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For those that want a full stat block of a somewhat optimised greater deity. For those that have a party of epic PCs going god-hunting. For those that like crunching numbers. For those that plain like huge stat blocks. And for those that are just curious.

Ereshkigal, Great Queen Beneath the Earth
Savage Unholy Vampire Lord (evolved 2x)
Monk 2 / Sorceress 1 / Warlock 10 / Eldritch Theurge 57
Size/Type: large undead (extraplanar, evil, chaotic, fire, cold, earth)
Hit Dice: 70d12 + 210 + 2310 (3360 HP)
Initiative: +23 (always first, dex +19, improved initiative +4)
Speed: 80 ft, fly 100 ft
Armor Class: 195 (19 dex, 33 defl, 33 profane, 33 mnk, 19 divine, 48 natural)
Attack: claw +90 meele touch (38 base, 19 divine, 33 strength)
Space/Reach: 10ft/10ft (may change to any size from fine to 1600 ft tall)
Special Attacks and Qualities: Vampire abilities, Divine abilities, Invocations, SLAs, Spellcasting, SR 126, Energy Immunity (all), Fast Healing 16, DR 30/Epic Cold Iron and Law, Class abilities.
Saves: Fort +83, Ref +104, Will +131
Abilities: Str 77, Dex 49, Con -, Int 49, Wis 77, Cha 77
Skills: yes! (gets enough skill points to maximize 22 different skills)
Feats: Extra Spell, Precocious Apprentice, Weapon Focus Claw, Improved Critical Claw, Improved Counterspell, Reactive Counterspell, Silent Spell, Quicken Spell, Arcane Strike
Bonus Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Leadership, Eschew Materials, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Deflect Arrows
Feats from Flaws: Extra Invocation 6x
Flaws: pick 6 of your liking
Epic Feats: Epic Spellcasting, Exceptional Deflection, Infinite Deflection, Epic Skill Focus: Spellcraft, Auto-Quicken 3x, Multispell 9x
Epic Bonus Feats: Multispell 6x, Epic Bonus Invocation 2x, Eldritch Sculptor, Lord of All Essences, Paragon Visionary, Shadowmaster, Morpheme Savant
Environment: Irkalla (the Underworld)
Organization: Legion (Ereshkigal plus any number of demons and undead the DM wishes)
Challenge Rating: scary (should be faced by PCs in the 70-75 range in an overpowering encounter, theoretically CR 75)
Treasure: see "artifacts" below
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Though not officially one of the ruling deities of the sumerian pantheon, Ereshkigal is one of the most powerful. She has complete mastery over earth, death, the demons below, the netherworld and all those who have perished. She has threatened more than once to shatter the gate of Irkalla and free the damned so that they'll outnumber the living-and the other deities had to agree to her demands. She has stripped other deities of their powers and had her minions kill her sister Innana, another greater deity, and prevented the other deities from reviving her. She can send evil spirits to curse, posess or even kill others and cause widespread disaster.
Fighting Ereshkigal, you face a very hard to kill opponent, capable of major innate magic, the ability to strip your own powers and practically endless reinforcements. You have to overwhelm her quickly or not at all.

Vampire Lord
Ereshkigal is the most powerful of the Akharru, bloodsucking demons of sumerian origins. In addition to a considerable boost to her ability scores and natural armor, she gets the following abilities:
Claws: 2x 1d6+str slashing damage + 1 negative level. Unlike energy drain, the negative level applies to all attacks per round
Energy Drain: Once per round drain 3 additional negative levels with a touch or natural attack.
Blood Drain: 1d4+2 constitution damage, otherwise as per vampire
Children of the Night: As per vampire, only they arrive in 1d6 rounds and the ability is usable 3/day
Dominate: Ereshkigal doesn't have a dominating gaze. She can, however, dominate any one target that hears her voice. DC 78 will negates and the DC is charisma-based
Create Spawn: Ereshkigal can create new vampires as any vampire can-though she never creates vampire spawn. Additionally, she may choose to apply the advanced undead template to them up to 2 times. She always controls her spawn-they may never turn against her-and can control any number. She also has a telepathic bond with them as long as they are within 19 miles of her.
Alternate Form: as per vampire
Damage Reduction: 15/silver magic and good. This overlaps with her divine DR.
Fast Healing: fast healing 16
Gaseous Form: At will. Has 24 hours to return to resting place.
Spider Climb: constant
Turn Resistance: +12, cannot normally be turned (deity)
Telekinesis: at will supernatural, DC 78 where it applies
Control Weather: at will supernatural
Flight: fly 100 ft, perfect (doubled speed for deity)
Unholy Resilience: +2 hp/hd, charisma modifier to saves (vampire lord)
Unholy toughness: charisma modifier to hp/hd and as profane bonus to AC.
Skills: +8 racial bonus on Diplomacy, Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Scry and Spot checks. She also gains a further +8 Racial bonus on Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, & Spot
Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Leadership

