sniper's do not wear armor anyways, preferring to be able to don a Yowie suit or quickly throw on a Disguise to walk off. Fighter grants more feats, which is also useful for better ranged accuracy and capacity. While rare, it's not unheard of for a Sniper to become a Druid so that they can better manipulate the natural environment, and to shapeshift for various reasons. The Kissindrin Sniper/Druid encountered in the wilderness is a being to be feared.

A Kissindrin Sniper who does well can expect to be greeted warmly in Kissindrin, and can request help with better chances of success from the local garrison, army, soldiers, and military weapon smiths. Kissindrin, being a city of great mechanical, magical, and military innovation also sports a great deal of magical scrolls, potions, wands, and other resources that a Kissindrin Sniper could possibly purchase at a discount rate.

The Kissindrin Sniper's Library at the Kissindrin Sniper's Academy is legendary; all Sniper's are told to collect information in the field and report their findings, and it contains thousands and thousands of research journals, field reports, situational descriptions, accounts, argumentative publishing, Sniper's Manual editions, drawings of lands, areas, and places with notations, travel logs, and countless other works that would be of use to a sniper. A Kissindrin Sniper may make a DC 20 Knowledge (Sniper's Lore) check when in the Library to find a piece of information pertaining to sniping, adding his Intelligence and Sniper class level to the result.

Further, Sniper's are known for joining a vast myriad of organizations, and are usually highly valued and respected (fear is also usually present.)

Kissindrin Snipers in the World

"You have awoken a sleeping giant. You thought you had nothing to fear from Kissindrin? You thought you could murder our colonies and make an act of war? You can fear this. You can fear ending up like him. Cease, desist, or more will die." - - Note found on a quarrel placed through the head of a leader of an opposing nation.

Although called Kissindrin Sniper in [my] game world, the most important aspects of the Kissindrin nation as pertains to this class is that it is a city-state with highly developed mechanical (pre Industrial, fire arms, or colonial, however), magical, and military sciences that prefers to make war with decisive, one strike kill tactics (much like the United States in real life or the Drow in Forgotten Realms.)

However, any nation with the inclination and ability to support an organization or group of snipers like this could have snipers, and the name is easily changed enough. I just didn't want to call them ''Snipers.'' Even a Thieves Guild or other modestly sized organization with sufficient resources and time could train individuals of these capacities.


Any group with reason to value precise ranged support specialists who can easily dispatch humanoid targets has reason to appreciate the talents of a Sniper and will recruit them in a heartbeat. They typically employ the positions of elite and favored soldiers, bodyguards, scouts, or assassins.

NPC Reactions

A Kissindrin Sniper is likely to illicit fear mixed with respect from both allies and friends. Even among allies, the Sniper must frequently hide and kill indiscriminately; seeing this done enough, even for their benefit, tends to make creatures nervous about knowing they have a Sniper abound. Enemies are terrified of Snipers, and if they believe the Sniper can move against them, they will often single them out if at all possible. General NPC's are usually indifferent barring circumstances to differentiate this.

Kissindrin Sniper Lore
Characters with ranks in the appropriate Knowledge skill (history) can research Kissindrin Snipers to learn more about them. When a character succeeds on a skill check, the following lore is revealed, including information from lower DC's.

DC 10: The Kissindrin Sniper can precisely target and kill individuals from a frightening distance and with immense effectiveness, and usually without being discovered, either.
DC 15: Kissindrin Snipers favor peculiar crossbows with no other purpose than to accurately place a bolt under conditions that would normally make a shot at a targets' vitals impossible.
DC 20: If you see a guy with a sketch pad by his side, dull clothing, darting, and darting piercing eyes oriented on rooftops and shadowy alley's, you'd probably better skip town, because he's a Sniper, and something is going to go down sooner or later.
DC 30: Characters who achieve this level of success can learn important details about specific Kissindrin Snipers in your campaign, including a notable individual, the area in which she operates, and the kinds of activities she undertakes.
A PC who wishes to enter this Prestige Class usually seeks out a Sniper or goes to the organization that trained them, which is easy enough to find out if they have this much information on Sniper's. Usually, Sniper's look to pass on their tradition, and few meet their requirements, so if they are inclined, a PC can find training.

