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2009-02-10, 03:33 AM

The Dungeon Master

Some masterminds (usually evil, but not necessarily) are entrenched in a bastion that has become part of them. Their machinations can be felt across provinces, countries, and continents. Part of this is how unassailable they are - none can end a man who is one with his keep.

The Dungeon Master is a prestige class designed for BBEGs. It is quite powerful but in a limited stroke. Additionally, it is mostly intended for slightly self-referential campaigns (of which the OotS would be a good example), but it could probably be used tongue-in-cheek in serious campaigns with a twist for the comedic.

Dungeon Master
{table=head]Level|Base AttackBonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells


+3|Dungeon Sweet Dungeon|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3|Minions, Minions, Everywhere|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+4|Home Is Where The Heart Is|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+4|Master Of This Domain|

+5|Screen Of Doom|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+5|That Doesn't Stack Like That|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+6|My Hubris Was Earned|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+6|We Will Meet Again|

+7|Rock Falls, Every One Dies|+1 level of existing spellcasting class [/table]

- Are the undisputed master of a large lair, cave, castle, dungeon, giant space whale, etc. (though you can still take commands from a superior) with enough creatures to have their HD outnumber yours by at least 10x.
- 3rd level spellcasting (or equivalent SLA)
- Leadership or Undead Leadership

- Pick a mental stat (wisdom, intelligence, or charisma) upon gaining a level of Dungeon Master. All Dungeon Master abilities are derived from this stat (from here on referenced as the "DM stat").
-Any +spellcasting gained from the Dungeon Master prestige class only applies when within the staked out territory the Dungeon Master owns. If it leaves the Dungeon (willingly or not), it suffers a negative level penalty equal to its level in Dungeon Master that destroy only Dungeon Master levels. These negative levels cannot be avoided in any way, but are immediately restored if returned to its dungeon.
- If the dungeon is sufficiently purged of minions and the like so that the Dungeon Master no longer meets the criteria, he has 1d4 * DM mod months to repopulate it before he loses his Dungeon Master abilities.
- If the Dungeon Master's Dungeon is destroyed, he loses all abilities until he claims a new sufficiently large area to serve as his Dungeon. Reacclimatizing to this new Dungeon takes time, however, and the abilities come back slowly: for every week spent inhabiting a new Dungeon, one level of abilities come back.

Class Abilities

The Dungeon Master selects an area within its dungeon that becomes his sanctum. When within his sanctum, he gains fast healing (3), resistance (5) to all energy forms, and +1 to caster level. Additionally, he may choose one axis of alignment which he opposes, and the area will be imbued with a permanent Protection Against Alignment that lasts until 6 months after the Dungeon Master is slain. The size of the sanctum can be no larger in square feet than his HD * DM mod.

Dungeon Sweet Dungeon:
The Dungeon Master can teleport to any point in his dungeon as a standard action without fear of failure or misfiring a number of times equal to his DM mod. Additionally, he may relocate a group of minions residing within his dungeon to any other point within his dungeon at the cost of expending one of these uses of teleport. The CR of the minions combined cannot exceed the Dungeon Master's caster level.

Minions, minions, Every Where:
The Dungeon Master has incredibly attractive life insurance, severance pay, advancement opportunities, and has a fun working environment. His leadership score is increased by 10 + DM stat (note: not DM mod, but rather the exact number of his intelligence, wisdom, or charisma). In addition, the Dungeon Master's cohort can potentially exceed his own level, but only if his DM mod is greater than the highest mental statistic of his cohort.

Home Is Where The Heart Is:
If the Dungeon Master is slain outside of his sanctum and he had at least one spell slot of his highest level unused, he may attempt a fortitude save in order to be reborn within his sanctum. The DC is 20 + (Dungeon Master's EL) + damage of the blow that killed him. If he succeeds the save, he begins to regrow within his sanctum. Within 1 week, he is fully conscience but 'only' at level 1 - the rest of his levels and HD are removed via negative levels. Every day that passes afterwords he loses one negative level.

Master of This Domain:
Any creature with an intelligence score that lives within the dungeon willingly and has line of sight to the Dungeon Master is affected by the bard song "Inspire Courage" as if sung by a bard with the level of the Dungeon Master's casting level. This can only affect a number of creatures equal to the DM mod * 2. Additionally, the Dungeon Master gains the ability to scry any where within his dungeon in exchange for a Dungeon Sweet Dungeon usage.

Screen Of Doom:
The Dungeon Master can only be scried on if the entity attempting to scry on him has a caster level at least 10 points higher, and this ability extends to every one the Dungeon Master has spoken to within 24 hours and decided to bestow this on (as a free action). He can dismiss this as a free action. Additionally, creatures simply cannot teleport within 10' * DM mod of his sanctum unless he allows them to. Any attempt automatically fails, and this cannot be overcome in any way.

That Doesn't Stack Like That:
A number of times per day equal to 1 + DM mod (min 1), the Dungeon Master can choose to eliminate all enhancement, inherent, competence, luck, divine, profane, etc. bonuses from a target for 2d6 rounds, no save.

My Hubris Was Earned:
The Dungeon Master is absolutely immune to any instant death effect, no longer automatically fails any roll on a roll of '1' (attacks, saving throws, etc.), and gains a bonus to maximum hit points equal to his caster level.

We Will Meet Again:
If the Dungeon Master uses Dungeon Sweet Dungeon to teleport to his Sanctum, all spells are rememorized, all negative status effects removed, all hit points, negative levels, and ability damage or drain are healed, and all other abilities that are not "Dungeon Sweet Dungeon" usable a number of times per day are restored. Unfortunately, the restoration does not occur for 20 minutes, and requires relative peace in order for the restoration to happen. Any combat instantly negates the oncoming restoration.

Rock Falls, Every One Dies
As a full round action that causes Attacks of Opportunity, the Dungeon Master can initiate a 'self destruct' sequence in his castle. In a number of rounds equal to 2d20 - DM mod, the dungeon self destructs and everything within it dies (no save) from being buried under tremendous debris. The Dungeon Master, if it somehow survived this ordeal (for example, teleporting out), cannot reuse his Dungeon Master abilities until he has replaced the lost Dungeon.

2009-02-10, 06:43 AM
Wasn't there already a prestige class with this exact name and basic concept in Dungeonscape?

(Checked - nope, it was called Dungeon Lord instead. 5-level prestige class that covers this concept, but with different mechanics).

2009-02-10, 07:04 PM
I think I just had an evilgasm...
this is soooo cheap, and just the thing to throw at players who think its fun to awaken squirrels and give them class levels and heavy armor...

2009-04-18, 08:00 PM
I like it, and plan to use it. I have been thinking on how to build a BBEG for an apocalypse campaign, and this could be perfect to give him the feel of unstoppable. I'll just continue it so that he gains the effects outside his dungeon, and can use Dungeon, Sweet Dungeon to teleport to his dungeon, and presto! even more annoying than usual campaign boss. After all, if i told my players to rip out almost every thing, then why can't I?

*insert far too much evil laughter here*

Soup of Kings
2009-04-18, 10:35 PM
...just the thing to throw at players who think its fun to awaken squirrels and give them class levels and heavy armor...

Wait, since when was that not fun?