Ereshkigal has none of the weaknesses of common vampires. She's not destroyed by sunlight, not stopped by holy symbols or mirrors, can cross water normally and is not killed by a stake through the heart. Being reduced to 0 HP at night causes her to assume gaseous form and search for a resting place-she has 24 hours to do so and can rest in any cave, cavern, crack, ravine or other natural cavity beneath the earth instead of her coffin. Daylight weakens her (-4 to ability scores and all checks) and being reduced to 0 HP or decapitated in broad daylight results to her apparent death. Unfortunately, this does not actually kill her-the following midnight (or absence of light if a plane does not have midnight) she reforms fully healed, even regenerating from a pile of ashes or the darkness around her point of death. To prevent reformation, her head and body must be burned, the ashes of the body spread over a body of running water and the ashes of the head immersed in holy water and buried in hallowed ground. Even then, Ereshkigal may return if the hallowed ground ever reverts to normal ground and the holy water dries out.
Because she's a deity, Ereshkigal may choose to disperse and reform in her domain if ever reduced to 0 HP outside of it. In her domain, you're out of luck; it is always midnight there and she immediately reforms at the beginning of her next turn if destroyed.
NOTE: For the purposes of the playtest, reducing her to 0 HP once is enough.

Alter Reality:
As a greater deity, Ereshkigal can create the following effects at will:
Alter size [Ex] : change her size from a grain of sand to 1600 ft tall as a free action. Only her strength score and weapon damage are affected by this change.
Bend Reality [Di] : Ereshkigal can use wish at will as a standard action to replicate any effect she wants as long as it within her portofolio. Effectively, she can use wish to affect the dead and demons (except for herself), control the earth and the netherworld, cause death effects and curse others and manipulate spells, magic items and other magical effects. Within these limits, she can replicate any magical effect, but outside these limits she can't use this ability. E.g. she could use Bend Reality to slay someone as per destruction or affect the earth as per an earthquake but she couldn't use it to replicate a fireball or create a castle because neither fire nor man-made buildings are within her portofolio. She could unravel a hostile spell of 8th level or less or banish a demon but she could not replicate any buff she wanted for herself or banish an elemental or angel. Additionally, she can replicate both cure and inflict spells. Saving throw of all these effects is as per a supernatural divine ability; 10 + 1/2 HD + charisma modifier + divine rank (97)
Avatar [Di] : Ereshkigal can create up to 20 lesser avatars of herself. These have half her class levels, 5 SDAs each and each ability score decreased by 8. Creating an avatar takes 1 year and she may choose which class levels and SDAs they get. Unlike some other deities, Ereshkigal doesn't have the Avatar SDA to create full-strength avatars.
Grant spells: Ereshkigal can grant spells to clerics, favored souls, dread necromancers and archivists, like all deities. She willingly grants spells to and covertly helps Ur-Priests that work against many other deities.
Travel: Ereshkigal can greater teleport and greater planeshift at will-she can carry up to 1 ton of objects plus any signature items, mounts and familiars.
Create Items: Ereshkigal can create items of any cost, including artifacts, without needing any item creation feats. Because she's a warlock, she automatically meets the spell perequisites as well. She still needs to pay GP and XP costs and the creation time is unchanged.

