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2009-01-28, 12:14 PM
So I'll be starting a new game soon. And with 2 games that I'm GM'ing and another game that I'm a player in, my creative juices are a bit tapped out. I have decided to depend on the wonderful people in the Playground for assistance.

What I am looking for:

A favorite character idea!

Give me a simple template or a level by level advancement table. Give me just a quick description or give me a life story, motivations, dreams at night, and whether or not the character is liberal, conservative or independent.(j/k)

Any 3.5 book is available for sources.

In terms of my preference, I'm basically looking for a 'fun' character. In terms of that, the crunch would just include something to contribute to combat and rolling dice. Roleplay (I like to think) I can handle on my own.

Feel free to offer up whatever you wish, I look forward to seeing some ideas.

Thanks in advance!

2009-01-28, 12:32 PM
If you want any kind of "crunch," you should mention what sources are allowed.

Basic party role (tank, damage dealer, support/healer, etc.) wouldn't hurt either, if you have any preference.

2009-01-28, 12:42 PM
An old world stage magician, with top hat, fine suit and cape.
On a quest to find "the one trick to make him a star" The magician chooses to perform his illusions for the most part through skill and misdirection rather than relying too much on real magic. He is proficient in a number of classical illusions, such as the bullet catch (snatch arrows feat), planting and retrieving props (slight of hand), and many more.

See if your DM will allow you to cast bard spells with perform (magic tricks) or something similar, then max out slight of hand, escape artist, pick locks, and anything else that might be handy.
you will want a bard or rogue with fairly good charisma and intelligence for this character.
Roleplay him as an entertainer above all else, he delights in making the townsfolk smile, and is not above using a few illusions if need be in an act, but prefers to keep his performance primarily real magic free. A Cape of the Mountebank and other similar items make a perfect addition to this character.
The magician will often attempt to use the skills that he has learned to help the party that he travels with, although not well versed in fighting, he comes up with rather creative ways to use skills such as slight of hand and planting objects on (or taking objects off of) villains.
If perform (magic tricks) doesn't work, just use perform (oration) and boldly tell everyone who is nearby exactly what is going to happen. (Now watch as I vanish from sight!)

Spice up the actions by having the magician use props, a large handkerchief held in front of him before going invisible etc.

I'm sure there are many creative uses for a gratuitous number of doves hidden up one's sleeves, be they distractions or messenger pigeons.

The magician is not 100% worked out, but I'm sure that with a little creativity, he could be a fun character.

2009-01-28, 01:20 PM
Here is a copple for you. I saw your spoiler so I think these will be in line with your power level and game play.

This first one is something that I've thought about a lot but never put into play. I guess I just never got around to it. The others are toons I've played for several levels.


"Retired" Adventurer

John grew up, married his wife Joan and has lived a good life. He raised several daughters who have married themselves and moved out of the house themselves. Last winter Joan died for natural causes in her late 40's. John, saddened, alone, and in his late 40's, is still full of life. After helping repel a Kobald uprising in his nearby village, he has decided to take up the Adventuring life. John wishes to roam the roads to see the world in his remaining life. Life may be short but it just might be the ride of a lifetime.

In my mind this character seeks out the local church and becomes a travling monk (not the guy with the Kung-fu and bad to hit numbers, but a Holy Man for Higher if you will). I always saw him as a human wearing brow robes, and a carrying a quarterstaff. Though now that I think on it he could be just about any class. Still this would make a great "fatherly" type as a party's healer. It would explain his higher than normal wisdom and patient outlook on life. He might also have a willingness to die because unlike his younger party members he has led a long life already. To him "Adventuring" is bonus play, and time to live life to the fullest.

"Information Broker"

"Jynx" This has been one of my favorite characters for well over 15 years. ya she has been plaid on and off for that long and is now 25th level. Started way back in 2nd ed land.

Jynx is pretty much just a bard. She specializes in knowing a lot of things, and networking with literally everyone. In a sense she was created to be the DM's little spy on all things needing to be spyed on. Jynx never was the front line main spellcaster in a party, preferring to do her "Best" work behind the scenes and always being prepared for what was about to happen. She also never sang anything. She was an insult comic, always good with a cutting quip. And for most of her life has had little if any moral convictions that didn't include "Half" the loot.

