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hisd is a race for my custom campaign. Please help me evaluate its ablities and rate it for levle adgusment.

Medium Humanoid (shapeshifter)
Ability mods: +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2Wis, -2 STR
Special abilities:
Low light vision- see twice as far as normal in low light conditions.
Spell warped- Kaslakian receive a +1 bonus against mind effecting illusion due to their inner conflict. Kaslakian also receive a -1 penalty against the transmutation school because of the way they have been warped by it.
Weapon proficiency- Kaslakian chose 1 proficiency from the following list:
Chainblade (see bottom of post)
Kaslakian have a -10 penalty on diplomacy and bluff checks applied to every check but ones applying solely to other Kaslakian or Metallic dragons.
Vampiric regeneration- when dealing slashing or piercing damage with natural weapons attacks, Kaslakian receive a healing factor equal to the damage dealt. This ability only works against creatures that have discernible bodily fluids like blood. They gain back the damage as hit points at the start of their next turn, capping out at maximum damage.
Shapechange, Minor: a Kaslakian can, as a standard action, change into a hybrid form. It gains two claw attacks (1d6 each, slashing) and a bite attack (1d6, piercing). Their spell warped bonus and penalty increase each by 1 point. They gain a + 2 bonus to strength and dexterity, and a 2 penalty to Charisma and Intelligence. They gain Darkvision to 30 ft. They can remain in this form for five minutes. (1/day per five level max at 3/day )
Shapechange, Greater: a Kaslakian can as a standard action, change into a more powerful hybrid form. It gains two claw attacks (1d8 each, slashing) and one bite attack (1d8, piercing). Spell warped traits increases by two points. It gains + 4 to strength and Dexterity, + 2 to Con, -4 to Charisma and Intelligence. They gain Darkvision to 60 feet. Their size increases to large, with all the side effect that this entails (destroyed armor, bonuses and penalties). They gain a fly speed of 60feet, average maneuverability. Their land speed increases by one step. They gain a +2 to listen and spot checks. They can stay in this form for 1 round per hit die. After this period ends they are fatigued for a number of minutes equal to 5-1/4 con modifier. Bonuses for This ability replace those of the minor shapechange.(1/per day at 12 hit die )
Shapechange, Complete: If a Kaslakian would be reduced to 0 or less hit points or would be killed by massive damage, this ability activates as a free action (note, this ability does not activate if the body is destroyed as the disintegrate spell). The subconscious of the Kaslakian takes complete control of the body. This counts as if a new combatant entered combat, so re-roll initiative, using the new Ability stats. It gains two claw attacks (1d10 each, slashing) and a bite attack (1d10, piercing). It gains temporary hit points equal to its maximum+ 4*con modifier. Its spell warped bonus is now 5. It gains Darkvision 60 feet. It gains a flight speed of 80(good) and land speed increases one increment. It has +2 to any spot, listen, tumble, or balance checks it makes. It gains + 6 to Str and Dex, + 4 to Con, and 6 to Wis and Cha. Its Intelligence score is equal to 3. It is treated as in a Berserker Fury for all actions. It only uses its Natural weapons. It gains + 3 to will save, + 3 to Fort saves, and -6 to Reflex saves. It is treated as having improved initiative and improved grapple. Its healing factor is now at I.5 (heals I.5 health for every 1 point of damage) Its size changes to large. It has a tunnel vision, where it will attack1 person until it is dead/ unable to detect it. After it dispatches a foe, roll a D8 as you would for splash weapons to determine its new target. Roll until a target is within 60 feet. If it is an ally, it gets a will save, DC 30, using the unaltered stats of the player. If it succeeds, the rage immediately ends. The rage last for 3d6+con modifier rounds. After this term ends, the Kaslakian immediately falls unconscious for 1d4+1 rounds, After which he is Fatigued until he gets eight hours of sleep, no magical device affects this time, until which he cannot use any shapechange abilities. At the end of this rage, the Kaslakian loses all remaining temporary hit points. (1/week at fifth level)These abilities replace other previous ones gained from the shapechange feat.

Weapon Chain blade (exotic) - light 1d8 damage x2crits reach
A Chain blade can be used like a whip for trip attacks. Slashing.

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fluff? appearence?

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in the first form they look like half elves due to their elvish apperance but lack of the elves grace.

the Kaslakian were originally the rulers of a mighty island kingdom. In a titanic struggle against the evil dragons, they and their metallic dragon allies were on the verge of defeat. The island of Kaslakian was under siege and on the verge of breaking. They, in a great feat of high elven magic, the Kaslakian managed to destroy much of the Chromatic dragon army, but at a great cost to themselves.
The once beautiful and enchanted island now lay in ruins, for the spell had unintended consequences. Firstly, all magic on and around the city cease to function. After some time they Kaslakian realized that by directly manipulating the universe, they could utilize magic, but only at great costs to themselves. Also, the magic caused upheavals in the earth, causing the ocean around the island to become almost completely impassable.
As they began to rebuild their society, they began to realize that they too had been changed by the spell. They realized that as they grew stronger a connection was formed with their unconscious mind that held great power, if one could control it...