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2009-01-29, 03:42 AM
please disregard this thread, bad idea by me at the time :smallfrown:

2009-01-29, 03:47 AM
Typos. Grammar. Argh. The pain. The...pain.

2009-01-29, 04:00 AM
There are irrational people in all walks of life, and D&D is no exception. You can accept that fact and just not play with those types of people, or you can fight their mislead beliefs and be miserable.

2009-01-29, 04:21 AM
Sorry about the typos, it was 3am here in Canada when I wrote this.

Biffoniacus_Furiou; Your right in every way, but a few players here find this amusing. We're a very competitive gaming group and most of our time is arguing over minor things.

2009-01-29, 04:50 AM
What are you people, twelve? Those arguments are amazingly childish.

2009-01-29, 04:56 AM
You would think they were joking or being sarcastic but to them 500 epic well geared Fighters is a legit stradegy to defend a class.

Occasionally, an army of superior fighters (well fighter types) is indeed a legit strategy. Why it has been shown that 300 epic fighters can hold off hundreds of thousands of weaker soldiers.

Soo case in point was 500 Epic Fighters vs 1 Planar Shepherd ( Druid lv10/Planar Shepherd lv10 ), also every Fighter seemed to have endless gear along with Rings of Three Wish[s].

At this point your Fighter stops being a Fighter and has become what I would call an 'equipment wizard'.

Also same campaign with the same Melee & Dragon fanatic DM, because you need one million Dragon to kill two players ( Cleric & Wizard )...duh. After that I don't asked if these were all Adult+ Dragons...I just assumed and lost most respect I had for this DM.

Send one of These (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5689601&postcount=80) against the 500 fighters/million dragons.

Irreverent Fool
2009-01-29, 04:56 AM
I tried to write a smarmy reply quoting the OP. It was my plan to use differently-colored text to correct his errors. There were too many. It is nothing personal, Mikej, but when you are communicating via a medium that is based (almost) entirely on the written form of a language, it is important to observe the rules of that language.

Failing to do so on the grounds that your readers will "know what you meant" is simply lazy and rude to your readers.

Rather than correct your entire post for spelling, grammar, and formatting, I have elected to come up with some points:

Instead of coming up with some points, I have re-written your post:

After reading some threads here and on the WotC forums, I was reminded of an example of the incedible lengths people will go through to defend a certain class or build. Have any of you seen anything worse than this?

The group I play with seems to think that a well-geared fighter can eliminate anything. If a well-geared fighter happens to fail, the solution is to simply use more of them. You might think I am joking, but these players truly believe this. Eventually they decided to pit a Planar Shepherd (Druid 10/Planar Shepherd 10) against the epic fighter. They just needed 500 fighters.

I find it highly unlikely that 500 epic fighters would all gather together to defeat this guy, who is probably performing harmless acts like picking flowers (since he's a druid). Even if we ignore that, how could this possibly prove that the fighter is better?

Granted, my DM is clearly an idiot. He once suggested that one million dragons was an appropriate threat for our 2-man party.

So playgrounders, don't you think these types of arguments get out of hand?

For an actual response, see Jemini's post above.


2009-01-29, 04:59 AM
A well geared fighter can do all kinds of crazy ****. Of course every other class can do the same **** with that gear, hell you can do crazy **** with a 20th level commoner with the right gear. This doesn't mean that high level fighters don't suck.

2009-01-29, 05:01 AM
What are you people, twelve? Those arguments are amazingly childish.


Yes i'll admit its immature, but the point was illuminate of any other experiences. Not just nitpick on ours.

Irreverent Fool: Thanks, I'm a little tired and this was a random thought at 3 in the morning.

Edit: looking back on my idea, its probally going to turn into how my english skills fail or a potential troll summit. Soo I'll just delete my post and hope this passes.