As both a powerful undead lord and a deity, Ereshkigal has a crapload of immunities.
Divine immunities: These can be overcome with a successful rank check (typically by deities of higher rank); polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters her form. Any shape-altering powers she might have function normally on herself. She is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage, and is immune to mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). Immune to disease, poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, death effects, and disintegration. Immune to effects that imprison or banish them. Such effects include banishment, binding, dimensional anchor, dismissal, imprisonment, repulsion, soul bind, temporal stasis, trap the soul, and turning and rebuking. Ereshkigal, however, is succeptible to epic Banishment spells, assuming they can get past her defences to magic.
Normal Immunities: These can't be overcome with rank checks;
Undead traits/immunities, Immunity to acid, cold, fire (type), Immunity to sonic and lightning (deity), immunity to Taint (evil undead), immunity to antimagic, dispel magic, energy transformation field and effulgent epuration (deity), immunity to being controlled if called or summoned (deity), Immunity to Shadows (Shadowmaster)

Ereshkigal is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. She does not age, and she does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. She is not subject to death from massive damage. The only way for her to die is through special circumstances, usually by being slain in magical or physical combat. She risks permanent destruction if slain on her home plane and if the attacker succeeds in a rank check. Otherwise, the deity reforms within her divine realm after seventy years. However, because of her reformation abilities (see unkillable above), she is effectively unkillable in her domain unless a powerful enough group keeps killing her round after round and a deity of the Netherworld of equal power spends a year and a day to usurp her domain and change it from its perpetual midnight state.
Ereshkigal also does not fail on a natural 1. In fact, she always gets the best result in every roll except a percentage roll or d20. She rolls percentage rolls normally and rolls 1d10+10 instead of d20s.
Finally, she gets her divine rank (19) as a bonus in attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks and caster level checks-her stats above include the bonus.

Physical senses: Ereshkigal can see in darkness of any type. In addition, her sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing extent for 19 miles from her person.
Remote Sensing: Ereshkigal can use her physical senses on 20 remote locations at once to observe remote events. These locations can be centered at any of her worshipers, holy sites, or other objects or locales sacred to her. This supernatural effect can also be centered on any place where someone speaks the deity’s names or titles for up to 1 hour after the name is spoken, and at any location when an event related to her portfolio occurs. Her physical senses extend the normal 19 miles from those locations. Remote sensing can penetrate all barriers and reach in any plane except through a divine shield or the personal domains of deities of equal or greater power.
Remote Speaking: Ereshkigal can speak directly to any creature within 19 miles of her person.
Portofolio Sense: Ereshkigal senses any use of magic, any death, any evil act, any change upon nonliving earth and any and all events in the Netherworld (Abyss, Carceri, Hades, Gehenna) or related to creatures of the Netherworld. She senses what event happens and where and, if the perpetrator is evil or a creature of the netherworld, by whom. She knows of these events 19 weeks before they happen and retains the memory for 19 weeks after. She can use her remote sensing to perceive these events as they happen and up to 1 hour later to gain more specific information. Ereshkigal typically uses her immense magical powers to retain perfect memory of those events.
Block Sensing: Ereshkigal can block the senses of deities of equal or lesser power in any locations she is remote sensing.
Paragon Visionary: Ereshkigal automatically sees through all illusions, invisibility, shapechanging and into the ethereal, automatically sees and recognises all magic. She knows what type and level of magic a creature can wield just by looking at it.
NOTE: for the purposes of the playtest, she won't see your entire plan in advance and stomp you to death with Life and Death. You are assumed to have the protection of an equally powerful deity for your preparations.

Ereshkigal casts spells as a 62nd level sorceress benefitting from divine rank 19, Divine Spellcasting, Eldritch Knowledge, Supreme Eldritch Knowledge and Instant counterspell with a charisma of 77.
This means she knows all arcane spells and may invent new ones without researching them. She may counterspell without readying as a free action 20 times/round, using either her own spell slots or her SLAs. She never incurs attacks of opportunity from casting spells. She has the following spell slots:
Spell levels 0-33, effective CL 75 (capped-real CL is 81), DC 45+spell level. Changes to her charisma may apply to those stats. Further modifications from feats and other abilities may apply to those stats.

Epic Spells:
Ereshkigal has 7 epic spell slots usable with spells of up to DC 155 while fully unbuffed. She can potentially use spells up to DC 269 using only her signature items and at-will buffs. Between her infinite access to souls, the manipulation of the time trait in her domain, her portofolio sense on magic, her Supreme Eldritch Knowledge and her legions of minions, she should be treated as knowing any spell she can cast.
NOTE: for the purposes of the playtest, no epic spells will be used by her.

