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2006-09-26, 09:02 PM
ok, here goes another zany idea.

i know the rules for spell failure say the spell doesn't work and the slot is wasted, and i know there's already a few charts that involve d% and whatnot after the spell has failed. so i want to make my own chart, something i feel is fair, if a little demented, (i'm a strange one) so here's my first attempt.

1-50% the spell fails (that was the idea behind spell failure anyway wasn't it?)

51-60% if at all possible the spell is half (or less then) effective. small area/dammage fireball, slight attitude change from charm spells, quarter distance teleports. the like. otherwise the spell fails.

61-70% spell backfires on caster (or opponent if it is a friendly spell) and is half or less effective if possible, otherwise it fails.

71-80% the spell works but has a backwards effect (healing-dammage spells, teleports that summon, fly gives you a burrow speed)

81-90% you cast the spell you ment to but for some reason some totally useless effect happened. totally useless.

91-95% another spell is cast, you used the right spell slot and all, but something not right happend, but its not a useless effect.

96-99% another equally usefull spell is cast, otherwise as above.

100% you cast the spell effectively, but any dc you need to overcome is reduced by 1 and saves vs. the spell get a +1 bonus.

needless to say its a work in progress.

the idea behind it is this: a wizard makes specific gestures, incantiations, and uses special items to cast spells, what if instead of using the sign for complete and utter terror (fear) they slipped up and made the sign for a complete need to be at peace with a new friend (charm person) but the rest of the spell to scare them went off just fine. things like that.

i see armor getting in the way, and instead of making a round circle gesture (orb of cold) you might make a conical or linear motion (cone of cold or ray of frost.)

its an idea, whats everyone think?

2006-09-26, 09:38 PM
I like it. but how are you determining what other spell is cast for 91-99%?

2006-09-29, 06:35 PM
dm determins based on usefullness and spell level, if its totally worthless they could drop just about anything... basically its a dm friendly list

2006-09-29, 07:17 PM
I like DM friendly lists. Just give me a while to think of some possible critique for this; otherwise it seems to be a good concept.

2006-09-29, 09:20 PM
The biggest problem I see is that it makes interrupting a caster less valuable. If the interrupted spell might still go off (in spite of failing the Concentration roll) then you're not only taking the option of interrupting casters away from noncasters, you're also making the casters more powerful. Something they really don't need at high levels.