Kissindrin Snipers in the game
Kissindrin Snipers offer to a character the ability to emphasize his earlier Rogue sneak attack abilities and turn it into a serious ranged offense. While it makes the Sniper no more effective against nonliving enemies or targets without vitals, it makes him lethal at a range. The tradeoff is that the character will lose Rogue abilities (uncanny dodge, generic sneak attack that works in melee, improved evasion and other Rogue special abilities, trapsense) but some Rogues find it worthwhile.

Generally characters who have the methodic approach to be a good sniper will find this class rewarding, but this is for the patient and the observant.

Sample Kissindrin Sniper

Coming soon! It's like, going on 4:00 AM here, so it'll have to be done later =D

Kissindrin Crossbow

{table=head]GP Cost|Small Size|Medium Size|Critical Range|Weapon Range|Weight|Damage Type
4000 GP|1d10|1d12|18-20 x3|400 feet|7 lb|Piercing[/table]

Weapon Description

The Kissindrin Crossbow is exotic and unusual. It is a long, slender weapon; three feet long for a medium sized version. The ''barrel'' is round on all sides except the top and bottom. The ''crossbow piece'' (horizontal bow shaped piece with the attached string) is actually located 1/3rd of the way down from the top of the stock, meaning that the crossbow effective has a chamber. A sliding chamber mechanism is located on the side of the Crossbow that allows this to slide out, allowing the insertion of the bolt. (Much like how you can move a revolver, but one bolt at a time.) The crossbow piece, by default, is ''bent'' so that the edges of the bow are resting against the side of the stock, making the weapon more compact; this is the position the weapon is in when not ready to fire (the best analogy I can think of is how the X-wings from Star Wars keep their wings folded together when not about to enter combat.)

The crossbow comes with a string silencer; the weapon makes no sound upon firing. It also comes with iron sights and a glass lens to allow for magnification. The Kissindrin Crossbow is always considered masterwork.

Firing the weapon requires a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity to adjust settings, manipulating the various knobs, levers, switches, and strings of wood and metal; the weapon is calibrated to the approximate distance and armor of the target. A full round action is required to reload the weapon.

The Kissindrin Crossbow fires specialized bolts that are designed for the weapon. These bolts are also masterwork quality, and cost 10 gp a piece. You obtain 60 of these when you first become a Kissindrin Sniper. They can be created at 6 gp a piece with the correct tools and Craft (Kissindrin Crossbow.)

Using a Kissindrin Crossbow requires a DC 15 Intelligence check.

Yowie Suit

A Yowie Suit is a suit designed to grant a much better chance of being concealed in an area. A Yowie suit must be colored to match the area you are in to be effective. Each Yowie Suit weighs 20 lbs, and your maximum move speed in it is 20 feet. You gain a +8 to Hide checks made with a Yowie Suit properly themed to the area you are in. A Yowie Suit can't be bought normally; the supplies to make them cost 500 gp. Each set of supplies will allow the creation of another Yowie Suit. You take a -4 to saves to avoid heat exhaustion while in a Yowie Suit. While wearing a Yowie Suit, you are treated as having partial cover and concealment upon a successful Hide check as long as you are next to something you can ''blend into.''

Craft (Kissindrin Crossbow)

The crafting of a Kissindrin Crossbow is a difficult endeavor requiring 3, 000 GP worth of materials. A successful DC 27 Craft (Kissindrin Crossbow) must be made to create one. Failure wastes all supplies. Each 3, 000 GP spent allows the creation of one crossbow, or three repairs to an existing crossbow. With the proper feats, supplies can also be used for modification.

