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Baron Corm
2006-09-16, 12:16 PM
Maganthropes are any race of creature who are touched at birth by the essence of arcane magic. They have on them a small marking of some sort since birth. Throughout their progression of enhancing the skills they were born with, they make themselves more and more akin to raw arcane energy, and more able to manipulate it.

Maganthropes are treated as a caster class with no spells. If multiclassed to another arcane caster class, they may not learn any spells, and if multiclassed to a divine caster class, they lose all of their Maganthrope abilities. One may not multiclass to Maganthrope unless they have declared themselves born with the mark of one at character creation.

Key abilities: Constitution would be considered their key ability, as it in a strange way strengthens their magic power as well as the usual effects. Strength and Dexterity would also be useful to the Maganthrope as he usually prefers to fight instead of cast his spell-like abilities.
Skill points: 2+int modifier (2+int modifier x4 at first level)
Saves: High Will, Low Reflex, Low Fortitude
Base Attack Bonus: Same as Fighter
Hit Die: d6

Special: The Maganthrope skips getting a feat every other time he would normally get one, starting with the second time after character creation that he would get one.

Maganthrope Progression Table

Level 3: Maganthropic Missles
Level 7: Arcane Overflow, Maganbolt, Maganthropic Missles II
Level 13: One with the Force, Maganthropic Missles III
Level 17: Surge, Maganbolt II, Arcane Overflow II
Level 20: Transformation, Maganthropic Missles IV

Special Abilities

Maganthropic Missles

Starting at level three, a Maganthrope may cast a spell-like ability similar in most ways to Magic Missle. The missles have an appearance unique and similar to each individual Maganthrope. Each missle does 2d4 damage. At third level, one missle is cast, and it may be cast once per day. At 7th level, two missles are cast, and it may be cast four times per day. At 13th level, it may be cast 8 times per day. At 20th level, three missles are cast and it may be cast times per day equal to his class level. Metamagic feats may now work on Maganthropic Missles, but only up to one feat at a time, declared before casting.

The Maganthrope may cast one (or two or three later on) missle out of every hand that is not carrying a weapon or other item for each use of the ability.

A Will save must be made once for every four missles cast, with a DC equal to twice the Maganthrope's total character level. On a failed save, the Maganthrope takes 4 (force) damage for every missile he still would have been able to cast, and no more missiles are cast. At this point a Fortitude save may optionally be made with a DC at twice the Maganthrope's total character level to take no damage from the backlash. Failing this save makes you take 8 damage for each missle not yet cast. Spell Resistance applies to Maganthropic Missles.

Arcane Spell Failure applies to Maganthrope spell-like abilities.

Arcane Overflow

Starting at 7th level, a Maganthrope may activate an ability similar to Power Attack in usage. Upon using, each Maganthropic missle deals 2d4+2 damage, and each successful attack grants another attack using a d12 instead of a d20. A roll of 2-6 will cause the attack to have its effects on the Maganthrope, and a roll of 1 will count as a critical hit. A roll of 12 will always hit, as if it were a natural 20. Critical hits can not be gotten from an Arcane Overflow. A successful hit from an Arcane Overflow does not cause another Arcane Overflow.

At level 17 this ability improves. Maganthropic Missles deal 2d4+3 damage when Arcane Overflow is activated and the Maganthrope will only cause damage to himself if he rolls 2-4, but his critical multiplier counts as one more when a 1 is rolled.


Upon reaching level 7, the Maganthrope may cast a spell-like ability similar in most ways to Lightning Bolt. However, this bolt deals 1d4 damage per caster level (to a maximum of 10d4) instead of the usual 1d6. In addition, the bolt may be composed of either electric, fire, cold, or acid damage. Starting at level 17, the Maganbolt may bounce to other targets as a Chain Lightning spell. A bolt may be fired out of every free hand the Maganthrope has. Maganbolt may be cast once per day per two levels of Maganthrope. Spell Resistance applies and there is no focus. The bolt has an appearance similar in theme to the Maganthrope's Maganthropic Missles, as well as streaks of lightning for electric type, streaks of flame for fire, etc. For determining the Reflex save DC, the spell level is 7 and the primary casting stat is CON. At level 20, Metamagic feats may be applied to Maganbolt, but only one at a time, declared before casting. Maganbolt II may only be applied if the INT, WIS, and CHA requirements from One With the Force have already been completed.

One with the Force

Starting at level 13, the Maganthrope gains two extra arms. They are made out of the same thing the Maganthrope is made out of, which is increasingly closer to raw arcane magic (but not quite yet). Coloring changes that you might expect occur and the Maganthrope gives off a faint light, giving a -4 to Hide checks. These arms can be used to hold weapons or anything else, and can be used in the Maganthropic Missles and Maganbolt formulae.

The arms cannot be used in a combat situation until the Maganthrope has them for a full consecutive three days with an INT and WIS score of 13+ and has been "testing them out". Casters or potions could cause these scores by keeping spells on him for three days straight, but it is not neccessarily known by anyone who hasn't figured it out that this is a requirement. The Maganthrope also gains a -4 on Charisma based checks until he has had a CHA score of 13+ for at least three days straight, on a separate timer.

Also included in One with the Force; Maganthropic Missles may gain a bonus to beat Spell Resistance equal to half of the Maganthrope's CON modifier.


Starting at level 17, the Maganthrope may enchant a weapon for 1 round/level of Maganthrope to do 1 force damage per 3 levels of Maganthrope. The "surge" of power comes all at once, and he may only cast this as a spell-like ability once per day on as many weapons as he is holding at that time.


