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2009-01-20, 11:39 PM
Hello everyone,

Quick question for an up coming game.

Im planing one making a kobold monk/diciple of the eye, and was wondering if diciple levels would stop him from taking more monk lavels, with the class its self being very monkish like the psionic fist.

oh and its 3.5

2009-01-20, 11:46 PM
Don't know the class, but unless it has a special exception I'm almost sure that by RAW it's just like any other class in regards to ex-monks.

However, if you think it's really close, then you should ask your DM!

2009-01-21, 10:10 AM
Link (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20060106a&page=2) to the class.

No, it would not stop you from taking more Monk levels.

But after Monk 6/Disciple of the Eye 5, you don't want more Monk levels. You've finished your Flurry progression, and there's nothing else worthwhile between Monk 7-15 except for Diamond Soul (which will be nerfed by the fact that you're not a strait Monk).

You need to head into a debuff build, or your Fear powers will be completely useless (because the DC's cease to scale). So Hexblade, Blackguard, Paladin of Tyranny, etc.

Keld Denar
2009-01-21, 10:34 AM
How monkly is Disciple? Sounds like a case for heading into Psychic Warrior after finishing Disciple and picking up the Tashalatora feat from Secrets of Sarlona. This allows your UAS progression to keep progressing and nets you those awesome awesome PWar powers like Expansion, Hustle, and Psionic Lion's Charge. I dunno if Disciple would work with Tashalatora, but it should considering Disciple stacks with monk and Tashalatora stacks psionics with monk.