Chaos Magic:
All of Ereshkigal's spell-like abilities that deal energy damage are infused with the power of chaos. They deal additional fire, acid, cold and lightning damage equal to their normal energy damage. In addition, half of their total damage, including the above extras, is corrupt, ignoring resistances and immunities.
(auto-metamagic corrupt and energy admixture: all)

All of Ereshkigal's spell-like abilities are quickened, twinned, empowered and, should it apply, splitrayed. (auto-metamagic for those feats)

Dark Queen of the Earth:
Ereshkigal has complete control of Earth as per Divine Earth Mastery. In addition, she may lay curses upon all those that walk the earth as per the Bestow Curse SDA-mortal creatures that are touching earth or metal or walk upon a solid surface get double penalties but everyone that does not walk the earth (i.e. is flying, gaseous, incorporeal or swimming) does get a save, even mortals that normally do not (DC 72 will negates). Finally, her domain is the entire sumerian Netherworld and she may create demons and undead as per the Divine Creation ability (unique SDA)

Ereshkigal is a deity of death. Her natural attacks ignore armor and may stun or slay enemies they hit as per Annihilating Strike and Irresistible Blows (DC is charisma-based instead of con-based for the latter). In addition, she can kill any mortal creature with no save or return them to life against their will and despite any entrapment attempts, no matter where they are, and across any boundaries (inlcuding planar ones) as per Hand of Death and Life and Death. Being mistress of the Netherworld, she needs neither to rest afterwards nor ask for permission from other deities-though it might be polite to do so when dealing with their minions.

Death's own Shadow:
Like a shadow, Ereshkigal slips through any attacks as per Divine Dodge and is extremely fast as per Supreme Initiative. Magic dies when used against her so her spell resistance is much more effective as per Increased Spell Resistance 2x.

Godly Realm:
Ereshkigal's realm is Irkalla, the sumerian Netherworld. She can control any environmental trait with 10 minutes of labor and any magic trait, astral link, planar trait and time trait with a year of labor. She may alter its form normally-she uses her Divine Earth mastery for that.
Typically, her domain is an endless plane of barren black rock full of caves and black sand where the dead wanter aimlessly for eternity, gnawing upon the dust and rocks.
The entire plane is in a perpetual state of midnight-in addition to absolute darkness that makes most visitors effectively blind, Ereshkigal and her more powerful vampire lord minions can never die there as they reform almost immediately every time they are slain.
Irkalla is temporally disjoined from the Prime-no matter the amount of time that passes there, no time passes on the Prime. Thus even the newly dead have suffered for an eternity even after being ressurected or otherwise saved immediately after their death.
Ereshkigal has manipulated astral links. Except in very specific areas no astral spell will work, including calling, summoning, teleportation and gates. Beings in Irkalla are effectively imprisoned-they can't be planeshifted or even called out and neither can they teleport around. Since it is an outer plane, the Ethereal and Shadow don't overlap so Ethereal and Shadow spells also don't work.
Ereshkigal has twisted magic in her domain. All conjuration, transmutation, abjuration and divination magic is tainted by the darkness of the plane, becoming corrupt. But as no-one can use the power of the plane without Ereshkigal's permission, no-one can use those schools of magic without her permission. (enhanced magic-corrupt for those schools then limited magic-evi)
Gravity is also twisted, crushing creatures under their own weight. Increase all weights by five times. This forces even creatures that don't carry anything to "carry" four times their own weight, with the corresponding encumbrance. The dead in Ereshkigal's realm pass an eternity suffering under their own weight, crawling upon the jagged rocks.

