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2009-02-13, 12:30 PM
Let me start by saying that if any of these planes resemble any other custom planes in any way, that's coincidence. I totally made these up on my own.

I made three planes in the past two days (surprising how fast it goes:smallbiggrin:); Alneshire, the Desert of Lost Souls, and the Eternal Coliseum. Alneshire is a lot like the Material Plane, but with completely different laws of physics, the Desert of Lost Souls is barren and deadly, and the Eternal Coliseum is a labyrinth-plane that the gods send their champions to in order to battle. Enjoy.

Alneshire is very similar in appearance to the Material Plane; it has earth, fire, water, air, living things, civilization, and plants. It has a sun and a moon and constellations. Indeed, the plane of Alneshire appears to be just like the Material Plane, until one visits it. Alneshire has completely different laws of physics than the Material Plane. There is gravity, but one may choose to ignore it. Days are fifteen hours long. Spirits that possess corporeal bodies roam the lands, from helpful to harmful alike. In fact, good spirits tend to be actual residents of the plane, and many are traveling traders…
Alneshire is populated by all of the races of the Material Plane, though they are typically far more attractive in appearance.

Alneshire exists as a planet in the Material Plane. It rotates around a sun and a moon revolves around it, but the atmosphere is an invisible wall between the planes. Though it exists in the Material Plane to some extent, it is, in fact, a separate plane altogether.

· Self-contained shape. The plane is spherical, though the sky is in fact the wall between it and the Material Plane.
· Alterable morphic.
· Mildly neutral-aligned.
· Normal magic
· Normal time, though days are fifteen hours long
· Subjective directional gravity. Sentient beings may control the direction of gravity in relation to them, and even the strength of the gravity. It is possible to alter one’s weight or even eliminate gravity altogether. Inanimate objects are always affected by a flat amount of gravity that pulls them toward the plane’s surface. If the object is small enough to be carried, it is affected by gravity in the same way gravity affects whoever carries the object.

Anyone who dies in Alneshire has the choice to either continue to his or her afterlife or exist within the world as a corporeal spirit. This spirit is identical to the person they were, except: Their eyes are white, though they aren’t blind, their skin is pale, though they spend a great deal of time in the sun, and they glow a faint blue color while relaxed (though they can dull this aura at will). In addition, their creature type is changed to Undead, though there are no other effects aside from gaining darkvision and low-light vision. Spirits in Alneshire are often a friendly lot, offering advice or assistance to the living. Of course, their behavior is self-determined, and they are quite dangerous if angered. An Alneshire spirit that is killed is immediately banished to whatever afterlife they are to go to. Extraplanar beings that die in Alneshire may become corporeal spirits, and Alneshire spirits may travel out of the plane without losing their body. Alneshire spirits have a lifespan of about half of their living lifespan.

If one ‘falls’ into the sky, the planar wall stops them. For an unknown reason, beings are slowed just enough before hitting the wall that they are unharmed by it. It is very possible to walk on the sky in Alneshire.

Energy is the only substance that passes through the planar wall. Therefore, light and radiation from the sun in the Material Plane reaches Alneshire as though there were not an impenetrable wall between them.

The Desert of Lost Souls
The Desert of Lost Souls is a desolate, deadly place, where the black sands stretch infinitely beyond the horizon and everything, from the smallest of dunes to the ground beneath your feet, houses a being of pure terror the likes of which should never be described. The winds are cool, but sap your strength as fire burns paper, but the most dangerous aspects are the massive worms that silently stalk the sands.

The Desert of Lost Souls has the following traits:
· Normal gravity.
· Flowing Time (1 day is equal to 12 hours on the material plane)
· Highly morphic. The Desert changes randomly, which is only exacerbated by the winds.
· Minor Negative-Dominant, with 1D4 nonlethal damage per round instead of lethal
· Mildly neutral-aligned.
· Enhanced Magic: All magic is treated as both Enhanced and Quickened (as having Enhance Spell and Quickened Spell)
· Impeded Magic: Strongly aligned spells must succeed a spellcraft check or act as wild magic with a random damage-causing element.
Survivors of this plane occasionally speak of a massive, shining fortress made of pure silver that moved away from them with every step they took. It is likely that people have died horribly in pursuit of this strange dome.

The aforementioned worms are similar to (and treated as) purple worms, though they are, in fact, black colored and counted as aberrations rather than magical beasts. Other than them, there are no known living residents of the Desert.

The Desert is, however, populated by dilute numbers of wraiths. While it is unknown why they are here, anyone who actually dies in the plane immediately becomes a dread wraith. The very concept that this place is some kind of afterlife… Is terrible to even consider.

The wraiths attack on sight but rarely stray far to pursue you.

