View Full Version : Online Power Card Generator 4E

Galdor Miriel
2009-01-21, 11:31 AM
Hi guys,

while trolling the web I found an online power card generator for 4E. You basically selected the powers you wanted then it made a pdf file for printing off your powers. Extremely simple, no download and works on any platform.

I then lost the web address and cannot find it again.

It was cool, but I am an idiot.

Does anyone know of a similar resource online?


2009-01-21, 12:29 PM
Well, my one stop for all my character sheet needs (3.5 and 4 editions) is Ema's Charsheets (http://www.emass-web.com/index.php).

Galdor Miriel
2009-01-21, 01:27 PM
Thanks Burley,

nice resource, but I am more after cards that I can use when we play, great aid to keeping track of what is going on when you play.


2009-01-21, 01:55 PM
Check out the PDF forms at the bottom of THIS PAGE (http://groups.google.com/group/tools-for-dms/files) (the ones with the PowerCard filenames). You can open each of those, type in your info, and then print out the sheet. Seems kinda like what you wanted.

Galdor Miriel
2009-01-21, 02:22 PM
Thanks rtg

what I am after is actually a resource where you do not type in the information, this meas that you do not make a mistake. I could just as easily write them by hand I think, but it would not look as nice. The online tool I found and then lost was one were you selected your powers from a list....

Hopefully we will get a decent excel spread sheet that does powers sometime soon.