View Full Version : What are people's experiences of "same campaign, different system"?

2009-02-04, 06:48 AM
I've been playing in a bi-weekly Star Wars Saga Edition game, which has been a lot of fun. But the system has been rather trying for the GM to handle, and we're transitioning to FATE 3.0 with tonight's session. Which I'm looking forward to a great deal. I like the characters and the campaign a lot, but I've only ever been lukewarm at best with SE (less painful than other incarnations of D20, but that's not saying much). I think we're most of the way there with translating (I won't say converting, because it's not) the characters into the new system.

Our translation* session went quite well; indeed some of the characters have emerged more interesting because for the first time the players were forced to think about them beyond what they can do. The brief bit of play (only half the usual amount) went quite smoothly, the GM certainly seemed a lot more relaxed.

So what have people's experiences with these sorts of things been like? Perhaps if we could leave out the "we transitioned to the GM's painful homebrew" if possible, since I don't think they're necessarily very representative.

When did it work? When did it not work? Did it change how the game was approached, and the outcomes?

For clarity, this is same campaign, same characters, same players, just a transition to a different system to continue the game.

*This wasn't trying to replicate what the character could do in SE in FATE. Instead characters were re-made as FATE characters, using their old stuff as a guide. I've seen a lot of problems reported with trying to faithfully and literally replicate abilities from one system to another.

Darth Stabber
2009-02-04, 11:54 AM
Had a mutants and Masterminds campaign switch to With Great Power for the next story arc, With Great power is so crunchless that translating wasn't really necessary, Played through that arc, and decided that the game had gone from kind crunchy, to soggy cornflakes, and as a man who loves him some crunchy, I proceeded to make the heroic sacrifice in the final session, enable my comrades to succeed in defeating the villian, and just proceeded to to create a character for that game any more. Given that I was the only one in the group that didn't like the new system, I thought it was appropriate for me to finish the story arc (so as not to ruin everyone's fun), and just leave the group quietly, as opposed to trying to fight to get M&M back.