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2009-02-17, 03:24 PM
For my city campaign i (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104990)n intend on sending my players more then once into the an arena. Besides the general kill all others games I was musing on the possibility of a blood bowl like game. Ie a bloodier fantasy version of rugby.
Combat would not be forbidden but the use of anything other than spiked gloves would be. Thus making grabbing a much more feasible option. Of course sneaking in weapons is a common trick, and something I would expect from my players. Mostly I was wondering at how I should handle the use of the ball. I was thinking that missing a ally with a thrown attack would make for a successful pas making passing to a ally with high reflex easier as it should be. Other than that im not really sure yet. Any suggestions?
It should be only small changes that are fast to learn as its only a one encounter sort of thing.

2009-02-18, 11:22 PM
Perhaps the 'ball' is actually a goblin?

2009-02-19, 12:34 AM
Pass is a Str check, DC 15, +1 for every 20 ft (adjust depending on level)
Catch is the same DC, only Dex based.

That's how I'd handle it, anyway. Maybe apply a -2 penalty for every adjacent opponent.

EDIT - That means, 2 checks for a pass, one for the passer, one for the catcher.

2009-02-19, 12:43 AM
Use the rules from pg. 42 (IIRC) of the DMG. Handing off the ball and receiving a hand-off are Easy DCs for the level, and you can use your higher of Strength or Dexterity scores as a bonus to the d20 roll. Passing and catching is the same except that it uses the Moderate (for short-range, up to 5 squares) or Hard (for long-range, up to 10 squares) DCs, passing provokes OAs as normal for ranged "attacks," and catching requires you to use Dexterity only.

Make sure you review the rules for charging, bull rushing, grabbing, and stuff like that, and you should be all set.