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2009-01-21, 09:22 AM
If a PC has both a familiar and a companion and wishes to merge them, is this an appropriate kind of thing for a feat? I know that there exists an arcane hierophant PrC (IIRC) that allows this ability, among other things, but supposing that he/she doesn't wish to take a level of a PrC (or in this case, that it's a gestalt campaign, and dual-class advancing PrCs aren't allowed)just to get that effect - how valuable is combining the two?

Would a single feat be appropriate? Ideally the companion would still be affected by animal spells (just like the hierophant's companion familiar) while technically becoming a magical beast.

2009-01-21, 09:37 AM
In a campaign I GM'd back in 3.0, we had a ranger/wizard/arcane archer who wanted to have their animal companion ALSO become their familiar. I allowed them to research a ritual to allow it and merged a few abilities of both while not gaining all the attributes of both (allowed the increased intelligence, but disallowed the mastery over type, allowed the ranger ONLY to be able to cast animal-target-only spells on his animal familiar, as we came to call it). I didn't require a feat, because it seemed pointless to require that. They naturally get a familiar, and an animal companion, so I decided a ritual would be the best way to bridge the gap between them.