Ereshkigal has the Death, Trickery, Envy, Magic, Earth and Demonic domains, corresponding to her portofolio of Death, Magic, Evil, Earth and the Netherworld. She can use the special abilities of those domains as a cleric of 19th level up to 19 times a day (if their uses are limited) and all spells of those domains as at-will spell like abilities.
Effective CL is 75 (capped, real CL is 89 with a further +19 bonus to checks from divine rank for a total of 108). DCs are 72 + spell level. Chaos Magic, and Witch Queen bonuses apply. SLAs per level as follows:
1st: Cause Fear, Disguise Self, Magic Aura, Magic Stone, Demonflesh, Disguise Self
2nd: Death Knell, Invisibility, Identify, Soften Earth and Stone, Demoncall, Ray of Enfeeblement
3rd: Animate Dead, Nondetection, Dispel Magic, Stone Shape, Demon Wings, Touch of Idiocy
4th: Deathward, Confusion, Imbue with SLA, Spike Stones, Dimensional Anchor, Vampiric Touch
5th: Slay Living, False Vision, Spell Resistance, Wall of Stone, Lesser Planar Binding, Crushing Despair
6th: Create Undead, Mislead, Antimagic Field, Stoneskin, Planar Binding, Magic Jar
7th: Destruction, Screen, Spell Turning, Earthquake, Fiendish Clarity, Limited Wish
8th: Create Greater Undead, PAO, Protection from Spells, Iron Body, Utterdark, Simulacrum
9th: Banshee's Wail, Timestop, Disjunction, Elemental Swarm, Gate, Wish

Ereshkigal uses invocations as a 20th level warlock with Eldritch Blast as a 67th level warlock. Caster level 75 (capped. Real CL is 70 + 19 bonus to checks for a total of 89). DC is 45 + invocation level. Chaos Magic and Witch Queen bonuses apply.
Least: Eldritch Spear, Hideous Blow, Darkness, See the Unseen, Devil's Sight, Sickening Blast, Baleful Utterance, Beguiling Influence
Lesser: Eldritch Chain, Beshadowed Blast, Voidsense
Greater: Eldritch Glaive, Vitriolic Blast, Enervating Shadow, Warlock's Call
Dark: Eldritch Doom, Utterdark Blast, Dark Discorporation, Dark Foresight, Word of Changing
Epic: Eldritch Sculptor, Lord of All Essences, Paragon Visionary, Shadowmaster, Morpheme Savant

