View Full Version : Silent Hill/Resident Evil d20

2006-09-27, 02:26 PM
I'm gonna start an attempt at a Silent Hill d20 game; but i need to figure some things out. I already have down that 90% of the game is gonna use d20 modern mechanics; but certian aspects will use regular 3.5 D&D rules (like pyramid head having fighter levels)

I'm thinking of how to convert the monsters; but don't know EXACTLY where to start...

What would be some SH monsters that could easily be converted? Patient demons and nurse demons are obvious enough to make... but right now my mind is spazzing out. I'll get to work on creating these guys; but if any of you have any ideas or something feel free to put 'em here.

Edit: Actually; this doesn't have to be silent hill. It could be resident evil or dawn of the dead; i've just been itching to do a modern d20 horror/survival game. It seems there's a similar game being worked on at the moment; but set in normal D&D.

Would anyone here be interested in playing in a d20 modern adaptation of one of these settings? Some suggestions would also be good.

Edit: I just came up with another idea. It's either gonna be a Silent HIll survival setting; or a Resident Evil setting where the players are part of STARS and work their way up from recruit.