View Full Version : (3.5) Looking for a nifty Rogue/Warrior Prestige class...

2009-01-27, 11:49 PM
Level 6 rogue, about to multi-class into Warrior. Setting is forgotten realms. If it's in any of the official WotC books or anything, it's good to go. Are there any cool prestige classes I should look at? I'm thinking about using two-weapon fighting (basically no shields), I still want to wear fairly light armor and utilize my rogue skills well.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

2009-01-28, 12:04 AM
I'm hoping you mean Fighter, right?
Even so, Dervish from CWar is pretty good, especially if you use Scimitars.
A bit tough to qualify for, but if you do go through with it, you can treat Scimitars as light weapons for Twp-weapon fighting, have a "dance" that lest you carve through melee like a hot knife through warm butter, and some decent skills.

2009-01-28, 12:35 AM
The campaign takes place in Forgotten Realms, and after looking at a long list of FR prestige classes I apply mostly for Harper Agent and Nightmask Deathbringer, although being a Harper sounds more like my character.

2009-01-28, 12:36 AM
I'd look at Swordsage from Tome of Battle: Adds some versatility and power while still maintaining a good amount of skillpoints. Two levels would add a ton to your character, including the awesome Assassin's Stance which adds +2d6 to your Sneak Attack. You'd also gain the ability to use Concentration-checks instead of saves (and Concentration is a class skill for Swordsage), some AC boosts and ability to remain hidden and some TWF-related abilities like the ability to hit someone twice after movement. Really, it's the perfect Rogue-complement - Shadow Hand, Setting Sun, Tiger Claw and even Desert Wind offer all manners of interesting options for you to consider.

Then there's Swashbuckler in Complete Warrior, that you can combine with Rogue-levels for Sneak Attack via. Daring Outlaw-feat in Complete Scoundrel. 1 level gets you Weapon Finesse (use Dexterity for melee attacks; awesome for a Two-Weapon Fighter) and level 3 allows you to add Int to damage. Beyond that, the class doesn't gain anything too amazing, but those 3 levels may just be worth it. It also still gets 4 skills per level, making it a fine combatant while maintaining full attack bonus.

And yea, Dervish is ok, but it has an issue with huge feat requirements; you need Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Focus and Combat Expertise to get in. That's too much if you ask me...luckily you didn't. Really, most Prestige Classes are more trouble than they're worth. The exception are the Tome of Battle Prestige Classes since they don't require much to enter.

2009-01-28, 12:42 AM
Well, if you don't mind the sub-optimal-ness of it, Exotic Weapon Master (Complete Warrior). There's an exotic weapon stunt where, if you wield a light exotic weapon in each hand, you reduce two-weapon fighting penalties by 1 (so if you dual-wield Elven Lightblades (Complete Warrior, Races of the Wild), the two-weapon fighting penalty is -1).

If you're planning on using daggers, punching daggers, and/or kukris, than Invisible Blade (Complete Warrior) is a specialized dagger-using class. Especially useful if you plan on feinting in combat a lot to get extra sneak attack damage.

That's the most I know off the top of my head. I hope that I'm at least of some help.