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A race which will be appearing in my campaign soon, see what you think :)

The Delquee

Physically Delquee have tanned skin, forest green eyes, exceptionally long and pointed ears (approximately 6-8 inchs in length) and Scruffy green or brown hair. Some Delquee may have bronze eyes while those who share the ancestral line of the royal family occasionally have an amethyst colour.

The Delquee are the native inhabitants of the Isle of Even Drell. Within the thick jungle terrain of the islands inner core they have prospered, roaming nomadically in small tribes whilst hunting the many animals that co-inhabit their environment.

Delquee society is split into many hundred smaller tribes, each of which pledge allegiance to their royalty who reside within the secret city of Itza-Kinzu. This is not the only secret city, though it is by far the most impressive, housing the sacred golden temple of Kinzuya where many sacred rituals are performed to the god of the Delquee Kinzuka (Plant, Animal, Sun and Travel Domains).

The Delquee are skilled hunters, scouts, rangers and druids. Many brew also Brew poisons which are then applied to their weapons (generally arrows or blow gun darts) in order to weaken the powerful or extremely nimble animals they hunt. Their poisons also often find their way into combat against other foes they encounter.

Delquee are fiercely protective of their traditions and regard many locations scattered across their lands to be sacred, some of which they will punish trespassers most severely for entering.

Delquee Racial Traits (Ex):

+2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma

Medium Size

A Delquee’s base land speed is 30 feet

Lowlight Vision

Weapon Familiarity: Delquee may treat Bolas, Blowguns and Net’s as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons

+2 Racial Bonus on Craft(Poisonmaking) checks

+4 Racial Bonus to Hide, Survival and Knowledge(Nature) checks pertaining to jungle and/or forest environments

+2 Racial Bonus on Spot, Listen and Climb checks

Pass without Trace (Su): A Delquee has the innate ability to use pass without trace (self only, as a free action) as the spell cast by a druid of the Delquee's class levels

Automatic Languages: Common, Sylvan. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Orc

Favored Class: Scout(Or Druid/Ranger, your preference)

Level Adjustment: +0

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