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The Mentalist
2009-02-15, 06:11 PM
Mickey's Magical (Fill in the blank here)

Mickey's is a template that can be added to any animated object giving the following properties:

2 Claw attacks, standard, based on size. (Armless objects grow two arms)

Driven: There is a one percent chance every minute, that a Mickey's object becomes driven, performing it's current task indefinitely and ignoring all future orders. A DC 20 Charisma check gives control (anyone can attempt this check)

Splitting: Whenever this creature is killed but not disintegrated, burned, melted or otherwise destroyed it becomes two identical creatures a minute later. Any creatures created by this are automatically Driven (see above) if the parent creature was.

Skills: +5 to Profession (All)

Everything else remains the same

Feats: Craft Construct
Spells: Animate Object, Command, Girallon's Blessing

PS: I know the format is rough

2009-02-16, 02:48 AM
Hmm. You would need to use the following spells: animate object and command, but I'm not sure what spell you would use to cause the spell to grow human-like arms and hands but that can always be tweaked.


The Mentalist
2009-02-16, 01:53 PM
Girallon's Blessing would work would it not?

2009-02-17, 11:41 AM
Yes, that would do perfectly! I'd forgotten about that spell. This could be quite interesting. If you take an axe to a broom or cause it to break, it duplicates. Dispelling the magic requires a proper command word.


The Mentalist
2009-02-17, 12:38 PM
I was thinking throw a few axes in a room with orders to destroy everything in the room, a few days later, hapless party walks in and is destroyed by enough axes to equip an orc army.