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2006-10-03, 11:08 PM
So you wanna play a Jedi but your DM doesn't know SWd20?
You better hope he allows Psionics.
If he doesn't... Monk/Paladin.

(Note: In my homebrew world, both Psionics and Planar travel are discouraged and uncommon. This was an exercise to understand why which somehow cross-pollinated with a desire to make Jedi in a non-SW setting.)

Prana-Geki Warrior
A 10 level prestige class with Epic Progression included.
... for over a thousand generations, the Prana-Geki Warriors were the guardians of peace and justice across the planes. Before the dark times... before the Empire...

The Prana-Geki Warriors are an order of monks and scholars devoted to preserving the planar order. Each time a rift is created, the Prana-Geki immediately attempt to seal it by any means necessary.
As the gods themselves are subject the planes, Divine Magic is shunned by the Prana-Geki. They recognise it has a use and a value, but when you're floating through the void between realms, you cannot rely on an unreliable entity floating in some mist in another plane, you must be able to rely on yourself. To this end, the Prana-Geki devote themselves to the cultivation of inner peace, understanding, and power.
More blatantly, the Prana-Geki are a martial order, using their Prana-Geki blades to smite the villainy of Planar desecraters. But sometimes, even those with the greatest intentions can falter. And, when a Trans-Holy Warrior gives in to his inner conflict, to his Dark Side, he falls hard.


Type- Non-Outsider or Outsider with (Native) subtype.
Alignment- Lawful Good
Skills- Knowledge (the Planes), Heal 3, Tumble 3, Jump 3, Persuasion 3, Concentration 3, Autohypnosis 3, Use Psionic Device 3
Feats- Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Unarmed Strike, Vow of Poverty
Monk Abilities- Ki Fist
Psionics- Must be able to manifest psionic powers of the Seer discipline.


Hit Die- d8
Skills- The Class skills of the Prana-Geki Warrior (and the relevant ability) are Heal (Wis), Knowledge (any) (Int), Hide (Dex), Persuade (Cha), Bluff (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex). A Prana-Geki Warrior gains 2+int mod skill points per level.
Saves- As Monk
BAB- As Monk
Proficiencies- A Prana-Geki Warrior gains proficiency with their Blade, but gains no other weapon or armor proficiencies.
Psionics- A Prana-Geki Warrior does not gain new powers or power points. A Prana-Geki Warrior level counts as a Manifester level.

Prana-Geki Blade (Ex) A Prana-Geki Warrior may construct a weapon to use in his crusade against evil. This weapon is a Katana for all intents and purposes, and also counts as a Monk Weapon. For every three manifester levels the character has, the Prana-Geki Blade gains a +1d4 damage bonus while used by that character. When used by another Prana-Geki Warrior, the Blade's damage bonus is re-calculated based on their Manifester levels.
A Prana-Geki Blade is usually an inert handle. When ignited by a Prana-Geki Warrior (or whoever), it glows with a holy light of the character's choice (20 meters). A Prana-Geki Warrior may expend their psionic focus while attacking. Doing so allows the blade to ignore Armor and shield bonuses to AC including any enhancement bonuses to that armor) for one round per manifester level. Dexterity, deflection, dodge, natural armor, and other such bonuses still apply.
A Prana-Geki Warrior's blade may only be used by him and any other Prana-Geki Warrior he allows to use it. If a character who is not a Prana-Geki Warrior attempts to use it, it transforms into a Hilt with no blade, and will not reactivate until held by either the Prana-Geki Warrior or one he allowed to use it. A Prana-Geki Warrior or a member of a class which allows the ability may attempt to Seize the Blade, as the class feature.
*Something here about construction restrictions*

Seize Blade (Ex)- A Prana-Geki Warrior may attempt to Seize the Blade of another Prana-Geki Warrior if he is not allowed by that character to use it. The character grasps the hilt and attempts to ignite the blade. The character must make a will save versus mind control (DC equal to ten times the opposing Manifester Level) or drop the Blade due to severe burning of the hands (the character may not hold a weapon in that hand for three rounds per opposing manifester level). By expending a psionic focus, a Prana-Geki Warrior may automatically succeed the save. The Blade may be used as normal, but will revert to it's inert state if let go of. Re-igniting it will require another will save.

