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2006-09-20, 04:11 AM
This class is entirely based on the Final Fantasy 11 world as a Dark Knight.There are no Barbarians in the world there.

Basic History:Scourges are the forerunners used by San D'Oria in sieges.They are fearsome clood thirsty warriors who lose some of their blood to strike down an enemy.
Hit Dice:d10

Alignment:any non lawful,non good.
Skills:Intimidate 5 ranks,Knowledge[arcane] 3 ranks.
Special:Candidate must be of San D'Oria nationality
:Candidate must undergo the Gauntlet.

Class Skills:

Climb[Str],Concentration[Con],Craft[Int],Handle Animal[Cha],Intimidate[Cha],Jump[Str].Ride[Dex] and Swim[Str].
Skill points at each additional level up:2+Int modifier.

Class Features:

Weapon and Armour Proficiency:Scourges are proficient iwith all simple and martial weapons and with all armours and shields.

Saves and Base Attack Bonuses as per the Blackguard.

Bloodedge:The Scourge may lose some of his hitpoints[up to his maximum Scourge level],in order to deal more damage in an attack.The Scourge must declare that he is using Bloodedge and the hitpoints he is willing to pay before rolling his attack roll.The Scourge loses the designated hit point ammount he stated whether the attack was successful or not.If the attack roll his,the Scourge immediately deals 1 point of damage for each hitpoint he lost via Bloodedge.Blood edge stacks with Souleater[see below],and is usable at will,starting at level one.

Bloodlust:Beginning at the first level,the Scourge is able to fly into a screaming blood frenzy.He tmporarily gains a +4 to Str and +4 to Con and a +2 morale bonus to Will saves,but receives a -2 penalty to AC.He can do this once per day,and the number of Bloodlusts he can go into each day increases by 1 for every 2 levels thereafter gained in the Scourge class.The durtion for a Bloodlust is 3 rounds+Con modifier[the newly improved one]

Greater Bloodlust:Starting at 5th level,the Scourge is able to tap deeper into the primordial and barbaric self within,thus gaining a greater temporary Str and Con bonus when he goes into Bloodlust[+6 now].His Will saves receive a +4 morale bonus instead,but his AC penalty remains the same.

Maddening Bloodlust:At tenth level,the Scourge is now able to tap into the cave-man in all of us,gaining temporary supernatural strength and endurance.He gains a +8 Con and a +8 Str bonus,along with a +6 morale bonus to Will checks.His AC is still reduced by 2 while in Bloodlust.

Guillotine:The Scourge may attempt to perform a Guillotine attack at any time,using a Full Round action.He musters all his strength into one mighty blow,thus he cannot use any shields or off-hand weapons after using this.He makes a Full Round Attack,using his highest attack bonus.If the Scourge his,the attack is considered a critical hit.If it does not,he provokes attacks of opportunity from any enemy around him who are able to strike.They may attack him even though they have performed their attacks of opportunity for that round.He receives a -5 penalty to his AC for that round,because he has exerted himself to perform that mighty strike.Guillotine is avaiable to the Scourge at tenth level,as is only usable once perday.

Legacy of Madness:The number of Bloodlusts performable by the Scourge and their duration is increased by one-half.This skill is gained at the 8th level.

Souleater:As per the Bloodedge skill,a Scourge must declare that he wishes to use the Souleater before making an attack.Instead of losing 1 life for 1 damage however,he loses 1 point of life for 1 point of damage.Available upon level 6.

The Scourge may cast spells as a Blackguard of D&D.Or at least,until I change the spell list. ::)

Any way to help on this one?[Its my first time making a world,so fire away.]

2006-09-20, 09:16 PM
Urm...A barbarian/blackguard PrC? Well, from what I can tell, a character can take this class at second level, with rage bonuses that are way better than that of a barbarian, and getting them way sooner with no drawbacks. At character level 7th, a character gets a +6 to strength and con, as well as +4 on will saves and the same -2 AC. Not only that, but he'll have a blackguard spell level four levels more advanced than the fighter/blackguard of the same level. And once History of madness kicks in, he'll be able to use the equivalent of the barbarian's level 20 skill as a tenth level character the same amount of times, lasting 1.5 times as long, and will have a blackguard spell list. Much nerfing is needed here.

Also, if you could add a chart here showing BAB, saves, and class skills level-by-level, I'd be very appreciative.

2006-09-20, 10:11 PM
Well, from what I can tell, a character can take this class at second leve.

You cant get a prestege class untel level five.

The Demented One
2006-09-20, 10:40 PM
You cant get a prestege class untel level five.
No, that's not an actual rule--it's a design rule. You shouldn't be able to meet a PrC's requirements before 5th level, but nothing would stop you from taking this one, as it is, way before that.

2006-09-21, 03:20 AM
sorry,typing out the data on this is a pain.Everything just flies everywhere else.

BUT here:in brief.

BAB:+1 per level.
FORT:+1 every 2 levels,[lv 1:+2,lv 2:+3,lv 3:+3....]
REF:+1 every 3 levels,[lv 1-2:+0,lv3-5:+1,lv6-8:+2,lv9-10:+3]


lv 1: Bloodedge,Bloodlust 1/day
lv 2: nothing
lv 3: Bloodlust 2/day
lv 4: nothing
lv 5: Bloodlust 3/day,Greater Bloodlust
lv 6: Souleater
lv 7: Bloodlust 4/day
lv 8: Legacy of Madness
lv 9: Bloodlust 5/day
lv 10: Guillotine,Maddening Bloodlust

[1] [2] [3] [4]
lv 1: 0 - - -
lv 2: 1 - - -
lv 3: 1 0 - -
lv 4: 1 1 - -
lv 5: 1 1 0 -
lv 6: 1 1 1 -
lv 7: 2 1 1 0
lv 8: 2 1 1 1
lv 9: 2 2 1 1
lv 10:2 2 2 1

Okay,thats it.Balancing help,please?

2006-09-21, 04:17 PM
Pump up the BAB requirement, take off your cleats, or better yet, stop stepping on the Barbarian's toes altogether. Now if you're dead-set on keeping it a rage-based prestige class, then you'll be wanting to nerf the spell-list, and make it so that only a tenth-level character (at least) can take it. That way you can keep the equivalent of mighty rage on here without making the half-orcs collectively sad.

2006-09-21, 06:27 PM
Actually,the Scourges way of play was supposed to be lose-hitpoints-to-hit-harder.I added the rages for the sake of not letting em die so quickly[ran out of skills].Any suggestions there?[They use arcane spells.]


nevermind,just added the prequisites to have the Toughness and Power attack feat,with a BAB requirement of +6.Hope thats enough...