As a Greater Deity with immensely powerful magic, practically limitless followers and limitless time, Ereshkigal may create, have others make for her, buy or conjure into existence whatever standard magic items she desires. There are, however, four artifacts that come with the office that Ereshkigal has created long ago when she first descended into the darkness, tamed the great dragon Kur and established herself as Great Queen beneath the Earth. These personalized items cannot be used by anyone else except the rightful queen of the Netherworld and attempting to do so can be unhealthy-the backlash affects anyone willingly and knowingly picking them up (they can't be forced on the unwilling and someone clueless about their nature will find they slip through any attempt to pick them up or relocate them). They cannot be forcibly taken from the queen as long as she lives either-she can simply retrieve them as a free action no matter where they are (except for the throne which can't be moved). To claim the items a deity suitable to ruling the Netherworld must permanently slay Ereshkigal in combat and assume ruleship of her domain. If they do then the items attune to them.
The Crown of Teeth: This unadorned bone-white crown is formed by seventy-seven dagger-like teeth, each one seven inches long and seven tenths of an inch wide. These are the teeth of the great dragon Kur that Ereshkigal pulled out when she defeated him as a sign of her supermacy-though Kur has since grown new teeth. Shrunk down magically and fused together in a circlet, they form a blatant display of the queen's power-which is quite effective when you consider that Kur is about as long as the river Tiger. The crown is worn over the head with the teeth pointed down. If donned by anyone other than the rightful queen, the teeth bite down and pierce the wearer's skull, killing them. If worn by the rightful queen, the teeth clamp down firmly but without harming the wearer, refusing to be removed as if they were part of the wearer's body.
The Crown of Teeth is an item of great-if simple and straightforward-power. It gives a +13 bonus to all ability scores, a +13 enhancement bonus to the wearer's natural attacks and improves them with ghost-touch, vorpal and speed properties. In addition, anyone striking in meele, grappling with or being struck by Ereshkigal risks being annihilated (DC 81 fortitude negates). Survivors still take 10d6 damage.
Shroud of the Lightless Depths: This artifact looks like a midnight-black, rectangular sheet of silk that is weightless and lacks any tactile feel. The origins of the sheet are unknown though there are rumors that this artifact was once a cloth sack that Ereshkigal wore during her descent to the Underworld-the only posession the seven gods that decree allowed her to take along when they divided the dominion of the world above among themselves and gave her nothing. If anyone but the rightful queen wrap themselves in it, it functions similarly to a sphere of annihilation, destroying them utterly. When the rightful queen wraps herself in it, the sheet turns into a patch of shadows that wreathes her like a second skin and defends her from attacks. She gets a +13 armor bonus to her AC, a +13 enhancement bonus to her natural armor and a +13 resistance bonus to her saving throws. In addition, the shroud confers the following protective effects: the wearer avoids damage as per starmantle, can evade attacks as if she were incorporeal (though she doesn't get any other benefit or drawback of incorporeality-like moving through objects), has the constant effects of shadowform and is protected from divinations and controlling effects as if by mind blank.
Throne of the Black Queen: This artifact is a simple, unadorned, black iron throne that looks like it is cut out of a single block of metal with the simplest, easiest and least effort possible; the base and seat are just a cube of metal, the back is just a thick metal sheet and the arms are two foot-thick rectangular beams stuck on the left and right edges of the upper part of the metal cube that forms the base, shaping it into a rough throne-like shape. The metal is black, solid and either rusty or coated with dried blood. The throne is said to have been created by Ereshkigal out of the iron harvested from the blood of all the immortals she killed to consolidate her power in the Netherworld. It appears not only to be immovable, resting in the spiritual heart of the Netherworld with Ereshkigal's castle built around it but to render the surrounding ground and buildings within 77 miles highly resistant to any attacks (treat them as immune to anything other than direct damage and with 95% resistance to all damage). Anyone sitting upon it that is not the rightful queen immediately turns to a statue of iron that then rusts and rots away in a single round. When the rightful queen sits upon it, she becomes one with Irkalla. She senses the location, name, state (mortal, immortal, undead, unliving or dead) and general power (within +/- 3 CR) of all creatures in the Netherworld and can send her magic anywhere in the Netherworld. Magic of 3rd level or less is transferred automatically with no detectable means of transfer just like a suggestion is transferred via a sending in the Demand spell. Magic of 4th level or higher is transferred via a Gate leading to the desired location that only opens long enough for the spell to pass through. This means that touch and personal spells can't be transferred and any creatures in the target area are aware of the gate opening and might ready to attack back through it in later openings.
The Seven Rods of Dominion: This artifact is more a quasi-physical manifestation of the powers of the Netherworld than a physical item. It is made of seven rods with a spear-like point and an orb-like head, each one seventy-seven inches long and seemingly made out of pulsing, semi-solid magical power. When unused, the seven rods hover over the black throne in a seven-point star formation. The vague outline of an outer circle with seven small arches can be seen in the star design's circumference as can the translucent image of a human skull where the rods meet. Each rod represents one aspect of the artifact, has its own two powers (one defencive and one offecive) and its own unique looks. They each correspond to one of the Seven Gates of Irkalla and each one can open or close the equivalent gate.
Though the wielder is seemingly holding them, the rods are not actually physically present; the wielder may use that hand as if it were free-the rods only appear to be held. They can't be disarmed, sundered or otherwise affected by anything other than the wielder. If the wielder "drops" them, they return to their place above the throne. If the wielder "picks them up", they vanish from the throne and appear in his hand no matter where he is.
Outside of the Netherworld, only one rod may be used at a time. Inside the Netherworld, all the rods combine into one and can be used all at once. Only the rightful queen may use them though-anyone else attempting to do so suffers from a greater curse to all his ability scores.
Evil: This rod is made out of a sickly yellow light. The wielder is immune to spells, powers and magical effects with the good descriptor and gains a +7 bonus to saves vs the powers and abilities of good creatures. She can command evil mortals once per round as an evil cleric of her level and stats could command undead.
Darkness: This rod is made out of a patch of midnight darkness. The wielder is immune to the detrimental effects of any natural illumination as well as light spells, powers and effects. She can snuff out any non-artifact source of light except for the sun as a free action. Divine or Cosmic sources are affected with a successful rank check (check once per attempt to a maximum of 1/round. The rod rolls as a rank 19 deity) The light source does not vanish and its other effects don't stop-it simply ceases producing light.
Chaos: This rod pulses with purple-black light of varying intensity. The wielder is immune to any attempt to foresee her actions or give insight to others about her and such attempts yeld no bonuses. Such effects fail but anyone that attempts them does not know they do. An augury would not warn the wielder's victims of imminent danger. A true strike would grant no insight bonuses. A foresight would grant neither bonuses nor would it make the wielder's opponent immune to surprise and flat-footedness against the wielder. As an offencive power, the wielder is aware of any attempts to foresee her actions in combat and may choose to focus on a single enemy once per round, knowing what his divinations revealed and what he expects. The wielder may then choose to do completely different or opposing actions than those revealed. Thus an enemy guided mistakenly by their insight takes insight penalties equal to the bonuses he would otherwise have. The rod affects anything that reveals such info except the portofolio sense of deities ranking DvR 19 or higher. Even attempts to travel back in time with foreknowledge of future events will be foiled.
Death: The wielder is immune to effects that heal the living (and thus may harm the undead). As an offencive power, the soul of any enemy the wielder slays is trapped in the rod of death as if by a Soul Bind spell-no material component is required.
Undeath: The wielder is immune to effects that specifically harm the undead. As an offencive power, the wielder can command undead once per round as a cleric of her level and stats.
Spirit: The wielder uses his full AC against incorporeal enemies and gains a +7 to all saves vs the racial or template abilities of ghosts, elementals and all incorporeal outsiders and undead. As an offencive power, the wielder treats incorporeal, ethereal and shadow creatures as if they were physical, dealing full damage with any attack and being able to grapple, trip or employ other combat maneuers on them.
Void: The wielder is invulnerable to offencive conjuration creation effects and the attacks of summoned or called creatures as if they were blocked by a secured (diagram+anchor) magic circle. Such creatures can attempt to breach this defence in the usual means once per round. A successful breach allows the creature to attack normally for 1d4 rounds. Used offencively, the rod allows the wielder to banish extraplanar creatures as a free action 1/round.

