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2009-02-12, 06:25 PM
As I've mentioned a few times on the forum, my current build is what I call a "Familiarist", a mage who pays extra attention to his familiar. It started out as just me wanting to make sure I used every option I had in my repertoire, rather than leaving my skills or utility spells and such out to dry, I made sure to check all my resources to ensure I didn't miss an advantage. During... I think it was our third session, I decided to cast Shocking Grasp. And after reading about familiars delivering touch spells and noticing he had a higher to-hit than me, I decided to let the weasel handle it. I'll never forget the feeling of glee I got when my DM asked me what the hell just happened: I had killed the bad guy with a weasel.

Since then, I've specifically learned spells and feats to use my familiar better, turned him into a celestial variant, and even made a homebrewed prestige class (Familiarist) that replaces the later abilities with ones intended to make the familiar independent (So far in the campaign, he's gained the ability to speak Common and the range on the empathetic link has extended to work anywhere in the same plane), at the cost of giving it a % chance each day to be "rogue", letting the DM decide whether he follows any orders or not.

I still treat my wizard as a formidable force in his own right, out there casting spells alongside the cleric, and I know I could probably make a more effective character using spells and feats that didn't center around my character, but I'm quite glad with how effective this character is regardless.

So, what weird builds have you guys made just for fun?

2009-02-13, 01:35 AM
One that I still plan to use at some point is an LG Dark Whisper Gnome Cloistered Cleric of Kurtalmalek(sp, god of Kobolds). He uses Domain bonus skills to be the party trapmonkey, and always hides out of shame at what he is.

2009-02-13, 03:27 AM
Kurtalmalek(sp, god of Kobolds).


I had fun once with a Monk/Ranger/Barbarian. Two levels of each, designed to, for some reason, maximise Sense Motive.

2009-02-13, 03:50 AM
Ok I can see monk and ranger...but Barbarian?

2009-02-13, 05:52 AM
More BAB, hp and some Wisdom synergy, with decent skills, as far as I can remember.

2009-02-13, 06:27 AM
Paladin/Swordsage with the Serenity feat. Fights with light maces, which I just styled as tonfas (no, I don't want to use the exotic monk weapon).

2009-02-13, 09:29 AM
Human Cleric 6th of Zuoken, domain giving him +10 base speed in light armor, flavored weapon nunchaku.
So you get a Cleric in light armor that moves at speed 40, fights with a nunchaku, and heavy wooden shield. Add in the divine and parrying shield feat and you have a extremely high touch or flatfooted AC and a pretty nice land speed.

9th level Gestalt Wizard/Fighter/Occult Slayer/Suel Arcanamach. With a side dish of mentally insane and arcane divination hatred.

9th level Goliath Fighter/Master-thrower, using Zen archery to throw really big hammers.

18th level Tallfellow Halfling monk. Best PC I have ever played so far. Before power attack, buffs and enlarging, 156 average damage if the first 6 attacks hit. Hitting touch-flat footed armor class that is.

Darth Stabber
2009-02-13, 10:26 AM
On the note of the OP's Familiar, I once had a &th lvl battle Sorc6/fighter 1( with rolled stats to the tune of str14, dex14 con14, int 6, Cha 18, and Wis 8. He took a couple of feats (I don't remember the source) that gave him draconic features (including claws), and he had a pseudo-dragon Familiar. I actually roleplayed the Familiar, instead of the sorc, So i was this little dragon directing a force of distruction. The sad part was I could not justify any further multiclassing or "my character" would not gain any benefits. Later the sorc died (one cleric shy of a TPK), and the GM ruled that I could gain class lvls from there (and give me a couple to start with, to make up for the loss of familiar benefits). Psuedo-dragon rogue for the win.

2009-02-13, 10:50 AM
flavored weapon nunchaku.

Mmmm . . . cool ranch nunchaku.

2009-02-13, 11:16 AM
Mmmm . . . cool ranch nunchaku.

Darn right, Crunchy, with just enough kick to keep it interesting.

Watch out for the possibility of disarming you of your teeth though, it is something you really need to look out for even if you are not a psychotic foods master.

2009-02-13, 12:03 PM
I once had a character back in 3.0 who had a single level in (something along the lines of) Ranger, Bard, Barbarian, Sorcerer, and he maybe got to Cleric, too, before the game ended. He also would have taken Rogue, Fighter and Wizard (and probably Druid and maybe even Psion) eventually. The only classes he definitely couldn't have taken were the must-be-Lawful ones, Paladin and Monk.

For added lulz, the character was a Halfling (my first one!), who also owned most of the mundane equipment in the PHB, including the ladder and 10-foot pole, which he carried around on a cart drawn by a mule.

