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2006-10-03, 12:03 AM
I am useless creating the crunchy things, yet I can come up (read: steal from other sources) with ideas for things. want proof? read the post by me about metamagic spells.

I would like to see some either classes or creatures based on the castlevania games. I would love to see someone try and stat up the following
Soma cruz (hero of aria of sorrow)
Juste belmont (hero of white night concerto( i can't spell its english name))
J/ Julius belmont (character from aria of sorrow)
Genya Arikado/ Alucard (aria again)
Any of the other Belmont clan
Vampire killer whip (legacy weapon)
The soul system from Aria of sorrow
Maxim Kinshine (aria of sorrow)

before you post asking what these people are, go to gameFAQS and look for the following games;
Aria of Sorrow
Harmony of Dissonance
Symphony of the night

that is the list of things I would like to see people stat up. If you want to see more on the list, post it here. the list is in response to the vorpal tribbles fell beast contest, as the balance must be kept.

2006-10-06, 09:20 PM
COME ON!!!! does noone want to take up the challenge? for the past few days, i have been making up some castlevania items (soul eater ring and the double grips). if no one wants to take up the challenge, thats fine, but someone please, just post here some ideas!

2006-10-08, 04:50 AM
If noone is going to post here after one day of being on the first page, then here is some ideas for the soul system from aria of sorrow.

[feat] power of domination
prereqs: cha 17, wis 17
benefit: you gain the ability to absorb and use the souls of monsters you defeat and succeed on a D% roll

soul absorption [variant rule]
when a character with the feat "power of domination" lands the finishing blow (reduces the target to - 10 hp), The DM rolls a d% in secret. the player calls out a number between 1 and 100. shoul the player guess the right number, the character gains the soul/ life energy of the target

there are four types of souls, bullet souls, guardian souls, enchanted souls and ability souls. here is an example of a bullet soul and an ability soul

[bullet soul] bat
if the character with this soul is fired at, with an arrow or other small missile, and readys an action to deflect the arrow, this soul allows the character the ablility to deflect the arrow without the character needing a free hand

[ability soul] gravekeeper
if you are in a threatened square, you may move out of the square without provoking attacks of opportunity. you may not use this soul to move out of one threatened square into another one.

note: ability souls are very rare and should not be given out lightly unless it is needed to proceed

[ring] soul eater ring
Description: this plain ruby ring is not really remarkable and could be mistaken for a plain ruby band.
When worn by a character with the feat "power of domination", it allows the wearer to guess a second number for the soul roll. the ring does not glow with magic if scanned with a detect magic spell. a DC 25 spellcraft check reveals its magical nature
minor artifact, moderate necromancy, 300000 gp, weight -