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2006-09-29, 01:31 PM
After looking through the PHBII Heritage feats, and watching Crouching Tger, Hidden Draong, I thought I could carry the idea over, in a hong-kong action movie kinda way.

Disciplined Awe [General]

Prerequisites: Wis 15, Swordsage Level 1st

Benefit: As a standard action, you can expend a maneuver to perform a display of martial discipline and skill that causes fear in your opponents. All hostile creatures in a 20ft radius must make a Will Save (DC10+level of expended maneuver+your Wis modifier). On a failed save, the enemy takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saves and checks for 24 hours, or until he successfully hits you, whichever comes first. A creature that resists or breaks the effect cannot be affected again for another 24 hours. This is a supernatural ability

Disciplined Glide [General]

Prerequisites: Wis 15, Swordsage Level 1st

Benefit: You can expend a maneuver as a standard action to gain the ability to fly. You fly at a speed equal to twice your base land speed with good maeuverability. This benefit lasts for 1 round per level of the maneuver expended to activate it. This is a supernatural ability.

2006-09-30, 01:43 AM
ever read complete warrior? if not, theres a skill thats called perform (weapon drill) that seems that disiplined awe would give a bonus to. good feats though

2006-09-30, 12:02 PM
Thanks. I just wanted to be able to fly without having to wait to get Balance on Shadows.

2006-10-01, 04:09 PM
I dunno, maybe you ought to drop the Swordsage level 1st limitation, It may take the warrior time to figure out the technique to Tan Tui style jumping... Also Monks might benefit from a similar ability since Wire-Fu flicks tend to give standard martial artists this capability too...