View Full Version : Bard master of the unseen hand

2009-01-29, 12:01 PM
Hi people, I think I will ressurect a bard in a campaing I am currently playing.

I changed char along the campaing and started a wizard, which is very powerful and all. But I liked the bard better and am giving him some upgrade.

The build would be:
Human 18th level

Bard 1: Extra music, skill focus (concentration)
Fighter 1: Power attack
Bard 2: extend spell
bard 3:
bard5:practiced spellcaster
bard8: lyric spell
eldritch knight 1: ????
Sublime chord 1:
SC 2: persistant spell
EK 2:
EK 3:
MotUH 1: extraordinary concentration
MotUH 2:
MotUH 3:
MotUH 4: Arcane strike

This is an arcane gish capable of 7th level spells and can use 12 music atempts to create a persistant telekinesis at the start of each day.

With it this char can fly all the time, can attack with an extra teleknetic weapon and still deal normal damage.

It's BAB is 15 and caster level is 16, 20 for telekinesis.

Not TOO bad I hope. Any suggestions are welcome!