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2009-01-26, 05:17 PM
I'm trying to hunt down the last of the Eberron (Mark of Heroes and Xen'drik Expeditions) RPGA modules I do not have. I am missing these, but have most of the rest of them if someone wants to trade:

EMH 10: Desperate Endeavor
EMH 14: House of Madness
EMH 15: Price of Protection

CVN 3: The Good Die Young
CVN 4: Brave Soldiers
CVN 5: Things Fall Apart
CVN 6: The Price of Virtue

CDX 3: Native Intelligence
CDX 4: Tome of Tomes
CDX 5: The Korranberg Affair
CDX 6: Turn of the Page

BWC 4: The Trouble with Pirates
BWC 5: Tarnished Reputation
BWC 6: None Left Behind

CSH 4: Fire in the Heart of Madness
CSH 5: Night of Shadows
CSH 6: What Rough Beast

EXP 1:
EXP 2:
EXP 3: Cairn of Stone Hearts
EXP 4: Sands of Fate and Fortune

I've also got most of the Living Dragonstar modules except for Starfarers 3 and 4 and LDS 11-14 and 16. If anyone can help me find what I'm missing, that would be great. It's too bad Wizards doesn't leave these up for download for longer; I think I missed some stuff I could have gotten. Oh well......