I think the point of the character was to accrue as many class features as possible, even though they were all very weak and limited. And also to avoid multiclassing penalties by only being Level 1 in everything. He had a familiar (I don't remember what, but it was probably chosen for its comedic value), a bunch of 0- and 1st-level spells, and he could TWF, go into a rage, and Turn Undead, so I guess he was pretty versatile (although pathetically weak -- he did have great base Saving Throws, though).

That's probably the weirdest thing (build-wise) I've ever played.

The weirdest thing character-wise would have been the Half-Celestial Awakened Cat Paladin (also back in 3.0) who flew around on its little white wings. It wore Called armor, mainly so it didn't need to actually be able to dress itself, although it did need help getting the armor off afterwards. Got really funny looks when the people conversing with the talking, flying cat realized that was a holy symbol hanging from my collar and I was all like "What, you've never seen a Paladin before?" :smallwink::smallbiggrin:

2009-02-13, 02:04 PM
Well, it's not one I've played, but it's an idea.
MC Hammer.

At the moment, I'm thinking Bard with max ranks in Perform (MC Hammer Slide) and Profession ('90s Rapper). Of course, he'd wield a hammer. :P

2009-02-13, 02:23 PM
Nizumi (Rokugon rat-people) Binder//Monk-Scout homebrew with the Quick trait. He broke the speed system and had a move of 60ft at level one. We did the math and at level 16 he could move 84mph.

2009-02-13, 02:41 PM
Well, it's not one I've played, but it's an idea.
MC Hammer.

At the moment, I'm thinking Bard with max ranks in Perform (MC Hammer Slide) and Profession ('90s Rapper). Of course, he'd wield a hammer. :P

Just make sure he has a really high Touch AC. :smallbiggrin:

2009-02-13, 02:58 PM
Just make sure he has a really high Touch AC. :smallbiggrin:

And Time Stop. :smallamused:

2009-02-13, 03:59 PM
Anthro Giant Octopus 3/Fighter 1/Totemist 2 (or something)/Soul Eater!!

cheesy, but SO SO SO SO SO WEIRD!!!

2009-02-13, 04:26 PM
My current character can only cast illusions, curses and teleportation effects. I can't deal damage or kill anyone via spells. I don't carry a weapon.

I managed to solo an encounter (obviously they survived) that managed to severely thrash the rest of the party while I was still away.

Because illusions and teleports fix absolutely everything.

2009-02-13, 05:45 PM
Anthro Giant Octopus 3/Fighter 1/Totemist 2 (or something)/Soul Eater!!

cheesy, but SO SO SO SO SO WEIRD!!!

IŽll see your Anthro Giant Octopus 3/Fighter 1/Totemist 2 (or something)/Soul Eater and raise you one Anthro Giant Squid Half-Dragon Soul Eater.

2009-02-13, 06:13 PM
I'm currently playing a warforged psion (shaper)... who is actually a whisper gnome artificer wearing a suit of powered armour. Not all the other PCs are aware of this fact. When he manifests astral construct, he's really summoning pre-built mecha from his giant volcano base (which used to belong to a dragon). One of the other PCs is a dragonborn (wings) warforged he built infused with some of the dragon's soul. The third is going into a PrC which lets him combine astral constructs together, and will eventually gain access to the fusion power.

To clarify, one character has wings and wields a weapon which can be charged with psychic energy or thrown. One is a blaster with good physical abilities. One can heal the other characters and attacks by sending out drones (and in a level will be able to combine with a mindless construct to gain flight). And they have access to fusion. I've already suggested this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHeSMyAdlBU). :smallbiggrin:

I've also played a kobold who only spoke Draconic, and needed another PC to translate for him. The third PC was a gnome, so...

2009-02-13, 06:32 PM
The Abifaminator (Abberant, Familiar/Animal Companion): Duskblade 2/Druid 3/Fleshwarper 4/Arcane Heirophant 1/Beastmaster 10

I have yet to actually play the character, but I'm thinking it will be quite fun when I get that far :smallbiggrin:

2009-02-13, 06:32 PM
Beaten, because I just remembered that it was a squid (I knew in the first place that it was the one with more tentacles but couldn't remember which one that was) that was also FERAL

giving it 6 claws, 8 tentacles, improved grab, fast healing...

at least I didn't dungeon crash.

Mando Knight
2009-02-13, 07:34 PM
4E build, but a companion to the MC Hammer build...

Der Hammerzeit (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=108550) Rogue. Current build is at level 3 because I only have the trial version of the Character Builder, and haven't bothered to manually build later levels...