A successful Craft check to repair a Crossbow requires 2 days of work. A successful Craft check to create one requires a week of work (12 hours a day). A successful Craft check to modify one requires a full day of work.

Sniper Skills - Unique

Craft (Yowie Suit)

Crafting a Yowie Suit requires leaves, branches, and other natural materials of the area, as well as cloth of the appropriate color and bindings to lash it together, typically costing about 500 GP. This requires a week of work to get a fully functional Yowie Suit.

Alternatively, with a month of work and 700 GP of materials, you can create a custom fitted masterwork Yowie Suit, which grants a +14 to Hide checks within the appropriate environment and Hide in Plain Sight while hiding in that environment as long as you are near something that blends. If you take no action for two rounds, you are treated as having total concealment if Hiding in a masterwork Yowie suit.

Alternatively, one can be scrapped together in twenty minutes, although the bonus to Hide is reduced to +2. You still gain partial concealment (and thus even being entitled to Hide checks in the first place. A lawn might not have a bush, for example, but if your Yowie suit looks like the lawn, you might be able to hide in the lawn and look like a bush rather than clearly being something else.)

Kissindrin Sniper Feats

Coming soon, it's like, four now.

2009-01-20, 07:15 AM
Let me ask you a deceptively simple question:
What sort of people would a member of this prestige class kill at 10th level of the class, and how many of them how quickly? What utility would his side expect to get out of this killing?

2009-01-20, 07:24 AM
The Sniper isn't your conventional kill man, but he's not entirely without utility in higher end games (which, at 17th level, it would be higher end.)

Firstly, there is the demoralization factor. His shooting wreaks utter, complete hell on groups with vulnerability to mind effects.

Secondly, there is the anti-boss'ness of it all. He poses a threat to a BBEG just as bad as a Sorcerer with Invisibility Greater & Enervation does, although his threat is a little more unknown.

As for kinds of enemies, the Sniper is ideally going to be employed to send a message and to remove things that your party, for whatever reason, couldn't handle. A 15th level Drow Wizard with Improved Spell Resistance taken 3 or 4 times would have SR 30. That's a pain even for your party's 17th level Wizard. Throw on Stoneskin and Invisibility greater, and that Wizard can hurt you>

A Sniper could get that Wizard without the Wizard knowing he was there, and eliminate him in the heat of battle.

But let me ask you a deceptively simple question:

What kind of enemies would a 17th level Rogue, Bard, Ninja, or Scout expect to kill?

2009-01-20, 07:50 AM
Sorry, I am tired, and forgot about UMD, and to check the range on Soul Bind, turns out it is Close (110 feet at minimum caster level) rather than Touch like I thought it was... he actually CAN expect to deny high level leaders/combatants to the enemy for longer than length of combat + 10 minutes.

Maybe take out the demoralizing effect I think?
The idea of really demoralizing someone worth your notice at higher levels merely with the threat of shoving them through the revolving door that is death in D&D is... not quite as plausible as the real life phenominom(sp) you are emulating.

2009-01-20, 02:22 PM
first off, fewer spoilers would be nice. having to open a new spoiler for each paragraph or table is annoying. if the fluff is long, put it in one spoiler. if the class ability descriptions are long, put them in *one* separate spoiler. other than that, you shouldn't need any.

skill points are too high in my opinion. this class strikes me more as a ranger than a rogue as far as skills are concerned. that is certainly my opinion though.

skill prereqs are too many. why use rope? climb and balance also seem overkill as far as prereqs go. sure, they are an important part of a sniper's work (climb is debatable), but that is why they are in the skill list. you don't need to put every important skill in the prereqs, just the *few* that make the sniper distinct or special. in this case, hide and spot are the biggest, though move silently could also be considered core.

i didn't even read the class ability descriptions, because upon opening that spoiler, i was presented with a dozen new spoilers. presentation is everything.

aaron out.