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2009-01-24, 05:38 AM
If a Tempest Fighter3 Dwarf wearing chainmail with a +3 str modifier wields a urgrosh does...

He get a +7 (Half-level+Str Mod+Prof+Tempest Fighter Talent) to attack rolls with both the axe and spear end OR does the Tempest Fighter Talent only confer a +1 bonus to attack rolls for the offhand part of the weapon?

He roll 1d12+3 (Dwarven Weapon feat+Tempest Fighter Talent) and 1d8+1 (Tempest Fighter Talent) when damaging with dual strike?

2009-01-24, 09:45 AM
The tempest fighter gets +1 to attack rolls with all weapons that has the off-hand property. I don't have Adventurer's Vault here, so I don't remember the exact wording of Double Weapons, but I'm sure it explicitly states what parts of the weapon has this property (I'm guessing it's only one end of the Weapon, but I'm not 100% certain). As for damage from Weapon Talent, RAW the +1 wouldn't apply if you wielded a double weapon (unless the rules for Double Weapon explicitly say you count as wielding two weapons, hmmm... I really wish I had that book here), but your DM might allow it. The +2 applies whenever the attack bonus (from the off-hand property) applies.

Not that much help, I guess. Could somebody with the double weapon rules neraby step in?

2009-01-24, 10:15 AM
Found it now! I agree, that the wording is somewhat ambiguous! The double weapons have the Off-hand property, however, in the Double Weapon sidebar is says: "Wielding a double weapon is like wielding one weapon in each hand. The first die given in the damage column of a double weapon is for the primary (or main) end of the weapon; the second damage die is for the secondary (or Off-hand) end". The first paragraph clears up, that it does indeed count as wielding two weapons. So far so good. However, the wording implies, that even though double weapons have the Off-hand property, it applies only to the secondary end of the weapon. Therefore, the +1 to attack and the +2 to damage should only apply to the secondary attack (+1 to damage still applies to the primary attack).