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2009-01-29, 08:08 AM
Hey, Names joey, Well that what I seem to be called over the Net.

I'm kinda new when it comes to Prestiage classes. I Stick to Pure Base Class normaly, or combination of those along with the few extra class that I've Learnt from NWN (I have not used the inccorect NWN version, I have the correct source books)

I have, I believe, every Book DnD 3.5 as long as it's Offical.

Well down to business, In my Current PnP Campain it has fallen upon my CLeric to become a Ur-Priest, How and Why of course isn't important.

I have No base class levels, All of my level are Ur, To lvl 10. All my cleric levels were replaced.

I also have a Stupidly High CHA. SO I'm looking for a build that will make the best of what I have got.

I'm thinking to start off Ur 10 Black Guard 2, With Blackguard being Conspect/Ideal rather then servant of some god.

This will Add my Cha to saves and give me +2BAB giving me +9 BAB and My saves will be silly due to my Cha Score.

Pale master/RDD is also something that I've considered, but I will need Arcane spell Caster Levels before hand. This will get me more Spell slot

Any Ideas on a nice build? Oh I have Divine Might/Shield and I plan to make use of my High Cha.

2009-01-29, 08:17 AM
I have No base class levels, All of my level are Ur, To lvl 10. All my cleric levels were replaced.
I hope your DM realizes this is horribly broken. You have access to 9th level spells 7 levels before anyone is supposed to. Unless you play very very poorly you will utterly massacre things that are supposed to be challenging for you.

2009-01-29, 08:21 AM

Your DM has you playing an Ur-Priest 10 in a 10th level campaign? Yikes. Blackgaurd's a reasonable choice. You'll also want to pick up Practiced Spellcaster and all the Spell Penetration feats, though - See if you can get a variant paladin (Unearthed Arcana) rather than Blackgaurd, to save on the feat costs.

2009-01-29, 08:36 AM
Yes My DM does realised how broken I am...He also noticed how broken it was to give me 78 Cha..

It was his choice to give a silver togune group a Deck of many things...I don't think he thought we would draw 3 wish cards...

Everything I have gain from it really doesn't match up to a player getting the race Solar....He lucky we did wish for the Knowledge to gain DR(Divine Rank) as this game seems to be leading to that...Joy...