Upon reaching level 20, the Maganthrope gains +4 STR, +2 CON, and +4 DEX. His skin becomes even more "magic essence ish" and the light shining from him becomes slightly brighter. The mark he recieved at birth becomes pure magic essence and shines brightly. He suffers a -12 to Hide checks. He may also choose any two non-epic metamagic feats for use with this Maganthropic Missles and Maganbolt. Transformation may only be applied if the INT, WIS, and CHA requirements from One With the Force have already been completed.

Optional: This may make the class overpowered, but I wanted to give it the Elemental subtype at level 20 and give it immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, and critical hits at different levels (Elemental Traits). Could I add part of that in somewhere..? Something like, level 3 immune to poison, level 13 immune to sleep, level 17 paralysis and stunning, level 20 critical hits.

Baron Corm
2006-10-10, 10:29 PM

unbalanced? too balanced? anybody?

2006-10-11, 12:18 AM
so... I play as this, get to cast magic missile, once a day, and perhaps a few spells, that I have to multiclass for, and lose all the spells from all my other classes, can never touch a weapon, or lose all spell casting ability, and once they hit high level, they have a giant "shoot me" sign on them(-22 to hide)?

I'd never touch this. ever. not for $1000. never.

Baron Corm
2006-10-11, 12:23 AM
well you're a mage with a 24d4+36 magic missile, 20 times per day not once, with abnormally high health and 6 lovely spells. i put in a lot of drawbacks because even as is i think it's way too powerful heh. plus you haven't considered focusing mainly on the melee side of things, which is potentially even more powerful. overall i'm really glad you think it's bad, so i can use it without feeling guilty!

2006-10-11, 12:27 AM
quick solution to get past all that fuss with magic missiles, that could be stopped with a 1st level spell (shield). try finger of death. or if you really feel like doing damage, try meteor swarm

2006-10-11, 01:23 AM
2d4+36 is pretty bad, actually, at 20th level. What I'd be interested in with a fighter-type is the four arms, and all the multi-weapon fighting cheese I can throw onto it. 13 attacks a round, anybody, doing at least 1d6+Str+whatever you want to throw onto a magical weapon, but assume at least 2d6+5 or more. (this assumes using short swords for the slightly better to hit.)

the magic missiles have an average of 41 damage.
If all 13 attacks hit (not likely, of course), the average damage is 156. Assuming the first and second attacks strike (still 8 hits), you'll be doing 96 damage on average.

My overall viewpoint? The class is very weak. It's a one-trick pony with only the Maganthropic Missiles to rely on. Acceptance requires that you multi-class out of this one, thereby preventing you from ever reaching level 20 except in epic gaming. The class abilities specifically penalize you for starting as a Maganthrope and multi-classing into wizard, since you'll never be able to scribe spells into your spellbook.

One with the Force is the reason you'd take this as a non-caster - as I stated above, four arms are great for multi-weapon fighting, though they do tend to irk the DM just a little when you have to throw 13 D20s and then roll damage for each hit.

The Black Prince
2006-10-11, 08:06 AM
This sounds okay but it doesn't seem quite up to scratch.
Even with 20 magic missiles a Sorcerer/Wizard would have many more kick butt offensive spells. I think you should keep working on it.

Baron Corm
2006-10-11, 08:02 PM
alright, i scrapped the notion of him being able to multiclass as a caster, though multiclassing as a fighter, barbarian, rogue, monk, or whatever is still mildly attractive. i added another spell-like ability to make it more interesting. you say the missles are weak, i say force damage of that magnitude is wonderful for a class which is mainly a fighter. should i increase the damage of the missles? get rid of the backlash? is the new spell cool? can i add the elemental immunities?

and hmm.. you got 41 average damage for the missiles. i get 24 (min variable damage) + 96 (max variable damage) / 2 = 60, +36 (static damage) = 96 average force damage per casting of Maganthropic Missiles! remember, he can shoot 3 out of each open arm at level 20. and note that he may apply a metamagic feat to the missles (empower or maximize makes this damage higher!) maybe you misunderstood? also possible that i am wrong!

also you said the class was weak, as pure i guess you meant. arcane overflow gives you an insane number of (risky low chance to hit) attacks, should you choose to berserk in a final attempt to blah blah. +4 STR +2 CON and +4 DEX is amazing in my eyes... and tell me how this class is worse than pure fighter? or to be less cruel pure barbarian?

Miles Invictus
2006-10-12, 03:33 AM
A 13th level Fighter will have twelve feats compared to your class's three...if the Fighter takes Greater Weapon Specialization (four feats), they will -- at worst -- have the same attack and damage bonuses that your class gets at level 20. For two more feats they can pick up Greater Armor Optimization for a net +2 to AC. One more feat gives Lightning Reflexes (+2 to Reflex saves). Two more feats grants Greater Toughness (+1 hp/level) and Great Fortitude (+2 to saves). That's a total of nine feats, leaving the Fighter with three...exactly on par with your class, except that the Fighter gets it seven levels earlier, and some of the feats are more potent that the corresponding stat bonus. By level 20, a Fighter will have another five feats compared to the one more your class receives.

A 13th level Sorceror can cast Magic Missile for 5d4 damage, and he can do it 34 times a day. Alternately, he can cast it only 12 times a day, and cast Lightning Bolt for 10d6 damage 22 times a day. That's without factoring in the bonus spells from a high Charisma.

Your class is severely underpowered. At the very least, I would give standard feat progression, scratch the "no arcane casting" requirement, scratch the self-inflicted damage, scratch the requirements for controlling the arms, scratch the prerequisites for transformation, and...oh, I can't think of anything else at the moment. Clean up your writing, too; it's fairly difficult to read in places.

You know what? I think you could probably get the concept you want, if you were to take something like a Warlock and use that as a base.