View Full Version : 4e- Joining a campaign... what to be.

2009-01-20, 03:16 PM
Everyone is at level 2 and has one +1 item and a low level wondrous item (floating lantern type stuff), the race/class mix is... a cleric, warlord, (both Dragonborn), a Minotaur Ranger, and a Bugbear Fighter. I kind of want to keep up the monstrous theme even though it seems like an Eldarin Wizard (Eldarin education: Thievery) would be the perfect addition in terms of utility. Any suggestions?

Keld Denar
2009-01-20, 03:22 PM
Shadar'Kai wizard? Or maybe a Gnome Wizard (with a lair!).

Just throwin it out there....

2009-01-20, 03:25 PM
A shadar-Kai rogue synergizes well because of its racial power: same as eladrin, except you are insubstantial for a turn afterward(or maybe concealed- I can't remember) You might see what that looks like for you.

Kurald Galain
2009-01-20, 03:35 PM
The party looks like it could use a wizard! Or possibly, invoker. And just because you're wizzing doesn't mean you can't be monstrous. For instance, githyanki make good wizards, as do doppelgangers.

2009-01-20, 03:48 PM
A Swordmage would be hilarious. It would suck in that group, but a nigh-unkillable party would be hilarious.

Scorched Jawa
2009-01-20, 03:51 PM
You could always do a Bugbear Brutal Scoundrel Rogue for the increased weapon size, pluses to Str/Dex, and the encounter power Predatory Eye.

Totally Guy
2009-01-20, 03:52 PM
Goblin Warlock that acts like a rogue. Wearing a red waistcoat and a Fez.

Or a mighty Longtooth Shifter Paladin. Worshipper of Kord and slayer of Liches. I ran a Longtooth Shifter Paladin that had been stuck in a tomb with a regenerating lich for years. The Phylactery itself was the column holding the ceiling up.

Bugbear two weapon fighter. A Fighter with a multiclass to Ranger with the intention to take as many two weapon powers as possible.

Mando Knight
2009-01-20, 03:54 PM
I second 'yanki or Doppelganger Wizard. You need a wizard, and they're the most "monstrous" of the + Int races. Plus, with Doppelganger, you can confuse your allies' usage of pronouns even more than V does with his/hers.

2009-01-20, 05:14 PM
Well, by monstrous I don't mean 'has to be from the MM' I mean... has the definite 'inhuman' feel to it. This pretty much gets rid of elves, humans, eldarin, half-elves, shadar-kai, halflings... you get the idea, I mean the party has two dragonborn and they aren't 'monsters'.

Anyway, loving some of these ideas. Oh, the mino is a MM mino, so he's still got oversized. There's no way I'm going to be out damaging anyone in the party, so ... controller? Wish that PHB2 was out... dang it.

2009-01-20, 05:44 PM
You could do a Genasi Wizard; you could pretty easily adapt it from FR. I also had to make some flavor and appearance changes (hate the crystallized hair) to the race to make them playable for me personally, but overall I like it. We play the watersoul with kind of a seaweedy type hair, and a bit paler. Makes them almost zombie-like in creepiness factor. Earthsoul looks a bit different too. Different types of plants and the like for hair, and really really ruddy flaky dirty skin. I just don't like the image they give you of any except for the firesoul Genasi, I like them. Swiftcurrent (watersoul) and Windwalker (windsoul) are both some very nice racial powers for a wizzie.

Anyway, we basically make them lean slightly more towards Elemental in apperance.

2009-02-07, 07:11 PM
So, I ended up going with a Tiefling Wizard, the Minotaur and I lament over out inability to wear standard headgear.

I was hesitant to play a Wizard because I've never been a great big fan of the Wizard in any edition, just seemed like a bunch of crap to keep track of/math up/optimize so I wasn't totally worthless. Just was never my sort of thing. But, the 4e Wizard, kind of fun. And I have to say I'm (except for my mediocre perception) pretty ridiculously useful out of combat. For instance, I saved the Minotaur from a 130ft drop with Feather Fall, I've used Mage Hand to snag the MacGuffin from a floating pedestal(the ranger already triggered the trap, its why he fell), used Prestidigitation to convince a none-too-smart NPC that an item was more magical than it really was (which allowed us to trade it for MacGuffin #2, I think we need two more), and used the Comprehend Languages ritual to properly identify MacGuffin #1 and understand the none-too-smart NPC. In combat I just do a ton of auto-damage/area denial, which is also pretty sweet.