The Eternal Coliseum
No being, not even the gods themselves, know who constructed the Eternal Coliseum, though every god knows its use. Long ago, some being or force crafted a massive maze of corridors and chambers, complete with layers of structure, and sent lesser beings into it to do battle. Many gods, both known to humanity and otherwise, still send their champions into this place to do battle on their behalf. Every “participant” arrives in an ‘entrance hall’ at the outermost edge of the plane, and is told to battle their way to the center. At the center itself is a massive portal capable of sending any being to any plane it desires, thus freeing them. The distance from edge to center is 20 miles in any direction, but there is far more distance as you’re stumbling through the labyrinth. There are typically 20 chambers between the start and the end, and in these places the ‘rival’ deity (the one rooting or competing against you) places increasingly powerful obstacles of various design. Any victories made in the Eternal Coliseum grant twice the ordinary amount of XP. If you die in the Eternal Coliseum, you awaken somewhere in your home plane.
· Normal gravity in the labyrinth, though your rival dictates the gravity of the chambers
· Timeless: No matter how much time you spend in the Coliseum, you always arrive back in the same second you left. You may still lose time, however, as the plane randomly drops you in a ‘safe location’ in some random location on your home plane. Physical needs such as hunger resume, but do not occur retroactively.
· Sentient. The plane shifts as it desires, places obstacles in the labyrinth, and sets your path as you arrive. The plane never alters your walking path as you are competing.
· Mildly neutral-aligned, though the labyrinth is mildly positive aligned.
· Enhanced magic. All spells are counted as either enhanced or enlarged, though never both, at the whim of the caster. Gladiators are informed of this as they enter.
· Limited magic: You may not use divination magic, and you may not use conjuration magic, except to heal.
In the labyrinth, the space between any given walls is at least 30 feet, and chambers are at least 30 square feet from center to edge. Walls begin at one hallway and end the next, though any attempt to dig through is unsuccessful.

The Coliseum increases in difficulty from chamber to chamber, ideally starting with a challenging (though doable) first chamber and ending with a seemingly nigh-impossible final chamber tailored specifically for the competitor.

Victory in the Coliseum grants you two points to apply to your ability scores.

Any two rivals who meet in the Coliseum must battle to the death. This is possible in interlapping chambers and certain labyrinth intersections. As is usual, the ‘losing’ individual awakens on his home plane rather than dying. The Coliseum itself applies a -2 circumstance penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks during such a duel. The penalty does not apply to DCs.

No one competitor may compete in the Coliseum twice in one year, and no competitor may compete more than thrice in his lifetime. Hero deities and semi-deities may compete, but true deities cannot.

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Complicated...*head hurts*

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How so?

Well, yeah, the Coliseum is pretty elaborate...:xykon:

2009-02-13, 11:07 PM
Unfair if one of the bitter rivals is undead and the other is not.

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Oh, right, I forgot negative energy did that...

I'll edit that now...

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How so?

Well, yeah, the Coliseum is pretty elaborate...:xykon:

I am not so good with planes.

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Oh, right, I forgot negative energy did that...

I'll edit that now...

You could have applied a penalty to attack rolls and DCs, to make the moment more dramatic...

Or something. I don't know?

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Actually, that's a good idea...

2009-02-15, 07:14 AM
"Inanimate objects are always affected by a flat amount of gravity that pulls them toward the plane’s surface."
So, if you dig a cellar you end up storing stuff on the roof instead of the floor? I am going to guess that is not what you meant, but I would go with it... it is pleasantly surreal, which seems to be part of the feel you are going for.

2009-02-15, 10:20 PM
Though that isn't exactly a feature of Alneshire, you just inspired me...:belkar:

2009-02-19, 01:26 AM
Made some new ones; A sentient, though mentally unstable, plane called Madman's World (though he likes to be called Penny...), a veritable war of nature itself called the Plane of Chaos, and a demideity-owned paradise called Venegor's Realm. I only realized how similar 'Venegor' is to 'vinegar' when I spell-checked :smallyuk:

Oh, and I totally copied DracoDei's post for part of Vinegor's Realm :smallbiggrin:

