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2006-09-25, 10:20 PM
(sorry if this is posted this in the wrong area)
(Vlincenkek means something in draconic)

Vlincenkek is a recuring villian in my campaign. Vlincenkek is a Adult Red Dragon with 10 sorrseror levels and a very good knack for designing and creating constructs. The victims(the party) were introduced to him at level 9. They killed him and caused his clone(the spell) to flee in there first encounter, but he still acomplished his mission and got a way with most of the treasure. After a few side encounters they finnally got to his layer at which point the party cut through at least 20 golems, 5 of which were new types. They teleported the final boss(I being a fair DM allowed this because it was clever) and raided the most of his treasure. He fled to a special plane of existence where time is faster, build a new lair, new army , and new golems and this is the parties side of the story up to date.
just to let you all see what Vlincenkek's new Golem is:
(this is being fought by 8 level 16 characters 4 of which are oddly similar to Belkar)

Devastator Golem
Colossa x2 constructl
Hp: 1,200
speed: 60 ft
AC: 34
Attacks: ?+69, stomp +68
damage: 1d6+9 x80, 4d8+12 x4
reach: 440 by 440, 125
Special attacks: Fire Storm(I can't give away all of this because the party could find it.)
Special qualties: DR 25/+5, Golem traits
Saves: Fort +24, Ref +33, Will +24,

Fire Storm: 400 ft area attack, 48d10 fire dam. Reflex DC 80, The Golem can't act for one tunr after this attack.(I'm only posting parts remember)

Once the battle is complete I will post the results.
qustions, comments, concerns?