View Full Version : Challenge Codes?

2009-02-19, 07:21 PM
I just posted something similar in the RPG forums, so sorry if this is a duplicate, but I just realized it might be a better question for this forum.

I'm not sure if there's a new edition out there, but I'm referring to the system used in the Star Wars RPG published by Wizards in 2002. I'm using its system in conjunction with a few others in hopes to build an D&D-esque system that can almost completely seperate the Wealth by Level neccessity... and the monster part is proving difficult.

I'm curious if anyone out there knows a formula or a link to one to give a rough idea of Challenge Codes. I saw the Challenge Rating formula under the Monster Creation post, but it is my impression that what makes a monster challenging in D&D and D20 modern can be different than that of Star Wars, due to the fact of spells and wealth being more closely tied to the levels and challenges than in Star Wars.

Is there any such formula? Or is my thinking flawed?

Any help would be much appreciated.