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2009-02-19, 07:21 PM
If you haven't seen, I recently had a thread of Racial stats for lots and lots of monster races. Now in the effort to actually generate something cool that I can spread about I'm asking for help thinking of concepts for racial feats. I would like to have at least One for each Tier, for each Race. Which means that for 15 races I need 45 different feets.

I've already got some concepts for feats that some races will need. But here's the list of races so far.


Aquatics and Reptiles

Creepy stuff
Medusa (female)
Medusa (male)

I know already that both versions of Medusa, Illithid and Harpy will probably be getting a Heroic feat like the Enlarged Dragon breath one, seeing as their racial powers are based off that power at least to some extent.

I would like Harpy to have a paragon level feat to remove the clumsy modifier from their fly speed. I was hoping to give the Illithids a feat similar to leadership that would allow them to control thralls.

2009-02-20, 02:54 AM
Quickling:Quickling Lurker:
Requirement: Quicking
Benefit: You gain proficiency with the dagger and short sword. You can add +1 to your attack roll result when determining critical hits while attacking with a dagger or a short sword.

Balanced Sprinter:
Requirement: Quickling, you cannot take this feat if you took Sprinter Concentration already
Benefit: You no longer take -2 to your attacks while performing Quick Cuts.

Sprinter Concentration:
Requirement: Quickling, you cannot take this feat if you took Balanced Sprinter already
Benefit: Instead of two melee basic attacks you can choose to use an (only one) at-will attack power with a -2 to attack while performing Quick Cuts.
BanshraeSpinning Dance:
Requirement: Banshrae, you cannot take this feat if you took Sliding Dance already
Benefit: Increase the AC and Reflex bonus of your Mantid Dance to +3.

Sliding Dance:
Requirement: Banshrae, you cannot take this feat if you took Spinning Dance already
Benefit: You can slide yourself up to 2 squares in a straight line after you used Mantid Dance.
Kuo-Toa:Slimy Scales:
Requirement: Kuo-Toa
Benefit: Whenever a ranged attack power fails to harm you (no damage, no status modifiers) you can shift 1 square.
Lizardfolk:Heavy Tail:
Requirement: Lizardfolk
Benefit: Increase the damage dice of your Tail Swipe to D8.
Medusa (female)Focused Gaze:
Requirement: Medusa (female)
Benefit: You can choose to perform your gaze attack as a ranged X instead of close blast X and gain +2 to the attack roll (also please note that currently the "standard action close blast X" line is missing from the medusa(f) in your PC races thread).

2009-02-20, 11:00 AM
Wow! Thanks Rigon. These work great. I'll put you down as a contributer on the final version.

2009-02-20, 06:46 PM
Illithidyou could create a daily power which would allow the illithid to eat the brains of a helpless humanoid creature. i suggest it as a standard action X vs Fortitude melee 1 attack which provokes opportunity attacks. that would grant one extra healing surge (but you still can't exceed your maximum number of healing surges) and it would restore hit points equal to the target humanoid's intelligence attack.

Feed Illithid Attack Power
Daily * Melee
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: one living helpless humanoid creature.
Attack: Constitution vs Fortitude
Hit: The target dies instantly (brain-dead), you regain a healing surge and health points equal to the targets intelligence attack.
Miss: The target does a saving throw.

i think this isn't overpowering. it must be helpless and adjacent, you can provoke opportunity attacks and it doesn't heal too much.
by the way: you were talking about some pdf, are you editing some sort of printout? i'm soooooo interested.

2009-02-20, 09:59 PM
Yes indeed, well technically there are three pdf's. I'm attempting to make some nicely formatted splatbooks which contains the 15 different races I've assembled as well as any racial feats and paragon paths I manage to come up with.

If you give me an email address I can send them to you to look over. So far I'm just beginning on the racial feats stage, and then we'll move on to paragon paths.

I stole lots of stuff from the actual books so they actually look quite nice. Headers and formatting and such. I really want to make something that will be impressive enough that it will become an accepted source among the forums community and people will actually use it in their games.

Because really that would be the coolest thing that could come of this, to run into a PbP game that doesn't even know who I am and is using something I made. That would be so cool.

2009-02-21, 05:10 AM
Yuan-TiChameleon Defense:
Prerequisite: Yuan-Ti, you cannot take this feat if you took Serpent Blood already
Benefit: You gain concealment against attacks which originate from more than 3 squares away (sourced from Malison Sharp-eye).

Serpent Blood:
Prerequisite: Yuan-Ti, you cannot take this feat if you took Chameleon Defense already
Benefit: You gain resistance against poison damage equal to your half-level and a +1 per tier bonus to saving throws against poison effects.

Slither Away (paragon):
Prerequisite: Yuan-Ti, you cannot take this feat if you took Swarm of Snakes already
Benefit: While bloodied you gain +2 speed and +1 per tier to all defenses (i tuned the defense down from Malison Incanter) as racial bonuses.

Swarm of Snakes (paragon):
Prerequisite: Yuan-Ti, you cannot take this feat if you took Slither Away already
Benefit: Once per encounter while you're bloodied you can spend a move action to perform a phasing move with your base speed.

Question: are medusa's and yuan-ti related? snake-snake ... in case they are here is a suggested feat.
Covering Eyelids:
Prerequisite: Yuan-Ti
Benefit: You are considered blind when determining the effects of gaze attacks.

Also i would kinda wanna add a medusa feat which makes them immune to the gaze of any medusa.
i really like yuan-ti. originally i just thought of them as "oh another boring ani-men" but after playing neverwinter nights... they became one of my favorites.

EDIT: i'll PM you my e-mail.

EDIT2: Cold BloodCold Blood
Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, Medusa(female/male), Troglodyte or Yuan-Ti; a Constitution score no greater than 13 + 1 per tier
Benefit: You have full concealment against low-light vision (but you are normally visible to normal vision or any other vision/sense).

2009-02-21, 10:39 AM
Nice Yuan-ti feats.

I actually notice now that I made Medusas immune to Petrification, but not slow or Immobilize. So while they are immune to the Monster's version of the Petrifying gaze they aren't immune to the PC version.