That was the goal. What happened along the way was her ending up being wanted by just about every established government in all of Faerun (well ok one of her names and persona's anyway). For you see I had decided to make her pure neutral and just go along with the alignment of the party. :) Sometimes they were a band of cut throats and thieves, or in some cases pure good dedicated to destroying bastions of pure evil wherever they existed. It is not easy holding the line in the sand but it sure has been fun.

When I got "Unearthed Arcana 3.5" I converted her to a Prestige bard and used Wiz/Sorc spells. I found that with a few rogue levels, and a bunch of Wizard levels she became very versatile. I've never taken and cast the overpowering wizard spells, and tried to stay very close to the orgional concept of "Charm them and get the information you need". I generally tend to use the vibrant, colorful, indirect type spells, like Grease, Color Spray, Charm Person, and my personal favorite "Prismatic Spray" (It's like a box of chocolates, you just never know what your gonna get). Higher levels I tended to keep around a couple "Save or bad things will happen to you spells", but I never wanted to be the overpowering bad ass. After all she was well liked by the people and never had many enemies. Well ones that lingered around for too long.

Jynx finally got her wish and is now the Magistrate of a small kingdom in the old region of Damara. She is also the second in command of the local Thieves guild. Man it's been a fun ride.

Keld Denar
2009-01-28, 01:50 PM
Can't go wrong with Focus Specialist Conjourer3/Master Specialist2/Divine Oracle2/Loremaster5/Master Specialist+1/Archmage2/Fatespinner2/Archmage+3.

Master of knowing it all, and messin stuff up. Standard compliment of PHB and SpC "we win, you lose" Conjourations.

2009-01-28, 02:07 PM
Half-human Shapeshift Druid, focus on ranged and summoning.
Lived with elf mother, got kicked out and went to see his dying human father, met the other side of his family, now wanders the forests searching for his mother.
Can easily be picked up by the first adventuring group he sees, because he doesn't know where he's going anyway.

2009-01-28, 06:29 PM
Here's an idea I just came up with this week, and since I probably can't play her any time soon, I'm fine if you use the idea. It's kind of Eberron-specific, though, and may need some adaptation.


Righteousness was always absolute to her. Even as a child, she'd be the calm, clear voice among her playmates, asking them to stop fighting over insignificant things, because everybody could have more fun if they played fair and got along.

As she grew up, she realized the world around her was a lot more corrupt than she thought. The Last War led to many deaths in Thrane, and around the world, simply because people were choosing their own ambitions, their own interests, over the Silver Flame's desire to unite Eberron in its purity.
Even her own faith, the Church of the Silver Flame, was used by clerics and paladins who led with bluster and words, but not with actions---and their actions were corrupt, satisfying only temporary goals. The truth of the Silver Flame, its purifying influence, was not felt because of the inherent corruption of mortals.

So she tried to hear the voice's call on her own. She knew it would be dangerous if she spoke about this to others, since many of the church's ministers were very strict about the hierarchy. But wasn't it they who taught that there was a little of the Silver Flame in everyone as well?

She prayed. She found the answer. Speak softly, but carry a big stick. Two sticks. Two flaming sticks, empowered by the Silver Flame itself. Virtue comes not only from a sense of self, but a sense of attachment to the purifying Flame. When she loses herself in that Flame, the Flame becomes one with her, and she becomes an agent of purification.

"When the ashes of all demons fall across Eberron like snow, when the last lich has been banished to darkness, when the last mortal has chosen the path of Purification, shall there be peace. For now, we all struggle. We all fight. Let our thoughts, words, and actions all be united, as all creation shall be, one day. Light the way, O Silver Flame."

Race: Human
Ability Scores: Prioritize Wis and Dex, then Str and Con. Int will be the dump stat.
Weapons of choice: Two light maces. (I rendered these as steel tonfas.)
*This build uses OneWingedAngel's Rebalanced Paladin, which can Smite per encounter instead of per day. The general idea is that she is more of a nova striker, consuming a lot of her maneuvers to deal lots of damage in one turn. Since she has proficiency in all martial weapons, I'd also give her a longbow (which is a favored weapon of the Silver Flame) for those times when she has difficulty getting to her targets.

Defense-wise, you get a bonus to AC from the Swordsage, and get good saves across the board from Divine Grace running off WIS instead of CHA.

I'm generally fond of low-to-mid level builds, so I'll only go up to level 10. This was originally for the Eyes of the Lich Queen game I'm in as a backup character in case my warforged got killed, so the build only goes up to 10th.
1st: Paladin 1
-Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting
-Bonus Feat: Serenity (Dragon #306; Paladin class features work off Wis instead of Cha.)