Madman’s World
It is as it sounds- Madman’s World is a plane of pure and utter insanity. The full extent of this reality-or lack thereof-could only be described by experience. I shall do my best to cover as much of this son-of-a-gibbering-mouther realm as I am capable. The realm is an infinite abyss of white, with objects-any objects, even living things-floating for eternity. Unsurprisingly, this realm is filled to the brim with all manner of twisted beings that reflect this plane’s twisted nature. I believe “gibbering mouther” was mentioned…
Madman’s World has the following traits:
· Variable strength gravity. See the table below. In addition, the plane has objective directional gravity; any given object has a gravitational field that draws in objects half the size of (or less than) the object. In short, object has gravity pull on object 50% or less size. If there are no objects within 20 feet of the subject, then they move as with subjective directional gravity until they come within 20 feet of a large object.
· Erratic Time, re-roll every 24 hours spent in the realm. Time may speed or slow while you’re in the plane.
· Sentient. The World has a mind of its own, and may make anything from an amphitheatre stage to a giant purple dagger. Truly, this place is insane… In addition, the World speaks Auran and likes to be called Penny. Even though it has a male voice…
· No Elemental or Energy Traits (Though the plane may choose to change that)
· Infinite. The World just… Continues… For eternity…
· Strongly chaos-aligned, and it has the tendency to act evil…
· Wild magic.
· Dead magic. Law-aligned spells do not function in Madman’s World. Go figure.
Roll D% to determine gravity’s pull on a given subject. Every twenty four hours, the pull of gravity may change. Note that this effect remains until either A) it changes or B) the subject leaves the realm.
Gravity Strength
1-30 Light
31-60 Normal
61-90 Heavy
91+ Re-Roll

A few quotes from Penny, the mentally unstable plane…

“I once a boiled man pig food gem get greeny!!!”

“I am a god! Do your best to drink the word!”

“I like my blood with sugar, thank you.”


The Plane of Chaos
The Plane of Chaos is not, in fact, an afterlife for chaotic beings, but rather a plane of pure and utter slaughterism. Every living thing born in the plane is born both Fiendish (the template) and carnivorous; even the plants eat other things. This plane is so horrid, so violent, that even followers of Erythnul are hesitant to enter.
The Plane of Chaos has the following traits:
· Normal Gravity.
· Normal Time
· Highly Morphic regarding spells. Magic pulls at the ground as though a source of gravity, resulting in a raised outline of the spell’s area of effect. Sources of magic that are not spells, such as magic items or supernatural abilities, do not affect the plane in this way. All magic affects the ground in the same way, even if sustained. Additional spells, however, may move the ground more than once in an area.
· Self-Contained Shape. The entire world is akin to an inside-out planet, with a miniscule sun in the center and clouds several miles above the ground. Despite its fascinating shape, it is impossible to tell the shape of this world from within it, as you cannot see the other side. Due to the sun’s position, it is always day in this plane.
· No Elemental or Energy Traits (specific locations may have alignment traits, however)
· Strongly Chaotic Aligned. Lawful characters take a –2 penalty to Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom based checks.
· Normal magic.
The Plane of Chaos is filled to the brim with the fiendish equivalent of every kind of creature seen on the Material Plane (assuming that said creature can be Fiendish). Unlike ordinary Fiendish creatures, however, these ones are still their original alignments (they grew this way to survive).

Venegor’s Realm
Venegor’s Realm is a relatively small plane located in the gap between two of the Outer Planes (it is unknown which two). It is owned and maintained by the ascended god Venegor (pronounced ven-e-gore), a chaotic good deity associated with the knowledge, protection, and healing domains. The Realm is populated by a great number of humanoid planar travelers who saw the plane and decided to remain.
Venegor’s Realm has the following traits:
· Light Gravity. In addition, gravity itself is tracked from an imaginary line about five inches above sea level (there are three seas in the Realm). Anything that is not on this geometric plane falls toward it in the same way that objects on the Material Plane fall toward the ground. In other words, objects above sea level are pulled toward the ground and objects below sea level fall away from the ground. Objects on the line tend to “juggle” for a time until finally coming at a rest on the line. Objects disturbed on this line tend to wobble for a time until coming at a rest again. Water is not affected by this line, instead being pulled toward the ground. However, there are places in the seas where the water does not enter. Oddly enough, these spaces have a mysteriously infinite source of breathable air.
· Flowing Time. Time in the Realm moves at twice the pace of time on the Material Plane.
· Alterable Morphic and Divinely Morphic. Venegor may alter his plane at a whim, though others within it can alter it manually.
· Mildly Positive Dominant.
· Mildly Neutral and Mildly Lawful Aligned.
· Quickened magic.

Venegor himself is a level 40 Elven Conjurer (30 levels of Conjurer, 10 levels of Loremaster) with a Divine Rank of 3.His familiar is an eagle named Valis. Though he is against fighting if at all possible, Venegor wields a quarterstaff and does not wear armor.
There are some dangerous creatures within the Realm, though they are rarely territorial. Most local creatures are of the Animal type anyway, and those that are carnivorous seldom attack humanoids. Of course, one should not provoke such a creature at all…
In addition, many metallic dragons call the Realm home. These dragons live in harmony with the humanoids, which often results in draconic bloodlines in the Realm.