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2009-01-30, 04:27 PM
what are some good charcter concepts/builds and how do you make them

2009-01-30, 04:35 PM
Do you have anything in particular you'd like to see? A certain class? A certain stereotype? A character type?

2009-01-30, 04:48 PM
A chaotic good barbarian with an insanely low wisdom, but high enough charisma, and bluff. He insists he's a Paladin.

Not optimal, but really fun.

2009-01-30, 05:10 PM
Sterotypical dumb fighter
Race: Goliath from races of stone
low charisma, moderate wisdom and intelligence, high strength and constitution.

2009-01-30, 05:27 PM
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Keld Denar
2009-01-30, 05:46 PM
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Seriously dude, what are you even asking with this question? You want a good build? You want to know how to make good builds? You want to know how to identify and critique good builds? Your posts are often vague. If you want to get something out of them, you have to put more into them. I'm still 300 xp short of my first Mindbender level, so I don't have telepathy yet.

What exactly are you looking for?

2009-01-30, 06:24 PM
Sounds like you should browse the Character Builder Thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18300).

2009-01-30, 08:32 PM
That's a very broad question. Try this:

Check out the tips, rules, etc. I've read through it and it seems it comes from the early days after the release of 3.5 when WotC just play-tested their own game and understood their own game, instead of making fun of it. It's surprisingly good. It also lacks the prejudices people have, which vary from forum to forum anyway.

2009-01-30, 08:38 PM
One character concept I never put into play is a dwarven bard, who mostly sings bawdy drinking songs. He carries an iron-shod lute that he can bash over someone's head. A simple idea but big potential for fun.

2009-01-30, 09:39 PM
Well, one idea for a character concept I like; old grey elven abjuror. LE. Willing to do anything to acheive death, planning on becoming a lich. But for additional protection, he hires the rest of the party as guards.

Why not Necromancy? He doesn't want to die, he wants to avoid death, not have control over it, and he doesn't really want to become a lich, but will if there's no other way.

2009-01-30, 09:52 PM
A dwarven Fighter/Ranger who is a giant slayer (Favored enemy = Giants). Runs around with a dwarven war axe in each hand. If you can swing the multiclassing without taking an XP penalty, throw some Barbarian in there so that he goes into a rage while fighting giants. Feats include Oversized Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Favored Enemy and Weapon Specialization...

2009-01-30, 10:14 PM
I think we need a bit more detail before we can give you what you want.

2009-01-31, 05:50 PM
I think we need a bit more detail before we can give you what you want.
I think he's looking for general ideas/inspiration, not anything specific...

2009-01-31, 08:44 PM
I tell you what my favorite character is.

CG Male Elf Scout 6/Transmuter 5/Swiftblade 9
Fast, smart, acrobatic, stealthy, perceptive, woodcrafty, athletic, does well with a rapier, casts all sorts of movement and self-enhancing spells, good reflex and will - he focuses on melee, so I don't have room for archery, so except for that, he has everything I love in a character.

My first character ever was a human fighter who focused on bastard swords, he eventually went Weapon Master. His whole concept was be the best swordsman ever. He was a simple character, but I had a ton of fun playing him.

2009-01-31, 10:48 PM
Another build I've been wanting to try out is the intelligent, dashing gish: Swashbuckler 3/Beguiler 7/Eldritch Knight 10...

2009-02-01, 11:57 AM
Thurbane is generally right. I'm looking for things such as the half-ogre mentionedearlier in OOTS

Morandir Nailo
2009-02-01, 12:05 PM
One I always wanted to play is a Half-Orc Barbarian/Sorcerer/Rage Mage. Very low Int, Cha doesn't matter. The schtick? He's too stupid to know he's a Sorcerer. All his known spells are self-buffs (so no worries about save DCs, hence the low Cha); in his mind, it's all just part of his Berserker Rage.


2009-02-01, 06:35 PM
Be another players Animal Companion/Special Mount ect.

Create stats as per normal applying racial mods as per MM ecept for Int where you use a realistic animal int range 1-6 and convert your score 18=6, 16-17=5, 13-15=4, 10-12=3, 6-9=2, 3-5=1. Requiring a modified Int of 3 or more for a PC.

Take bonus HD as Class levels with favoured class been either Scout or Barbarian probably, depending on the animal (any animal with rage type ability is Barbarian, other predators are Scout). No xp so you don't have to worry about LA. If class features such as Special Mount or Companion Familiar increase your Int treat the increase as a mod based on Int 3 as normal. i.e. a starting special mount has Int 6, so treat this as a +3 Int mod (6-3) and so if you already have Int 6 your Int score would increase to 9. Obviously even a loyal friend will expect a share of party treasure, possibly only a half share, but you may want to offer some of it to your "master" to take feats/classes that benefit you, such as Natural Bond and one lev of Beastmaster if you're animal companion or companion familiar.

The advantage for the person playing your "master" is that your DM may allow him to use something like Precocious Apprentice for fast entry into Arcane Heriophant because he/she is effectively "losing" a large class feature to another player.

Natural Bond and Beastmaster are from Comp Advent, Arcane Heirophant/Companion Familiar are Races ot Wild.

Stephen E