Oad, the Living Force (Sp)- A Prana-Geki Warrior is in tune with his inner self, and understands the depths of his soul and how it connects to the husk of flesh that temporarily serves as his body, until the Brahman claims him. As such, he may expend a Psionic Focus and a power point to gain a +2 insight bonus to his next attack. This bonus may be increased by one by expending another power point up to +20.

Dao, the Unifying Force (Sp)- A Prana-Geki Warrior is in tune with the all-permeating nature of the Planer Meta-cosmos. He understands his place, and the places of others. As such, he may expend a Psionic Focus and a power point in exchange for the effects of an Augury spell.

Touch of the Brahman (Sp)- When using the Ki Fist feat, a Prana-Geki Warrior may chose to instead heal damage equal to the potency of the attack (plus any bonuses etc). This has the same effect as healing magic when used on Undead.

Simple Tricks and Nonsense (Ex)- Beginning at second level, a Prana-Geki Warrior may add his Dexterity modifier to his Charisma modifier when using the Perform, Bluff, Persuade, or Appraise skills.

Kiftaz Longstride (Sp)- Beginning at fourth level, a Prana-Geki Warrior may expend a Psionic Focus and 10 power points for the effects of a Teleport, Psionic or Plane shift, Psionic power.

Wushido (Sp)- Beginning at fifth level, a Prana-Geki Warrior may expend a power point to gain the effects of a Smite Evil of a Paladin of a level equal to his hit die, with the Wisdom Modifier used in place of the Charisma modifier.

Haderchai Prescience (Sp)- Starting at seventh level, a Prana-Geki Warrior gains the ability to sense, hazily, the far and distant future. A Prana-Geki Warrior may expend a psionic focus and ten power points in exchange for the effects of a Divination power with a 10% penalty for every week the time-frame is increased by. The percentage likelihood cap of 90% is removed and the percentage can never be below one. Commonly, the Prana-Geki Warrior will have vague visions of the future when using this power.

Shudwar (Ex)- Beginning at eighth level, a Prana-Geki Warrior’s cohort may use his Prana-Geki Blade without taking a level in Prana-Geki Warrior. In addition, any power or spell with a range of “Self” may be applied to the cohort by expending an additional three power points or by using a spell slot two levels higher.

Bene-Krazilec Strike (Su)- Starting at ninth level, by expending a psionic focus and five power points, a Prana-Geki Warrior can make his blade, for the duration of a round, Vorpal. This duration is increased by one round for every five additional power points spent.

Brahman, the Totality of Force (Ex)- At tenth level, a Prana-Genki Warrior's understanding of the Meta-Cosmos is so vast that the crude matter from which he is made becomes just another piece of equipment which can be discarded. He becomes an Outsider with the Native type, and, upon death, gains the ability to contact the living from beyond the veil of reality.

Epic Progression

Prana-Genki Blade continues to accrue damage bonuses past 10th level, with no maximum.

Kiftaz Hyperstride (Su)- Starting at level fifteen, a Prana-Geki Warrior may expend a psionic focus and 20 power points in echange for the effects of a Teleport, Psionic Greater power, or a Plane Shift, Psionic power without a margin of error.

Alignment Change

If a Prana-Geki Warrior changes alignments, he loses his Wushido ability, but gains +5% to his Haderchai Prescience ability. He begins to lose constitution at a rate of 1 every hit die he gains until he dies. By seeking redemption (the Atonement spell), he may resume taking levels in Prana-Geki, but the lost Constitution points do not return.

-Well, what started as a Jedi/Psion rather quickly and messily became a distressing Dune reference. Oh well. May the Brahman be with you.

2006-10-04, 11:18 AM
It looks good. Maybe change the alignment to any good, and what's with the constitution damage? Apart from that all I need now is a little green halfling/gnome...thing.

2006-10-04, 11:35 AM
i think its overpowered.
expend psionic focus to get true strike?!
1st round expend psionic focus get true strike, attack
2nd round use

You can focus your mind faster than normal, even under duress.

Prerequisite: Wis 13, Concentration 7 ranks.

Benefit: You can take a move action to become psionically focused.

Normal: A character without this feat must take a full-round action to become psionically focused.
expend psionic focus get true strike, attack
3rd round and later repeat 2nd round

thats +20 to hit every round as long as they don't move.
and since they have monk levels they already have high AC's and don't need to worry about getting hit.

Fax Celestis
2006-10-04, 01:12 PM
Vow of Poverty isn't a Monk feature, it's a feat. Still Mind, which is a Monk feature, should be a requirement.

