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2009-01-25, 10:18 PM
Does this make sense and is it clear? What do people think about the utility and cost of this spell. It basically establishes a long term (year and a day) service with a number of summoned outsiders.

Ritual Spell - 'Bubble and Squeak'
Bubble - One outsider Cr 5 - eg Mephistophlings
Squeak - Another outsider Cr 5 - eg Izzic Spawn
Ritual Cost -- varies

This ritual binds a number of particular outsiders equal to the caster's permanent charisma bonus (not to exceed eight). Each monster summoned has a 50% chance of being either a Bubble or a Squeak. If the ritual is successful the caster purchases the true name of these particular outsiders and their service for a year and a day. The ultimate master of these servants, devil, deity, etc.. must be bargained with so the requirements for this ritual vary widely.
Bound Servitors will function according to their nature and in accordance with the pact. DM's are encouraged to actually create a written contract as guidance for future events.
* Casters may never have more than one of these rituals in place.
* Servitors may not be changed without renewing the pact.
* Any possessions servitors receive from the caster become the property of their ultimate master. Servitors cannot return equipped items and cannot benefit from items they only carry as part of a task. (ie If they use a sword they will not return it. It now belongs to their ultimate master.)
* Slain servitors return to their infernal regions and are freed from this pact. They will reform without their possessions but with their memories in six months of game time.

Bound servitors will make themselves available to the caster to be summoned by a Summon Monster V Spell. With regards to these outsiders, Summon Monster V shall function...

1. The caster may summon onto his own plane any or all of his bound servitors so long as they are not already on his plane at the time of casting. The plane must be inhabitable for the servitors. Servitors gate into the plane and become Native Outsiders. The may remain for any length of time, up to the duration of the pact.
2. The caster alone may dismiss any number of his own bound physically present servitors. Dismissed monsters return to the infernal realms and may be summoned back with a subsequent casting of the spell. Servitors not in the casters immediate presence may not be dismissed.
3. The caster may order his servitors to perform some task. The order must be given during the typical duration of the summon monster spell. The servitors will attempt this task to the best of their ability, in accordance with the pact, and return to the caster if told to do so. If the caster needs to change or create a new task the servitors must be in his presence and he must recast Summon Monster V.
(Both outsiders can fly and travel reasonably fast.) The servitors must travel physically to the site of their task. Unless empowered by the Summon Monster Spell servitors lack their own powers of teleport or alternative travel. (This is not to say that the servitors cannot be gifted with magic items to achieve teleportation or faster travel - see note on possessions.) Unless the master is hidden from magic detection, servitors can always find a direct route to their master.
4. Beacon - The caster may contact any or all servitors and demand they return. They will stop their activity and return to the caster by their fastest safe route. The Beacon functions over any distance but does not liberate the servitor if detained or imprisoned.

This ritual creates a number of mostly willing henchman for the caster. Transgressions against the ritual-pact will not be acted upon by the summoned henchman but by their ultimate master. To effectively manage servitors a caster must continually ready Summon Monster V. The spell cannot be read from a scroll or be gained from some device.
Some families or institutions have longer lasting versions of this ritual but they are frighteningly expensive and beyond the scope of this spell.


What do you think.

Baron Corm
2009-01-25, 11:54 PM
What's a bubble, what's a squeak, what's a ritual cost, what level spell is this, why is this spell necessary when you can just summon monsters, why is the number of summoned dudes multiplied by Charisma bonus (which causes the power of the spell to fluctuate greatly), and lastly what am I missing, because this seems to be from something...

An extended 1d4+1 option of a summon monster spell could simulate this well enough could it not?

Also, planar binding.

2009-01-26, 01:06 AM
Summon Monster V is just the control for this spell.

This is a ritual spell that would allow a caster to summon a servant outsider for each charisma bonus point he has he has. He basically borrows a demon lord's minion for a year and a day. He still has to use Summon Monster to control it but he can give it long tasks, way beyond the normal duration of Summon Monster. This ritual basically represents the limits of a deal made with a Demon Lord or 'Ultimate Master'.

Once they have used the ritual spell, they might not need it again for a year.

The level isn't mentioned but you have to be able to cast Summon Monster 5. The guidelines are for the DM because this is a very rare thing.

And no its not from anywhere. I ran across the two homebrew monsters (Mephistophlings & Issik Spawn) and thought they'd make excellent summoned servants. I like the idea that some summonings are specific and unique so I thought I'd look for a mechanic - A ritual Spell.

Perhaps it has to be a feat in 3.5? I'm trying to make it more clear and elegant.