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2009-01-25, 02:43 AM
...seems really powerful. I was gaming over the weekend, and one of the other players was a Thri-Kreen Psychic Warrior with this, and he tore up anything we fought, usually in one hit. Is this ability balanced? It seems overly strong to me.

2009-01-25, 02:54 AM
In one hit, or in one attack? If it's the former, there is a definite power imbalance. Or he's doing something wrong and you haven't caught it.

But, considering it's only a teensy bit more dangerous than a normal, non-psionically empowered full attack, it's reasonably well balanced.

Considering that you can't even use this particular combo (thri-keen + Psionic lion's charge) until 8th level, and even then it eats into your fairly small pool of points very quickly if you're using it every attack... it's better to compare this to a Fireball spell than other tactics. He's using a powerful race and a powerful class, so comparing this to a regular human fighter is going to show a problem.

Furthermore it's the only thing he'll do well. Ever. He's a specialist who's specialty is applicable to the encounters you've *chosen* to send against the party.

2009-01-25, 03:03 AM
In isolation it's not really overpowered ... in combination with shocktrooper and leap attack etc, yes.

2009-01-25, 03:13 AM
Ah, I see. Thank you for those two helpful posts.

2009-01-25, 03:20 AM
There's plenty of ways these days for non-psionic characters to charge and make a full attack in the same turn, anyway.

But yeah, Shock Trooper is probably your real culprit.

2009-01-25, 08:12 AM
Mostly ruling Shock Trooper and Leap Attack to affect all attacks causes problems. Limit them to affecting only one attack and Lion's Charge becomes fine. Ranger, for example, also has the spell, and Barbarian can get it as a class feature level 1.

2009-01-25, 12:55 PM
There are plenty of ways to get Pounce (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4551066&postcount=16). While it is undeniably useful, Psionic Lions' Charge isn't a particularly efficient way.

Keep in mind that a Thri Kreen has LA and racial hit dice. He'll never be able to keep pace with a caster, or even a strait Tome of Battle, Binder, Totemist, Knight, etc. So let him have his thing, and other players will do other things.

2009-01-25, 02:33 PM
Personally, I like Thri-Souls better:
Thri-keen Soulbows, add in Lucky enhancement for the arrows and you've got nigh impossibility to miss every attack (as each arrow can use Lucky)

Little broken, but who rerolls more than 3 arrows/round (that would take alot of time).