View Full Version : Spellfire Channeler confusion

2009-01-31, 08:16 AM
Hey, in the Magic of Fearun book, it states under the Spellfire channeler prestige class that spellfire energy levels in excess of the channelers constitution score is dangerous, with different effects depending on the number of levels stored. All well and good so far, but then the effects are listed: Constitution +1 to constitution x2 and Constitution x2+1 to constitution x3 and so on.

Any clarification on what this means? i suppose it means that i can have up to my constitution score of spellfire energy, and if i gain for example twice my constitution score, i suffer negative effects. Am i correct?

2009-01-31, 08:58 AM
You can only have your CON score of spell levels before you have to start making CON checks. After that you might suffer ill effects.

For example:
You have a Con of 15; you can store 15 without having to make any checks.

If you gain one more it puts you in the next level and you have to make a DC 10 check once a day.
You stay in that threshold until you have 31 at which point you would have to make the checks every hour and so on.