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2006-09-26, 02:09 PM
a man in shining full plate armor runs down the street and knocks you down. As he stops to help you up you notice that his armor is even brighter than the highest quality mithral you've ever seen. Afterwards you reach to get your money pouch and realize its gone, you turn around and see the man jumping from building to building, your pouch in his hand.

Superior Mithral

Superior Mithral is mithral so light that even the heaviest armor allows more movement than even some non-mithral light armor. it weighs one fourth of the same armor made from steel, thus lowering its type category two steps so that all armor is treated as light armor. the armor check penalty is reduced by an additional 2 from mithral (minimum penalty 0) the arcane spell failure chance is reduced by an additional 10%, and the maximum dex bonus is 2 higher than for normal mithral.
prices for armor are
+3000 for light
+6000 for medium
+12000 for heavy
+3500 for a shield
Edit: these prices are for DM's who wish to have the material readily availible to adventurers
Edit: double the base price if not readily availible
i.e. +6000 light

Because of the rareness of this material the only people who have access to it are those who live in deep carverns below the earth and those to whom they sell it. Also because of its lack of availibility casters do not know the best way to enchant it so it costs half again as much money to enchant armor made from superior mithral.

Let me know what you think

2006-09-26, 05:03 PM
Let's see... so a Superior Mithral Chain Shirt costs 2,100 gp, and gives a +4 Armor bonus that's not subject to an AMF, Disjunction, or similar, with 0% arcane spell failure, 7.5 pounds of weight, and a maximum dex bonus of what, +8? as well as an Armor Check Penalty of 0 (proficiency doesn't matter). Bracers of Armor +4 would cost 16k, but would apply to touch attacks. Pre-Epic, it's hard to beat a +8 Dexterity bonus (but possible, for the dedicated Rogue).

If he enchants that up to +4 Ghost Touch, he's getting +8 armor that applies to incorporeal touch attacks for 75.6k; the equivalent, Bracers of Armor, would cost 64k.

If he isn't worried about touch attacks, he can just have it be +4, and get a +8 Armor Bonus to AC for 26.1k market, vs. +8 Bracers of Armor at 64k market.

If he makes it +1 Ghost Touch, and gets a Magic Vestments from his friendly caster level 12 Cleric every morning, he's got a +7 armor bonus for 26.1k; Bracers of Armor +7 would cost 49k.

A little on the strong side, compared to existing items, for the most part.

2006-09-26, 05:14 PM
Maybe make this an intermediate step, where it only treats medium and light as light armor, and make a megaspensive "pure mithril" level that costs up there in epic-wealth levels?

2006-09-26, 08:13 PM
Maybe make this an intermediate step, where it only treats medium and light as light armor, and make a megaspensive "pure mithril" level that costs up there in epic-wealth levels?

well normal mithral already treats medium armor as light.

A little on the strong side, compared to existing items, for the most part.

the other thing is the players cant just buy it whenever they want. its a very rare material and only merchants who the DM says have it have it. and those merchants may want to charge extra because of its rarity.

2006-09-26, 09:27 PM
List that in the price then. Your cost assumes getting it is not DM permission. You cost is the market price. Jack it up.

2006-09-26, 09:33 PM
Edit: added price note for DM's

so with the availibilty pending DM's permission is it a little more balanced?

2006-09-27, 02:09 AM
Well, the thing is, everything in the game is DM's permissionk, so that note means little, at least to me. If it's supposed to be super rare, the only way to represent that is with super cost. That said, I think it's fine mechanics wise, as to me at least the actually armor before enhancement means little. With all the splatbook armor out there you can get pretty much anything you want in three different prices.

And since I've been wanting to post it somewhere: the mage's best armor friend:
Mithral feycraft thistledown padded chain shirt. +4 ac, +6 max dex bonus, 0 check penalty, 0 arcane spell failure, weighs 10lbs-ish. Cost? 1,850gp. Requires DMGII and Races of the Wild.
That's a non-magical +4 AC with no check penalty or spell failure, and a max of +6 dex. Booyah.

2006-09-27, 04:09 AM
No need to say "Price needs DM's approval" as this is homebrew item and it is the DM who will implement it anyways. If I DM, I can easily say "I create item that is like mithral but better" but the useful thing in someone making and posting those is to know the price...

EDIT: Hmm, the extra enchanting price might make this more balanced (even though enchanting armor is so cheap). Maybe if added a bit more costs so this isn't as low level, it is fine.

2006-09-27, 10:40 AM
Edits: changed normal base price for light and heavy armors, took out DM's permission thing, added in set secondary prices for DM's who want to restrict access to superior mithral.

So with that does it look better?

also per Emeralds suggestion
Pure Mithral

As superior mithral but 1/8 normal weight, no armor check penalty, reduce spell failure chance by a total of 40%, and total +8 to max Dex

Light +50,000
Medium +75,000
Heavy +100,000
Shield +60,000

(possible increase in price after i determine wealth levels)