View Full Version : Ghost Faced Killah... or other

2009-01-29, 11:54 PM
So, I really like the of the Frightful Attack of the GFK, but the PrC as a whole is... suboptimal. Teh Suck, really. I'm making a hexblade (I know, I know but I wanna use it) debuffer, and I'm looking for a decent Save or Suck/Die/Lose ability to pair with it. Frightful Attack goes with the concept very well, but... I'd rather not get so little from the rest of the PrC. Are there any other PrCs, classes, combinations of feats that will net me something similar? Death Attacks are nice, but seem to take too long. Don't want the rest of the party to charge through and steal all the fun before I get a chance to watch the target long enough.

So... ideas?