View Full Version : [B]Help me build a spell thief[/B]

2009-01-20, 11:04 PM
Hi guys,

I'd just like help with building an optimal Spell Thief Build, it can have other classes mixed in if you feel it makes it more efficient, any books are fine, Im sure Ill find a way to find the material, do try and refrain from abbreviations though, I'm quite new at this.

I personally own 3.5 DMG, PHB and MM and yes, I know their abbreviations, one of few I know.

Any weapons are fine, any feats any skills, so long as it's optimal. Level by level if you have the time, if not list form is perfect too. Race doesn't matter so long as it helps the class. There will be no home brewing.

Ranged or Melee doesn't really matter, just looking to design an awesome spell thief and Ive never played one before.

Thanks, you guys rock.

2009-01-20, 11:08 PM
On that note, anything not listed in the PHB, MM and DMG, please describe what that certain feat/skill/ability etc does.

Thanks again.