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2009-02-17, 05:42 PM
Role Playing Thing
a system for nearly freeform roleplaying.

Though not complete, here is the basic rules to the system. More will be added shortly.

• Magic schools based on multiple moons
Black Moon: Death Magic/necromancy
White Moon: Healing/life magic
Green Moon: Nature/earth magic
Clear Moon, distorts vision through it so that it can be seen: air
Red Moon: Fire Magic
Blue Moon: Water Magic
Yellow Moon: Matter Magic/telekinesis
Reflective Moon, reflects your own face: Psychic Magic
• All PC weapons are somewhat magic, however minimal (sometimes just to distinguish from each other)
• Different continents are different campaign settings, separated by rivers of fire. There are as many on Axis (the campaign setting created) as the GM wants. They can be as different as one being cavemen and the other entering space. The planet is like an onion, more continents inside.
• Separate races, differ between continents, players choose at start.
• Anywaydoken requires absolute attention OR ELSE! (if the GM shouts ANYWAYDOKEN, all eyes on him/her or in-game penalties).
• Combat goes in turns, classes determine initiative.
• Turns=approx. 1 action each.
• Replacement for dice: GM picks number between 1 and # of sides on equivalent die, player picks number, subtract GM’s # from sides on die, add player’s # to result, that mod (sides on die) is result.
• Difficulty to hit determined on case-by-case basis, allowing for more realism and less number-crunching.
• Damage not in numbers, just in roleplaying.
• Have classes, can switch between adventures, at designated resting points, or when you have just acquired new classes, but must become accustomed to new class.
• As you progress, gain ability to specialize more.
• At beginning, choose general specialty (arcane, physical, sneaky), specialize as progress and then eventually start blending after full specialization (third tier class).
• On final results for die replacement system (DRS), higher result=greater degree of success.

more about the setting, classes and magic system, as well as a more finalized rule system that you don't have to play D&D and know what we were thinking when we made it pending.

Person1123: general rules, campaign setting galaxy (a bit), magic system and individual spells.
Catattack: worldbuilding
Samm81: general rules, campaign setting galaxy and "solar system", magic schools
3 8 5 5 19 5: general rules, campaign setting planet, races
Moo 1 (person without GitP account): general rules, classes
Moo 2 (see abovine): general rules, campaign setting planet and civilizations

NOTE: this is not the final format. the rules will be compiled into an actually readable PDF document once finished.

2009-02-18, 03:23 PM

RPT is set on Axis, an enormous planet in the center of the galaxy. It was created by a black hole that goes through phases. Every million years it sucks in matter in enormous quantities, creating a shell of rock hundreds of feet away from the one underneath it. These are known as Shells, and each comprise hundreds of Continents. Continents are separated by walls of fire which only weaken enough to pass through during the Red Moon.
Axis is at this point the size of multiple galaxies, and is orbited by 8 moons. Each moon (which is really the size of a planet) is home to one element. Every day, a different moon is in the sky. Each acts as the source for one type of magic. The moons are, in order of appearance (subject to change):
• Decessus, the Black Moon: This moon is the source of death magic.
• Ignus, the Red Moon: This moon is the source of fire magic.
• Aer, the Clear Moon: This moon is the source of air magic.
• Traetus, the Yellow Moon: This moon is the source for magic of matter.
• Vita, the White Moon: This moon is the source for life magic.
• Unda, the Blue Moon: This moon is the source for water magic.
• Viridis, the Green Moon: This moon is the source for earth magic.
• Consulo, the Reflective Moon: This moon is the source for psychic magic.
Days of the week are marked by which moon is out. As such, each week is 8 days. The moons are full of the element shown by their magic. Further details on each moon will be given later. The "sun" is really a large galaxy. It sits above the north pole of Axis, and lights the world. On the bottom of the world is the "dark sun", which is a galaxy full of black holes. The origin of both Axis and the dark sun lie with the Cryark’alaxinar, a technologically advanced space-faring alien race. The Cryark’alaxinar are psychics bent on conquering the universe. They originally inhabited a planet within the dark sun. However, they decided to take over the universe by creating an enormous black hole that would suck everything into it, given enough time. This they were going to send into the center of the universe so that everything would be in one place for the takeover. However, their efforts were sabotaged by a coalition of races from the sun of Axis. The black hole was sent out, but it fluctuated, creating the layers of Axis. In addition, the planet of the Cryark’alaxinar exploded and every sun in the galaxy went nova at once, before subsiding into black holes. However, in the explosion one solitary Cryark’alaxinar was shot onto Axis, inside a crystal building. Its brood and it built the building up as Axis expanded. Now the tower of crystal comprises one entire Continent, and stretches down through the layers, leading all the way to the bottom layer of Axis and up into the sky.
The planetary structure of axis is rather strange, due to the influence of the 8 moons circling the equator and the galaxy at each pole. At the south pole, the dark sun pulls the atmosphere out and weakening gravity. As such, people there build houses in the sky, tethered to the earth with ropes so that they don’t fly off. At the north pole, the atmosphere is thin but tight, making it very hot there. As well, climbing a mountain is suicide there, due to increased atmospheric thinning.

3 8 5 5 19 5
2009-02-18, 03:48 PM
If you're putting incomplete things up, then please put up the races I've made so far. I could, but I think you should. Oh, and from now on, if I develop a new race I want you to confirm, I'll put it up on here.

2009-02-21, 11:44 AM
I'm the guy that works on the moons, so I'm putting my Ideas up here.

The Week: (and the corresponding moons)
Day 1: Black Moon (Death, Necro, and Zombie Magic)
Day 2: Red Moon (Fire Magic)
Day 3: Clear Moon (Wind Magic)
Day 4: Yellow Moon (Movement, Teleportation, and Telekinesis Magic)
Day 5: White Moon (Life, and Rez* Magic)
Day 6: Blue Moon (Water Magic)
Day 7: Green Moon (Earth Magic)
Day 8: Reflective Moon (Phsykic, Mind Reading, and Enchanting Magic)

*a note on rez magic, it drains your own life force to keep the other person alive. :smallamused:

I put the offensive spell categories in the first half of the week, and there opposites exactly 4 days away. The more defensive spells make up the second half of the week. The idea is that any school of magic you use, is more powerful on the day of the week that has that corresponding moon, and is weaker, when the opposite moon is up. For Ex., fire spells are more powerful when the Red moon is out, and less powerful when the Blue moon is out. Otherwise, it's pretty much normal.


Because it doesn't sound profesionall if you call each of the moons by their colors all the time, I came up with some names. Feel free to offer different suggestions for them.
Black: Decessus
White: Vita
Red: Ignus
Blue: Unda
Clear: Aer
Green: Viridis
Yellow: Traetus
Reflective: Consulo

More on looks and inhabitants next time.

3 8 5 5 19 5
2009-02-21, 06:17 PM
Day 8: Reflective Moon (Phsykic, Mind Reading, and Enchanting Magic)

Alright, what demented spelling of psychic is that? Incidentally, if you checked it with the spell checker, you'd know it's wrong.

2009-02-21, 06:37 PM
Sorry, I knew it was wrong, though it didn't tell me the correct spelling!!

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Weird, since when I quoted you and spellchecked it, "psychic" was one of the correction options. Maybe you didn't look far enough? It was at the bottom of the list.

2009-02-22, 11:00 AM
There weren't any options!!

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Did you right click on the word underlined in red?

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What else would I have done???

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Well, it worked for me... Weird. Just fix it.