2nd: Paladin 2

3rd: Paladin 3
-Feat: Combat Reflexes or Inquisition Devotion. (Complete Champion lists Inquisition as the equivalent of Knowledge for the sake of the Knowledge Devotion feat. If you plan on taking this, make sure your Int modifier isn't negative, so you could make good Knowledge checks. Knowledge isn't on the Silver Flame's domain list, but Inquisition is.) Another alternative is Weapon Finesse, if your Dex is higher than your Str.

4th: Paladin 4

5th: Swordsage 1.
-Discipline Focus: Desert Wind. As light maces are favored weapons of the Desert Wind discipline, she is considered to have Weapon Focus (light mace).
-Maneuvers: Wolf Fang Strike makes TWF an effective option. Burning Blade and Burning Brand fit the fluff, and allow her to deal a lot more damage with her maneuvers. Wind Stride gives her extra speed, while the Step of the Wind stance prevents her from being hosed on difficult terrain. I also always get the Moment of Perfect Mind maneuver for martial adepts, though this character is not likely to have a crappy Will Save.

6th: Swordsage 2.
-Feat: Lightning Mace (Complete Warrior). With Flashing Sun and some luck, you could end up with some serious tonfa combos. Add Burning Blade or Burning Brand for the win. Alternatively, you could take Divine Cross (a feat that comes with the Rebalanced Paladin's PDF), which allows you to smite with both weapons when TWFing, consuming only one use of your smite ability.
-Maneuver: Flashing Sun (even more mileage out of TWF)
-Stance: Stance of Clarity. That extra +2 to AC will really help with duels. Otherwise, stick to Step of the Wind.

7th: Swordsage 3.
Now we get to the fun part.
-Maneuver: Death Mark. Making targets explode is fun.

8th: Swordsage 4.
-Maneuver: Take your pick. I would pick Zephyr Dance for emergency dodgy AC.
-Discipline Focus (Insightful Strike): Desert Wind. Wis bonus to damage when executing Desert Wind strikes.

9th: Paladin 5
-Charging Smite ACF (PHB2)/OWA's Paladin Aggressive Specialization. Extra 2 damage/paladin level when charging with a smite will synergize well with the last maneuver she's going to get.
-Feat: Silver Smite.

10th: Swordsage 5.
-Maneuver: Searing Charge. Flying at perfect maneuverability and smacking your victim with an explosive hit + Charging Smite + Silver Smite + Burning Brand = lots of pain for the enemies of the Silver Flame.
-Stance: Pearl of Black Doubt. For those times when extra AC really counts.

The rest is up to you, if you're going to play at a higher level.

2009-01-28, 06:39 PM
Well I have played with a guys in a fourth edition game who was a Warforged Warrior that talked like John Wayne in a monotoned voice. Also another idea of his was that if he was a barbarian he would have a button or switch on him to activate his rage. I find Warforged fun to play because you can pretend to be a robot. Other then that I would say try a cleric with Multiple Personality sydrone and roll a D10, 1-9 that personality, if 10 then roll again. Also having them all worship diffrent gods and have their personalities completely diffrent. Those are my ideas.

Count Platypus
2009-01-28, 08:45 PM
i'm gonna be starting a game soon with this character. the only potential problem is if your dm will allow homebrewed weapons. the basic concept is a poi spinner, or fire spinner. poi, for anyone who doesn't know, is a performance where the poi dancer has two ropes or wires with a ball on the end of each. these balls are then lit on fire. looks very cool in a dark room or at night. the progression is swashbuckler/rogue alternating, with the two weapon fighting progression feats, but mroe importantly, the daring outlaw feat from complete scoundrel. this'll give you a perfect sneak attack progression if you don't take a prestige class. pump most of your skills into the physicals; ie. jump, tumble, climb, and balance, and take as many on the movement skill tricks from complete scoundrel as you can. bam. you've got yourself an acrobatic street performer. as for the poi, i'm gonna be using the same stats as a dagger. they're really just a stylistic thing.

2009-01-28, 09:27 PM
You could do this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4053626&postcount=27). A man, let's call him Bob, grew up a hopeless drunk on the streets, nothing to keep him fed but busking with his drum. One day, when he was particularly inebriated, he screwed up and the crowd began to boo. Fed up, he stopped drumming and threw his sticks at one of the hecklers. Sadly, the sticks accidentally killed the man and Bob was run out of town.