View Full Version : Help Creating a Setting (Filgaia)

2009-02-19, 09:21 PM
Filgaia is the world in which the Wild ARMs games take place. I really love the series and think that my players would enjoy playing in it for a while (D&D 3.5). Now I just have to find/ create the setting and all the things that must go with that. I've been unable to find previous work aside from an incomplete project on the gleemax forums that I didn't care for, and so to teh brewery it is!

Problem is, I really need help with some of this stuff. What I need includes (but is not necessarily limited to) :

ARMs: AKA magic guns. I'm afraid the weapons in d20 modern are too strong, but I thought limiting them by ammo might help balance things. Not sure. Need lots of advice there.

Crest Magic: Basically, elemental magic using a spell book. Wujen looks like the solution at first glance, but I really liked how different spells were the product of a combination of elements, and would like to include that somehow.

Various Ancient Mechanical/Magical Tech: I don't need the mechanics for these so much as some general advice on how to not make them lame.

Other General Advice: Well, anything you can suggest, plus I would like some help figuring out how to make a world in which both standard fantasy and western themes exist and interact (in the games, the big towns tend to be a bit more castles and fortressesy, while the small, rural towns were more cowboy-esque.)

Please don't let this thread get buried. I really want some advice!