Note: The above might contain a couple of numerical mistakes. If you find one, point it out and I'll fix it. Also, the stat block is without the item bonuses. Finally, it would be interesting to see what's the lowest possible level you can defeat her outside her domain without infinite loops (because she can use them too) or epic spells (because she has more than you do)

2009-01-30, 11:45 AM
Deities don't normally have CRs by Deities & Demigods rules.

One exception to this is the Call of Cthulhu deities- all have CRs listed.

For comparison, Azathoth (greater Deity) (72 HD) has CR 50 and Yog-Sothoth (60HD) has CR 45.

I think the CR you have might be a bit high. either that or CoCd20's CR system works differently.

Raenir Salazar
2009-01-30, 03:28 PM
when it lists gods as having 20+ spell levels what do they mean? What spells actually go in the 60th level spell slot?

2009-01-30, 03:36 PM
Seriously cheesed out metamagic. Also, Improved Heighten Spell helps push the save DCs into the stratosphere and get through spell resistance.

2009-01-30, 03:38 PM
when it lists gods as having 20+ spell levels what do they mean? What spells actually go in the 60th level spell slot?

Quickened Enlarged Widened Silent Still Persistent Energy-Admixtured Twinned Chained Repeating [...] Prismatic Sphere?

2009-01-30, 03:43 PM
33rd level spell slot in this case. Still worryingly high.

I'd be surprised if even Mystra or Boccob or both together could take this one on- they may both be greater deities, but their spellcasting stats are 50, not 77.

2009-01-30, 08:23 PM
Ereshkigal's divine metamagics don't apply to her spells-they apply to her SLAs. She's primarily an innate magic-user, not a full caster.

Boccob and Mystra are, as most WotC creations, horribly over-CRed. Seriously, 20 outsider HD and no epic class levels? Though this may have something to do with the Epic Level Handbook being published after deities and demigods.
Using epic levels (Boccob being wizard 5/loremaster 55/archmage 5 and Mystra being sorceress 6/wizard 5/ultimate magus 50), Boccob would have a significantly higher spellcraft check (and thus better epic spells) while Mystra would have the auto-metamagics on her spells rather than SLAs and thus have much better standard spellcasting.

2009-01-31, 12:10 PM
They don't have CRs at all- Deities & Demigods, and Faiths & Pantheons, don't have CRs in each deity's entry. The only source I've seen that actually puts CRs in the entry, is CoC d20.

And it lists a 72HD Outsider Greater Deity as CR 50.