2006-10-04, 05:23 PM
Vow of Poverty isn't a Monk feature, it's a feat. Still Mind, which is a Monk feature, should be a requirement.
I thought I had the VoP wrong there. Have to check Still Mind.
[edit]Still Mind is achieved before Ki Strike, and Ki Strike is required. Unless a character can get Ki Strike before Still Mind, I see no immediate need to change it up.

And, regarding the True Strike. Clearly, there's a good reason I don't have Psionics in my homebrew. Okay, we'll change it up for Power Points in addition. At first I had that, but then figured it was too much. Perhaps a scaled PP/attack bonus sorta thing.

-Constitution Damage: Look at Palpatine. Ugly, ain't it? Plus, it was either make a vague discouragement or else make a Sith equivalent and I already used up all my Quasi-Force words.

2006-10-04, 06:46 PM
Okay, I'm gonna port a d20 port of the d6 Lightsaber construction rules in.
Here's the d6 rules updated to d20, as found on http://www.swrpgnetwork.com/entry.php?id=588

"Jedi apprentices spend a great deal of time and effort constructing lightsabers, an elegant wepon of ancient technologies. The blade helps the Jedi focus, attuning him to the Force so that it more easily flows through him. It is used for combat only when other methods of conflict resolution have ended in failure.

Most Jedi build several lightsabers over a lifetime, each saber more powerful and well-balanced than the last. These improvements relect the Jedi's increasing prowess in his use and understanding of the Force. The loss of a lightsaber can so demoralize a Jedi that he momentarily stumbles in his ability to access the Force (losing 1D (D6)/-2 (D20) in Force skills until he constructs a new blade.

A lightsaber must have the following parts: a power cell, a handgrip, an activation plate, a safety, a belt ring (optional), a blade length adjuster (optional), an emitter matrix, a recharge socket, a lens assembly, a focusing crystal, and a power conduit.

Most handgrips have a length of 24 to 30 centimeters, with the blades extending themselves up to 1.5 meters.

The type of crystal used to focus the energy from the power cell determines the hatrmonic resonance and lethality of the weapon. Jedi Knights use Adegan crystals almost exclusively, as they have done for millenia. The Adegan family includes the following crystals in order of rarity (the die code represents the blade's base damage when using that crystal:

Kathracite: 3D+2 (D6) / 2d6 (D20)
Relacite: 4D (D6) / 3d4 (D20)
Danite: 4D+2 (D6) / 2d8 (D20)
Mephite: 5D (D6) / 4d4 (D20)
Pontite: 5D+2 (D6) / 3d6 (D20)

To construct a lightsaber from its components parts takes a minimum of one month and requires a successful lightsaber repair roll against a Very Difficult difficulty (D6), or a Craft (lightsaber) check (D20) as per the rules on page 153 of the Core Rulebook. Decrease the difficulty level by one difficulty level for each extra month spent building the saber, to a minimum of Easy (D6), or decrease the DC as per the rules in the Core Rulebook (D20).

Jedi characters may adjust the lightsabers base damage die code through modifications [the same way as modifying damage die codes for any other weapon]. Characters rely on their lightsaber repair skill to make such improvements."

Okay, I guess I can work with that. Mainly the last part, as there's no ability to alter damage die codes or variant crystals.
I suppose there should be some manner in which one could use a Double-bladed lightsaber. I mean Prana-Geki Blade. Likely a feat that lets you construct it, or maybe include it in the rules.

-I'll figure this out later.

2006-10-05, 09:33 PM
Not even close to finished with the "Lightsabers", but I have added some more.
For starters, I did some very minor tweaking to create a more harmonious symmetry between what was formerly the Od and Tao, now Oad and Dao.
The class now has teleportation/plane shifting abilities, which were planned from the beginning but forgotten in the rush of Star Wars stuff.
An ability for a Padawan/Shudo Apprentice has been added, with a name that's fitting, a combination of Shudo and Padwar (the root word for "Padawan", from the Barsoom series).
Now, please note, I could have done more with the Padawan (both making it more like Star Wars and making it more like a true Shudo Apprentice) but did neither because... well, that's just complicated.

-Also note the careful addition of the "apprentice" qualifier to the "Shudo" reference, upon further contemplation. But, I mean, come on. Tell me that thought didn't cross your mind. That's the premise of nearly half the Star Wars fan fiction out there.