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Darth Stabber
2009-01-22, 10:11 PM
So the bloodline feats presented in Dragon compendium only require arcane spell casting without preparation. Now if you just add those to core sorcerer and bards get them. However if my understanding is correct if a dread necromancer took a bloodline feat, he would get some way out there spells on his list, like fire bloodline gives delayed blast fireball and sunburst(necro with sunburst who'd a thunk). The drawback to the bloodline feats is that they keep you from being able to take spells of certain types, but the only ones that would hurt a dread necro are Plant Bloodline (which means no spells with the death descripter), and the Fey Bloodline (which means no spells that create undead), both of which render dread necro unplayable, but the rest don't hinder @ all. So Can I make a Dread Necro with the Illithid bloodline (which bars spells that alter a creature or Items size), to give my char some mind effecting stuff????? Because I see no drawback in doing any of them, as long as i steer clear of plant and fey bloodlines.

2009-01-22, 10:25 PM
I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do this, though IIRC they all require you to be able to summon a familiar. The feat Obtain Familiar can easily get around this for a Warmage, Beguiler, or Bard, and a Dread Necromancer can start taking them at level 9.

The fact that there is no drawback doesn't really matter at all. Straight out of Core, a Sorcerer can take Necromantic Bloodline to gain some decent additional Necromancy spells known. The "drawback" is that he cannot learn any Conjuration (Healing) spells, which already aren't available to the character anyway.

One particularly useful choice for a Dread Necromancer would be Aquatic Fey Bloodline (Dragon 335). All of these feats can be found at Crystalkeep.

2009-01-22, 10:33 PM
You've basically just found out the kind of thing that people have already done, but your system is slightly different (and better).

Usually, the solution for Beguilers, Warmages, and Dread Necros and their lack of spells is to have a high Wisdom and take the Arcane Disciple feat for some good domain. If not, there's also a POSSIBLE interpretation of Rainbow Servant PrC from Complete Divine that adds all Cleric spells to your spell list. Both ways are mentioned pretty frequently.

Your version seems to have none of the drawbacks and most of the same benefits (but to a lesser extent). I think it's probably fine, but you should run it by a DM first - a lot of DMs see Dragon Mag stuff as broken and won't allow it (for better or for worse).