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2009-01-21, 09:19 AM
I have this character concept I would like to build but I'm having trouble doing it. I want to have a Leader type character that basically leads from horseback and has ranged powers. I think a Warlord or cleric with some sort of mounted combat and a bow would be awesome but the only class that has ranged powers that could be used with a bow would be the ranger. The only ranged powers for the warlord are usually thrown weapons, which I guess I might try if I can't find a better option.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for this sort of build... or is there a general "don't do it."

2009-01-21, 09:39 AM
Artificers are leaders and have ranged weapon powers. You can get the playtest for free from WotC's HP.

Kurald Galain
2009-01-21, 09:41 AM
Play an elf. Free bow proficiency. Voila.

Problem is, you'll probably be ineffective with your bow unless you invest in Dex, which conflicts with both cleric and warlord.

2009-01-21, 09:45 AM
Elf Warlord that takes Ranger as a multiclass feat: you get a mounted leader with some amount of archery skill.

Or, any race of Ranger that takes Warlord as a multiclass feat. You get a mounted archer that has a few leadership powers.

Also, look into Adventurer's Vault. Some of the magic items might make sense for you... throwing shields, throwing gautlets, etc, if you want to avoid multiclassing.

Totally Guy
2009-01-21, 10:00 AM
What if you started as a ranger but followed the Warlord multiclass route as far as possible?

Still, low synergy between generally Dex powers and Int/cha ones. But maybe there are some "effect heavy" warlord powers with range, that might be a possible route.

Edit:Ninja'd!? No way that ^ took 15 minutes to write!

2009-01-21, 10:42 AM
Is the artificer play test balanced? does anyone know?

Also what is the news on future classes? maybe I should hold this character concept for the PHB2?

Mando Knight
2009-01-21, 11:35 AM
Is the artificer play test balanced? does anyone know?

Also what is the news on future classes? maybe I should hold this character concept for the PHB2?

The Artificer comes out later than PHB 2, you'll have to wait for the Eberron guide. The playtest seemed balanced to me, though. However, there were also extremely limited options.

There aren't any weapon-based leaders coming out in the PHB 2, it looks like... mostly Strikers and Controllers (one each for Divine and Primal, as well as Primal Defender and an Arcane Leader (bard, not Artificer). not entirely sure, though. Check EnWorld)

2009-01-21, 11:40 AM
What level of play are you going for, because I seem to recall a couple of paragon paths that blended Rangers with Warlords/Clerics or vice versa.

2009-01-21, 01:54 PM
Play a Cleric. Take Mounted Combat. Voila!

Seriously, though, Wisdom-based Clerics are as good at ranged combat as Rangers. There's a reason they're called "Laser Clerics" - they basically stand around shooting lasers (i.e., ranged Radiant attacks) all day.

2009-01-21, 02:30 PM
If you don't mind using thrown weapons instead of a bow, there are some pretty sweet warlord powers in the MP that uses heavy thrown weapons. So, maybe a javelin throwing warlord instead of an archer one?

2009-01-21, 04:12 PM
Yeah, Javelins have good range and equal damage to the Military grade Heavy Throwns.
It'd cost a feat for proficiency (as a Warlord), but the Tratnyr (Adventurer's Vault) is a great weapon. At level 6, you could pick up the Grasping Weapon Enhancement (Adv. Vault pg.70) to not only gain some lock-down ability, but also make your Tratnyr returning. (You can do that with a simple Magic +1 enhancement, but might as well go for the gold, eh?