View Full Version : Master of Many Forms and Druids

2009-02-10, 05:54 AM
Master of Many Forms gives you the ability to change into almost anything imaginable and lets you change into some pretty powerful things as well. I was just wondering if being able to change into something like a War Troll is worth losing Druid spells and having a weaker Animal Companion.

Best of luck

Keld Denar
2009-02-10, 05:58 AM
Its decent. Its a much better choice for the Wildshape varient Ranger in UA. They get the full BAB that make it a slightly better choice. MoMF loses casting, but a Ranger doesn't really get casting, so he doesn't lose much. Check out that other thread up here atm for info on WS Ranger/MoMF builds.

And in general, at high levels, spells > no spells. Thus, drood20 would be better than MoMF anything. Mid levels, its kinda a tossup.

2009-02-10, 06:21 AM
Technically weaker, but it is still strong. And if it is only weaker to one of the big 5s, does it really matter?

2009-02-10, 07:57 AM
Have they adapted Master of Many Forms to allow the Swift Shapechange druid from PHB2?