View Full Version : 3.5 Charging rules question

2009-01-29, 03:19 PM
I am making a warlock/cleric/eldritch disciple and I have a question. Can you use a touch attack spell or weapon enhancement spell on a charge? Basically I want to know if I can use Hideous Blow in conjunction with a charge, or can it only be used with a standard attack?

2009-01-29, 03:31 PM
You must use an attack action. "Attacks" mean something specific. They are frequently made as standard actions (but just as often as part of full-round actions, like charging, or even free actions and AoOs), but they are not interchangeable with other standard actions, like using spell-like abilities.

Even if the spell-like ability requires an attack roll, it is still a standard action. The only exception to this is holding the charge on a touch spell. The rounds following casting, it is only an attack action to try to deliver it again. If your DM lets you hold your Eldritch blast like an inflict spell, you could do that.

2009-01-29, 03:46 PM
Thanks. Well that's disappointing:smallfrown: maybe my DM will allow me to hold it though, like you said. I'll have to reread the invocation description. I also have a few levels of Psychic Warrior and a deep crystal longsword so I was hoping to stack them all together, also Mortalbane:smallbiggrin: