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2009-02-16, 01:12 AM

Represents Lucifer, the detester of god, in the Rise of Subterranea RP at warboards.

Yet to come.

Chaos Orc


Honor is almost non-existent among the chaos orcs, for their encompassing tribes have bartered pacts with demons for greater power, only to damn themselves as slaves to the outsiders or at least the closest thing to it. The entire foray has resulted in entire generations of these orcs committing to centuries long war against the demons in the hope of re-acquiring their souls and losing this demonic influence.

Chaos orcs have skin of an often dark, but sometimes bright, reddish hue. Other than its prevalent orcish traits, its features can include twin horns of varying sizes, shapes and structures and/or forked tongues. Some have blood that is similar to that of green ooze or as black as the void.

Chaos orcs are ruthless and will attack anyone they perceive as a threat. They are often treated as automatically hostile when they would otherwise be indifferent or strangers.

Yet to come.

Space Marine

The Space Marine is a template that can apply to any existing creature.

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Go ahead and create those templates if you wanna; but don't forget to include statistics for each of the guns and a convenient way of stringing modern mechanics into 3.5. :)

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