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2009-01-26, 07:05 AM
Hi, I'm planning on playing a Duskblade/Wizard Gestalt character and I was trying to make the character as solid as I could as well as putting together a list of useful spells to use with the DB channel feature. :smallsmile:
There's also another option for this campaign that allows players to take a monster race from a MM (1to5) (if the sum of its LA and HD are no more than 20), so I'm thinking on playing a Drider (that also gives me wizard spellcasting per hit dice) and at the same time advacing lvs in Duskblade.

Books available are: 3.5 PhB/PhB2, all 'Completes', all 'Races'.

If you have any ideas please post them, spells, races, etc., I'll take all the help I get.
Thanks. .:smallsmile:

2009-01-26, 08:16 AM
Arcane Strike is always a must for Duskblades. With your even bigger spell capacity, you can blast away as you please.

Knowledge Devotion is also commonly suggested (Complete Champion). It works well with your high Int and boosts your attacks even more. Even better is that as a Wizard, you have ALL the knowledge skills as class skills.

2009-01-26, 01:11 PM
Arcane Strike, that looks nice . :smallsmile: But I assume the bonus to hit and dmg doesn't stack if you burn more than one spell per round.
Still a good choice, thanks.

Keld Denar
2009-01-26, 01:18 PM
Find a d20 spell filter and just do a search for good touch wizard spells. Things like Vamp Touch and Shocking Grasp are pretty standard low level tricks. At higher levels, Night's Caress (LM) is amazing to channel. Mmmmm, Con damage. Otto's Irresistable Dance is also good if you get a Whirling weapon (MIC) that is a reach weapon and you have Multichannel. Basically shout STOP! HAMMER TIME! and everyone suddenly has on massive parachute pants and does the hammer dance while you and your friends beat them to death.

So, whats your build gonna look like?
Duskblade//Drider/Wizard? If you can qualify, head from Drider into a full casting PrC. That would be best, as you would get higher level spells faster.

2009-01-26, 01:59 PM
Greater Invisibility: Makes enemy flat footed

Flame Dagger: Spell Compendium: Gives you touch attacks.

Knowledge Devotion + Trivial Knowledge: Comp Champion and Races of Stone: With a high Int and a few ranks invested in each Know Skill (or the Jack of All Trades feat) this usually gives you a +5 to hit and damage.

Improved Familiar: Your familiar will be ridiculously potent. Use him.

Polymorph: Pretty much an auto win button.

2009-01-26, 02:49 PM
Prestige class: Abjurant champion (wizard side)(complete mage).

Less broken than normal in your build as you already have full BAB, quickens all L1-3 abjuration spells for free, doubles duration of all abjuration spells, gives an arcane boost ability that allows you to sacrifice spells for various benefits, grants a AC bonus to your shield spell (and ectoplasmic armour if you ever use it) increases caster level to = BAB (so if you take other PRCs that have breaks in spell level boosts, you won't lose out as much.)

Fax Celestis
2009-01-26, 03:10 PM
Spellwise? Most of these are from the Spell Compendium. Combust, bladeweave, fireburst, body blades, knight's move, ring of blades, whirling blade, emerald flame fist, girallon's blessing, armor lock, enlarge weapon, cloud of knives, rage, avasculate.

2009-01-26, 04:05 PM
Here's what I have in mind:

Stats, 36pts+race/template (start @ 8, can't drop below 6)
STR 22=16+6 (Lolth-Touched)
DEX 18=16+2 (Drider)
CON 20=14+6 (Lolth-Touched)
INT 18=16+2 (Drider)
WIS 10
CHA 8=6+2 (Drider)

Column #1: Drider 1-10 /Half-Dragon 11-13 /Half-Fiend 14-17 / ??? 18-20
Column #2: Lolth-Touched 1 /Duskblade 2-14 /Abjurant Champion 15-19 / ??? 20
First of all I need 10 lvs to pay the race @c1 and 1 lv to buy the template @c2 (I'm getting it in early game, pretty good boost to the stats for LA+1). With one Drider lv I'm also getting a Wiz lv so I'll survive on spells till I start advancing in Duskblade. :smallsmile:
Then comes the multi-template part, I'm allowed to take up to 3 or 4 templates, i think LolthT, HDragon and HFiend are the best options I have with this character.
Column #2 will keep advancing the duskblade class till it hits 13th lv (multichannel), then I'll finish with Abjurant Champion although I'm not happy putting it in the last lvs ... :smallconfused:

Another option is to get the A.Champion as soon as posible, without slowing the Duskblade although I'm getting some difficulty to fill in the last lvs.
Column #1: Drider 1-10 /Abjurant Champion 11-15 /??? 16-17 /Half-Dragon 18-20
Column #2: Lolth-Touched 1 /Duskblade 2-14 /Half-fiend 15-17 /??? 18-20
Levels 16-17 in the first column must be a class in order to avoid losing HD and BAB.


Thanks guys, Night's Caress looks awesome but I'm afraid Libris Mortis isn't an option at this moment (but will try to get it no matter the cost). Otto's dance will come in handy for sure.:smallsmile:
Knowledge Devotion + Trivial Knowledge, reminds me of the rerolls in Star Wars Saga. Damn I wish I could be gnome. :smallbiggrin:
Abjurant Champion, i see it's as broken as the Ordained Champ.
Will check those spells later, although I won't be able to add them to my repertoire as SC isn't available (yes, it's a very limited selection of Handbooks :smallsigh:).