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purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-08, 02:18 PM
In the spirit of VT's monster competition and the PrC contest, I had an idea. If there's the want, I'd like to run a contest where a fictional character will be picked, and you then have to draw up a 3.5 character that most closely represents the character in your mind. Depending on the character, we may delve into modern d20 or others (but will stay in d20 system). Anywho, all interested, or have some ideas about the contest, let's get started.

2009-02-08, 03:01 PM
SOunds like a good idea, but there is one thing that you might want to keep in mind. Picking popular characters ensures that everyone will know who you are talking about, but may make it easier to create model characters, so a balance may be needed. Don't pick DnD characters, such as Drizzt and Elminster, as the stats can be found in existing DnD books, and easily copied.

I once created Link using a ECL 12 character and standard wealth by level, using quite a few custom items. It is actually quite fun.

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-08, 03:39 PM
I'm not planning on doing any D&D characters as that would be far too easy. I already have the first few characters planned out, and if there's enough interest in the contest, I'll start the first one shortly.

2009-02-09, 04:30 PM
Oh, oh! seconded! this sounds pretty cool...I've always enjoyed trying to design characters like this..

Any hints as to options/possibilities?

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-09, 07:16 PM
@ Mage

If I can get 5-10 people interested I'll flesh things out and we can get started. As for the initial character, I'm hoping that keeping a secret until I start will build some interest. From there, I have yet to figure things out.

2009-02-09, 07:26 PM

...now we just need people to start saying Aye!

2009-02-09, 07:59 PM
Sounds interesting. I'd happily be involved if the character is interesting and I have the time.

2009-02-09, 08:02 PM
I guess i'll try... Might I suggest James Bond and Indiana Jones as options?

Also: Can we homebrew feats and weapons for our characters?

2009-02-09, 08:26 PM
good ideas...though a little difficult to do with D&D...a thought? Sci-fi stuff will probably be easier than modern for this kind of thing...may want to factor that into the options.

also, of course we're going to have to have homebrew stuff...some mechanics will be hard enough as it is...

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-10, 11:01 PM
Alright, Seeing as I have some interest, although not as much as I was hoping for, I'm going to go ahead and get the ball rolling on this. I plan on turning this thread into the chat thread, and will have a contest thread up within the next day or two once I hammer out the rules/specifics. I'll give a tiny hint out as to the first character. That hint is...80's video game character (but very likely not one you would ever think of).

Magnor Criol
2009-02-11, 12:52 AM
This definitely has my interest...though I don't actually know all that many popular characters, so I may be at a disadvantage there, and I probably don't wield rules-fu enough to be competitive in the area of making characters. But whether I get to try or not, it'll be interesting to see the results.

And please, for the love of all that is...don't make Batman a challenge. Please don't.

2009-02-11, 01:09 AM
...megaman? (just throwing it out there)

2009-02-11, 03:07 AM
...megaman? (just throwing it out there)

First thing that came to mind here as well, but as he said we probably wouldn't have thought of it, I'm guessing no.

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-12, 02:12 AM
contest thread will be up tomorrow...or later today rather. I'll link to it here.

2009-02-12, 02:20 AM
If you don't mind a not very fleshed out build (more like, "here's how I'd do it"), then I'll give it a shot too. Seems like it could be fun. :smallbiggrin:

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-13, 12:43 AM
The contest thread is now live. Linky (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104616)

The Neoclassic
2009-02-13, 07:45 AM
Freaking awesome choice. :smallbiggrin: I haven't heard this theme song in about ten years. Hmm, do I have the time to make an entry? *Wanders off to ponder*

Magnor Criol
2009-02-19, 12:54 PM
Out of curiosity, and just for clarity...is there a specific version of Carmen we're using? There's been several computer games and several different TV shows, and...she's basically the same in each one. But if there's an important distinction I'd like to know before I start doing it wrong. =p

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-02-19, 02:31 PM
@ Magnor Criol

I left this portion a little vague intentionally. What I want is for everyone to draw the character up as to what they think Carmen would be. Have some fun with things go wild if you like

On another note, there really isn't much interest so far, and with a little more than a week until the current deadline, if I don't get some more interest/ entries by early next week, I'll likely have to cancel things. I would be disappointed in that, as I have a whole slew of characters planned. If there are enough people that want to enter the contest but don't can't meet the deadline, I will be willing to extend it if need be.